Montgomery County Brides


EADES, Bessie EASTERLING, J L 1901-Dec-08
EASLE, Mary WEBBER, Very 1904-Jun-11
EASTERWOOD, Firce SIMMS, Isom 1907-May-18
EASTERWOOD, Fohree WASHIP, Leslie 1907-Dec-24
EATON, Viney DORRIS, Tom 1903-Apr-22
ECKWORTH, Carrie STANBERRY, Summit 1913-Dec-05
EDDINS, Mattie GASTON, Ira 1906-Dec-29
EDEN, Hattie MUNSON, Joe 1906-Feb-13
EDMOND, Mary FLOWERS, Isaac 1912-Mar-12
EDMONDS, Alice LOFTON, Fad 1909-May-08
EDMUNDS, Martha HUGGES, Leslie 1899-Mar-09
EDMUNDS, Mary SHAW, Bolden 1908-Nov-23
EDWARDS, Ada PITTMAN, Frank 1896-Oct-31
EDWARDS, Anna POE, Ferdie 1908-Feb-12
EDWARDS, Ava STAPLES, John 1902-Jan-04
EDWARDS, Celia SULLIVAN, Jim 1897-Dec-09
EDWARDS, Ella WATKINS, Robert 1913-Sep-06
EDWARDS, Granvil PAYNE, Dock 1904-May-21
EDWARDS, Ida HARRELL, Elbert 1914-Dec-17
EDWARDS, Lindsey ALLEN, Nancy 1897-Dec-22
EDWARDS, Lizzie JONES, Alfred 1903-Dec-16
EDWARDS, Lucy CARPENTER, Jim 1911-Apr-01
EDWARDS, Lucy WARREN, Buster 1908-Dec-23
EDWARDS, Lula TOWNSEND, W E 1899-Oct-30
EDWARDS, Melzena YOUNG, Hosie 1915-Jan-16
EDWARDS, Nettie HARGROW, Ben 1904-Jul-26
EDWARDS, Octavia TROTTER, Will 1913-Apr-21
EDWARDS, Rena FORREST, Mose 1904-Aug-30
EILAND, Dovie BOX, L L 1908-Oct-03
EILAND, Lizzie HOLLOMAN, F A 1903-Dec-22
EILAND, Mary HOLIMAN, Pleas 1902-Dec-20
ELLIOTT, Effie WILLIAMS, J A 1901-Oct-08
ELLIS, Josie VEAZEY, J L 1904-Feb-18
ELLIS, Lena ROBERTSON, E P 1901-Dec-19
ELLIS, Louise STEPHENSON, W W 1913-Jun-30
ELLIS, Ottie VAUGHN, Wm 1909-Mar-02
ELMORE, Delia PAYNE, J E 1905-Jan-03
ELMORE, Emma VANCE, J C 1908-Oct-25
ELMORE, Hattie WINTERS, D 1909-Nov-09
ELMORE, Jessie WITTY, P D 1908-Dec-16
ELMORE, Minnie FELTS, C E 1903-Feb-17
ELMORE, Minnie MCCRINSTON, J H 1908-Jan-14
ELY, Mabry RANDLE, Fred 1912-Dec-25
EPPE, Mollie DAVE, Henry 1897-Feb-26
EPPERSON, Dozie SPRUILL, W G 1904-Feb-11
EPPERSON, Ida HILL, James 1908-Mar-13
ERES, Carrie DENTON, I W 1903-Mar-30
ERVIN, Tishe MIMS, Forrest 1902-Nov-18
ERWIN, Alcora KINDRED, Earnest 1910-Dec-29
ERWIN, Emma DORNA, Virgie 1912-Nov-22
ESHRIDGE, Mosema MCNEILL, John 1898-Oct-28
ESKRIDGE, Bettie GATER, E G 1910-Aug-18
ESKRIDGE, Delia MICKLE, Harrison 1899-Apr-08
ESKRIDGE, Estelle MYERS, George 1908-Mar-05
ESKRIDGE, Francis NEAL, Jim 1904-Mar-09
ESKRIDGE, Lettie PRATT, Jack 1899-Jan-15
ESKRIDGE, Lizzie ESKRIDGE, Dolphus 1899-Dec-21
ESKRIDGE, Lizzie ONEAL, William 1911-Sep-02
ESKRIDGE, Lula STINSON, George 1895-Nov-26
ESKRIDGE, Mabel HANKS, Tom 1896-Dec-19
ESKRIDGE, Margaret ROSS, Eddy 1898-Dec-22
ESKRIDGE, Matilda MCNEILL, Walter 1907-Dec-28
ESKRIDGE, Minnie PRATT, George 1896-Jan-15
ESKRIDGE, Mollie HOLIMAN, Lawrence 1908-Apr-07
ESKRIDGE, Mollie HOLMAN, Lawrence 1907-Jan-08
ESKRIDGE, N Miss HOLMAN, Did 1901-May-08
ESKRIDGE, Nellie JONES, Joe 1899-Jan-04
ESKRIDGE, Rosa DAVIS, Joe 1914-Feb-23
ESKRIDGE, Sadie WALTHALL, Miles 1914-Jun-30
ESTERWOOD, Annie HUBBS, O L 1910-Mar-10
EUBANKS, Bonnie MILLER, Mary 1899-Feb-18
EUBANKS, Mamie TOWNSEND, Jesse 1911-Dec-16
EVANS, Addie OLIVER, Randolph 1906-Aug-21
EVANS, Belle ALEXANDER, Julius 1897-Mar-08
EVANS, Bettie GARRETT, John 1913-Feb-13
EVANS, Bille ALEXANDER, Julius 1897-Mar-08
EVANS, Elnora BROWN, Jefferson 1908-Jan-29
EVANS, Georgia CALDWELL, Charles 1900-Mar-30
EVANS, Ida OVERSTREET, David 1908-Dec-29
EVANS, Lettie MCCLELLAND, T C 1906-Jan-04
EVANS, Lula JONES, Julius 1903-Aug-11
EVANS, Mattie WARE, W S 1908-Jun-05
EVANS, Nettie JACKSON, T A 1906-Apr-02
EVANS, Oma CHASTEEN, O E 1903-Dec-07
EVANS, Sarah WILSON, L W 1897-Sep-01
EVANS, Vallie GRAVETT, C W 1910-Apr-09
EVERETT, Ella WARREN, Jessie 1900-Jan-07
EZELL, Bettie SALLY, A G 1903-Nov-03



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