Montgomery County Brides

K - L

KEELER, Asalene PITTMAN, Tony 1914-Dec-26
KEELER, Mary BECKUM, Joe 1902-Nov-06
KEITH, Fannie SANDERS, Johnnie 1913-Apr-12
KELLY, Cleve BERRYHILL, Dora 1914-Apr-15
KELLY, Birdie SHULTZ, C R 1909-Mar-06
KELLY, Ella INGRAM, J C 1907-Sep-21
KELLY, Emma EVANS, Fred 1910-Apr-16
KELLY, Francis WOOD, Joe 1908-Mar-28
KELLY, Gertrude COLLIER, M T 1907-Nov-06
KELLY, Maggie MYERS, Charley 1912-Oct-09
KELLY, Mattie COLEMAN, C F 1907-Sep-21
KELLY, Tempy JONES, Walter 1902-Feb-18
KEMP, Lillie NUNN, J E 1908-Jul-16
KEMP, Lula BURNEY, F M 1915-Sep-16
KEMP, Mamie BROOKS, O M 1912-Dec-06
KEMP, Minnie HARRY, Tom 1902-Feb-15
KENDALL, May FERGUSON, Cameron 1910-Feb-12
KENDRED, Johnnie Miss BOKER, Virga 1913-Dec-09
KENDRIEL, Ella LOVE, Wesley 1906-Jan-25
KENEDY, Emma BASKINS, Preston 1904-Mar-19
KENNADY, Beulah CROSS, G A 1905-Apr-12
KENNEDA, Lyda YOUNG, A G 1903-Dec-23
KENNEDY, Augusta HUNT, John 1913-Feb-19
KENNEDY, Eula BRASWELL, Preston 1907-Feb-15
KENNEDY, Florence POOL, Andy 1914-Jun-09
KENNEDY, Leona SIMPSON, A G 1905-Dec-16
KENNEDY, Lethea COOPER, Ben 1905-Nov-02
KENNEDY, Mandie HARRIS, L 1910-Nov-26
KENNEDY, Mattie FULLILOVE, Ed 1901-Jan-16
KENNEDY, Mollie COVINGTON, John 1914-Dec-24
KENNEDY, Neiley RATLIFF, Will 1911-Mar-04
KENNEDY, Nettie SILAS, Dave 1912-Dec-31
KENNEY, Lela FRASIER, Aron 1914-Jul-10
KENT, Clara MCNEER, Edgar 1907-Jul-11
KENT, Claudie ONEAL, T B 1912-Nov-12
KENT, Ethel COOPER, J T 1906-Mar-31
KENT, Lillian WINGATE, Leo 1902-May-17
KENT, Maud ROSE, John 1911-May-10
KENT, Nora CAMPBELL, Wm 1897-Jul-31
KENT, Pinkey ONEAL, R H 1906-Jan-04
KEY, Annie YATES, Alvin 1915-May-20
KEY, Blanche WILSON, Rubin 1907-Mar-09
KEY, Edna GIBSON, J B 1906-Dec-18
KEY, Ethel BURTON, Eskin 1912-Nov-19
KEY, Itie PARKERSON, Thomas 1904-Jul-19
KEY, Rosa TIDWELL, R M 1902-Jan-23
KILLOUGH, Ella EDWARDS, Green 1903-Mar-21
KILLOUGH, Etolia CAMPBELL, Grain 1903-Dec-22
KILPATRICK, Luella CRAIGLER, John 1904-Jul-06
KILPATRICK, Mary DANSELL, Willis 1904-Jul-28
KILPATRICK, Minnie JOHNSON, B L 1910-Mar-29
KIMBROUGH, Ella ROBINSON, Elbert 1901-Feb-16
KIMBROUGH, Melzonia NELSON, Arthur 1909-Jul-03
KIMBROUGH, Sarah RODGERS, Eugene 1900-Mar-06
KIMBROUGH, Sidney BELL, A B 1905-Nov-25
KINDRED, Bettie SISSON, Bardwell 1902-Jan-22
KINDRED, Ella JENNAGEN, Sol 1899-Mar-11
KINDRED, Eula HINSON, Si 1904-Jan-19
KINDRED, Francis SISSON, Anderson 1897-Feb-16
KINDRED, Mintie MERRETT, Levi 1914-Feb-21
KINDRED, Mirt BIDDLE, Robert 1904-Dec-14
KINDRED, Nina IRVIN, Earl 1906-Dec-25
KINDRED, Virgy MERRIT, Henry 1908-May-04
KINDRICK, Buns COLEMAN, Climer 1901-Feb-01
KING, Anna MAXWELL, Jerry 1910-Sep-17
KING, Bettie SLEDGE, Walter 1899-Dec-23
KING, Dovie HARVEY, John 1906-Nov-13
KING, Eldora BAINS, Frank 1909-Nov-30
KING, Leah HARRIS, Leon 1908-Oct-09
KING, Lillie WRAY, Wilce 1898-Feb-10
KING, Liza DAVIS, Dan 1895-Dec-23
KING, Lora LOVE, Louvenner 1905-Sep-23
KING, Lula GOHLSON, Ed 1914-Dec-26
KING, Mollie BENNETT, William 1904-Feb-03
KINNEY, Julia ONEAL, W E 1907-Dec-04
KINNEY, Minnie SUMMERS, Preston 1913-Apr-19
KINNY, Melzina MITCHELL, Henry 1899-Mar-28
KIRK, Lillian CAFFEY, S P 1911-Mar-07
KIRKWOOD, Bettie JONES, Lee 1911-Sep-09
KIRKWOOD, Catherine MERRITT, Luther 1899-Feb-19
KIRKWOOD, Cora CURTIS, Willie 1910-Dec-22
KIRKWOOD, Cora PHILLIPS, Ed 1908-Mar-13
KIRKWOOD, Hattie DORRIS, Reggie 1909-Dec-20
KNIGHT, Emma WYSE, Eddie 1904-Jan-14
KNIGHT, Irene PARKS, Simpson 1912-Nov-23
KNIGHT, Mamie MILLER, George 1914-Feb-14
KNIGHT, Martha GASTON, Henry 1904-Dec-31
KNOX, Alice PURNELL, George 1908-Feb-22
KNOX, Blanch ARMSTRONG, Joseph 1905-Mar-02
KNOX, Lindsey FRENCH, Artie 1900-May-06
KNOX, Minnie MCCOMBS, A C 1895-Dec-19
KNUCKLES, Anna SCOTT, Bob 1906-Apr-05
KNUCKLES, Fannie GERREN, Nathan 1910-Jul-09
KNUCKLES, Mote BYRD, John 1902-Jan-24
KYLE, Josephine SIMPSON, John 1915-Sep-25
LAKE, Eva ANDERSON, John 1912-Sep-17
LAMB, Annie HAWKINS, H H 1907-Nov-29
LAND, Effie MITCHELL, W B 1910-Dec-02
LAND, Rena PYRON, John 1913-Jan-21
LANDRUM, W C TURNER, Irah 1901-Mar-02
LANDUS, Maibelle CARR, C H 1901-Aug-30
LANE, Callie BROWN, Charley 1909-May-05
LANE, Cora STOVALL, Arthur 1902-Dec-22
LANE, Gustava PITTMAN, George 1905-May-18
LANE, Lanie LOVE, Zebb 1907-Jan-29
LANE, Mattie TUPMAN, Mercer 1912-Dec-17
LANE, Ola LUTHER, Albert 1900-Mar-05
LANE, Virgia JONES, Ernest 1902-Apr-26
LANG, Rebecca TYLER, Henry 1895-Nov-08
LANGLEY, Lizzie KING, Wilford 1906-Dec-22
LANTREE, Corinda LESTER, Amos 1900-Dec-21
LARKIN, Charlotte WALTON, Barnette 1911-Apr-24
LASTER, Leona COLLINS, Will 1912-Sep-28
LATHAM, Alma WARE, Wesley 1905-Oct-20
LAWRANCE, Nettie RATLIFF, John 1900-Dec-20
LAWRENCE, Pattie TURNER, Leslie 1909-Mar-30
LEAGUE, Maggie WILSON, Sam 1908-Dec-28
LEE, Maude LOCKE, C V 1901-Feb-27
LENARD, Jennie AUSTIN, C A 1906-Dec-18
LEPSIE, Elizabeth TOLIVER, Felix 1902-Jun-19
LEVEL, Millie MOSLEY, M S L 1900-Jun-22
LEVY, Allie ORLINPLY, H 1901-Nov-11
LEWIS, Alice WRIGHT, Willie 1915-Dec-24
LEWIS, Catherine STEADMAN, Floyd 1909-Apr-16
LEWIS, Cherry PALMER, C W 1896-Feb-26
LEWIS, Danie BELL, Arthur 1912-Jan-27
LEWIS, Dessie FLETCHER, R S 1901-Apr-09
LEWIS, Elizbeth MCCLURG, Tom 1913-May-02
LEWIS, Ella HUNTER, Andrew 1898-Nov-24
LEWIS, Ella SMOOT, Zack 1900-Dec-26
LEWIS, Gladys KASTORFF, Ernest 1913-Mar-22
LEWIS, Hattie COOPER, Henry 1910-Nov-26
LEWIS, Mary PRATT, Arter 1896-Dec-16
LEWIS, Miley FORD, Henry 1912-Jan-03
LEWIS, Mollie MCLEOD, Dan 1897-Jul-03
LEWIS, Olivia SMALL, Henry 1910-Jun-25
LEWIS, Parlee GLOVER, Enoch 1902-Dec-31
LINDALL, Annie MORRISON, W V 1915-Jun-06
LINDSEY, Annie WRIGHT, George 1901-Dec-26
LINDSEY, Ella FLEMINGS, Sam 1898-Nov-19
LINDSEY, Emma JACKSON, Hill 1906-May-03
LINDSEY, Lilly ROBINSON, Mose 1901-Aug-20
LINDSEY, Maggie WARD, Preston 1915-Dec-18
LISENBY, Emma MORGAN, T J 1915-Jan-02
LISHMAN, Nora STEPHENS, L W 1902-Sep-11
LISTER, Hattie JONES, Genie 1913-Feb-03
LISTON, Virdie BOYD, J L 1901-Jan-01
LOCKE, B G HAMER, Artie 1911-Apr-26
LOCKE, Mary THREADGILL, W W 1910-Feb-19
LOCKE, Melcena BENNETT, Lindsey 1911-Aug-26
LOCKHART, Julia CAMPBELL, Henry 1906-Aug-04
LOFTON, Margie HOLLOWAY, Frank 1905-Mar-11
LOGAN, Fannie RATLIFF, Andrew 1914-Sep-27
LOGAN, Gussie BROWN, Oliver 1911-Nov-30
LOGGINS, Alma TROTTER, Horner 1911-Jan-06
LOGGINS, Belle LOGGINS, Alex 1900-Apr-11
LOGGINS, Blanch BLUETT, Wilson 1897-Dec-24
LOGGINS, Carrie MODWELL, Napoleon 1899-Jan-18
LOGGINS, Mattie KENNEDA, C C 1902-Jan-28
LOGGINS, Milly HARRISON, Anderson 1904-Dec-08
LOGGINS, Nancy HOLMAN, Ed 1909-Sep-02
LOGGINS, Rebecca HARRISON, George 1903-Nov-07
LOGGINS, Sallie BAILEY, Frank 1904-Feb-23
LOGGINS, Tillie GARY, Joshua 1908-Apr-27
LONG, Annie PATTERSON, Elmer 1907-Oct-12
LONG, Ethel SHAW, Corinne 1910-Oct-21
LONG, Willie APPLEWHITE, Ed 1907-Nov-23
LOTT, Addie SALLEY, Charles 1909-Sep-04
LOTT, Anna THOMPSON, Edgar 1902-Dec-19
LOTT, Annie GUYTON, W S 1907-Nov-30
LOTT, Cora PEEPLES, Solloman 1907-Oct-18
LOTT, Dorey COLLINS, W J 1903-Jan-06
LOTT, Emma BASKINS, Otis 1909-Dec-24
LOTT, Emma MCLEAN, Jim 1911-Jan-06
LOTT, Rila PITTMAN, Jim 1903-Feb-09
LOTT, Roxy BRADY, Charlie 1899-Dec-16
LOVE, Abisenia BAILEY, Ben 1909-Jul-03
LOVE, Addilla DANIELS, Solomon 1902-Jul-25
LOVE, Annie HOLLOWAY, Balbour 1914-Dec-16
LOVE, Bettie BAILEY, John 1903-Jan-10
LOVE, Blanche HOLLOWAY, R F 1907-Nov-18
LOVE, Emma GASTON, Joe 1902-Jan-15
LOVE, Emma THOMPSON, Mollie 1899-Nov-30
LOVE, Laura MCCRINSTON, Alex 1907-Feb-19
LOVE, Lizzie THOMPSON, Everett 1898-Dec-08
LOVE, Luna PHILLIPS, Ed 1912-Dec-13
LOVE, Mary GOLDMAN, Charlie 1895-Dec-24
LOVE, Mattie GERARD, Will 1909-Mar-07
LOVE, Mattie HARRELL, Isom 1915-Jan-09
LOWE, Lucy FARMER, Jim 1901-Dec-26
LOWRIMORE, Gertrude BRANDON, W H 1909-Jan-23
LOWRIMORE, Millie CASSIDAY, J W 1912-Dec-03
LUCAS, Carrie WARDDELL, Wm 1909-Oct-05
LUCK, Julia FRASIER, Green 1911-Aug-04
LUCUS, Kate DAVIS, John 1899-Aug-23



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