Montgomery County Brides

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NAIL, Emma COOK, J N 1902-May-26
NAIL, Maude NAIL, Joe 1915-Mar-22
NAIL, Sallie LENARD, J W 1906-Nov-30
NARON, Dora HENSLEY, B B 1902-Feb-01
NASH, Dora BROWER, Will 1898-Mar-09
NASH, Gertrude THOMAS, C H 1906-Aug-28
NASH, Henrietta CALDWELL, Love 1896-Jul-15
NASH, Roxie LITTLETON, Jim 1895-Oct-23
NATIONS, Laura SYKES, C M 1904-Feb-10
NATIONS, Lura MORGAN, Thomas 1912-Jan-02
NATIONS, W T FANT, Willie 1903-Sep-14
NEAL, Alice CAMPELL, E R 1902-Jan-30
NEAL, Alice TEDDER, J B 1911-Jun-28
NEAL, Allie JONES, Henry 1909-Jun-23
NEAL, Angelina EDWARD, John 1912-Feb-12
NEAL, Ivy PRYON, E 1914-Dec-17
NEAL, Jane MATHERS, Washington 1897-Jun-03
NEAL, Jane TYSON, Tranyer 1899-Jan-18
NEAL, Katie RINGOLD, Adam 1901-Jul-21
NEAL, Lena GOSSETT, Nat 1904-Aug-20
NEAL, Lula BECKAM, Joe 1901-Dec-16
NEAL, Mabel NORTHSWORTHY, Offie 1909-Nov-22
NEAL, Maggie OLIVER, George 1900-Jan-16
NEAL, Martha BLAND, Joe 1903-Nov-17
NEAL, Mary TOWNSEND, J H 1897-Jul-01
NEAL, Nellie TYLER, W C 1908-Mar-07
NEELY, Annie BROOKS, Esley 1905-Aug-07
NEELY, Maye JAMES, Thomas 1901-Jun-25
NEILL, Carrie MCCAIN, Claud 1910-Nov-14
NELSON, Josie EUBANKS, Fred 1909-Sep-11
NELSON, Minnie MOORE, Henry 1905-Oct-03
NELSON, Virgie PHILLIPS, George 1909-Oct-11
NEWTON, Mattie JONES, John 1902-Feb-21
NICHOLS, Lou GRIFFIN, Robert 1910-Oct-27
NICKELS, Mary THOMPSON, Augustus 1907-Mar-04
NOLAN, Mattie GARY, Allen 1912-Aug-26
NOLEN, Nannie MABRY, Wiliam 1907-Oct-26
NORSMETRY, Patsy BILLINGSLY, Lewis 1899-Jan-12
NORSWORTHY, Addie PEEPLES, Yance 1902-Apr-04
NORSWORTHY, Bessie ROBINSON, Eddie 1915-Mar-17
NORSWORTHY, Dora ROBINSON, Frank 1899-Dec-23
NORSWORTHY, Emma CAMPBELL, Frank 1904-Jan-29
NORSWORTHY, Lula HOLMES, Ed 1903-Dec-15
NORWOOD, Annie ESKRIDGE, Joe 1909-Apr-06
NORWOOD, Bell GREGORY, Arena 1913-Dec-19
NORWOOD, Catherine JONES, Charlie 1900-Aug-23
NORWOOD, Effie JACKS, L D 1910-Nov-07
NORWOOD, Fannie COLLINS, N C 1902-Aug-28
NORWOOD, Martha GRIFFIN, Charlie 1914-Dec-24
NORWOOD, Mary ARMSTEAD, Lewis 1912-Dec-19
NUNN, Minnie CURTIS, Perry 1895-Dec-23
NUNN, Tonie REED, J M 1909-Dec-12
ODOM, Bessie MERRILL, C E 1912-Feb-11
OGLESBY, Clemarie GIBSON, T A 1901-Dec-20
OKEEFE, Annie SANDIDGE, Thornton 1905-Nov-08
OKEEFE, Lela JOHNSON, F L 1903-Jan-07
OKEEFE, Lucy COPPEDGE, E E 1915-Aug-15
OKEEFE, Mary BRYAN, L C 1906-Dec-01
OLIVER, Dorie STOKER, Oscar 1900-Nov-22
OLIVER, Hannah PEEPLES, Benjamin 1914-Nov-21
OLIVER, Ira BUTT, Nellie 1910-Nov-02
OLIVER, Liddie RATLIFF, Mose 1907-Dec-02
OLIVER, Lillie MCCASKEL, Wesley 1898-Jul-07
OLIVER, Margie TOWNSEND, Walter 1897-May-04
OLIVER, Marion JONES, J K 1903-Dec-28
OLIVER, Mattie JENNINGS, O S 1908-Feb-11
OLIVER, Parillee MCMATH, Walter 1910-Jan-21
OLIVER, Pearl MITCHELL, R H 1901-May-31
OLIVER, Rubie STOKER, Bettie 1903-Jul-17
ONEAL, Edna WIGGINTON, J H 1905-Feb-18
ONEAL, Lora SHUMAKE, H S 1907-Dec-14
ONEAL, Sallie STATHAM, Charles 1906-Aug-04
ORR, Eddie MITCHELL, Airy 1909-Nov-27
ORR, Esom ALLEN, Annie 1897-Oct-04
ORR, John HARRIS, Vesta 1913-Apr-05
ORR, Pansy HARRISON, Nathaniel 1912-Feb-07
OUTLAW, Gertrude BROWN, Hosie 1910-Dec-28
OVERSTREET, Edna FERGUSON, Hampton 1909-Dec-22
OVERSTREET, Eliza OSCAR, C T 1895-Sep-09



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