Montgomery County Brides


DABNEY, Nannie APPLEWHITE, Ben 1911-Jun-12
DABNEY, Nannie CRAWFORD, Zack 1912-Oct-19
DABNEY, Nannie LEE, John 1901-Apr-22
DACUS, Maud GARRETT, H E 1912-Nov-19
DAEN, Lettie VERNON, C I 1905-Mar-11
DAME, Annie WEBB, R L 1912-Jun-23
DANIELS, Gussie YOUNG, Milus 1913-Feb-13
DANIELS, Liza ALLEN, John 1898-May-03
DANIELS, Manda EDWARDS, Hughie 1896-Dec-26
DANIELS, Maude PALSORE, Shed 1902-Jul-03
DANIELS, Monte SIMMONS, Levi 1901-Jun-01
DANIELS, Virgie HOLMES, William 1912-Oct-30
DANIELS, Virgie STOVALL, William 1896-Jan-29
DANTZLER, Clara BURNETT, G A 1905-Jan-18
DAVENPORT, Marion KIMBROUGH, Robert 1907-May-27
DAVENPORT, Pinkie GEREN, Price 1895-Dec-23
DAVES, Myrtle BRISTER, L G 1911-Dec-22
DAVIDSON, Alma MABRAY, Felix 1911-Oct-14
DAVIS, Abbie HUNTS, James 1897-Dec-17
DAVIS, Allie GUNN, Peter 1911-Oct-31
DAVIS, Alva RINGOLD, James 1901-Feb-27
DAVIS, Annie GRISSON, Green 1907-Oct-19
DAVIS, Annie WILLIS, Andrew 1912-Dec-27
DAVIS, Beckie MONTGOMERY, W H 1907-Apr-03
DAVIS, Becky MCGOWAN, James 1906-Dec-22
DAVIS, Belle PEEPLES, Clifton 1903-Feb-12
DAVIS, Capie POWER, F B 1900-Dec-27
DAVIS, Carrie PURNELL, Clarence 1898-Jan-08
DAVIS, Cora INGRAHAM, Jim 1896-Nov-28
DAVIS, Cornelia BOLDEN, Will 1896-Jul-16
DAVIS, Edna CANON, Jim 1911-May-19
DAVIS, Elisa JONES, Archie 1908-Sep-24
DAVIS, Ella HARVEY, Monroe 1912-Jul-22
DAVIS, Ellis BAILEY, Ethel 1913-Feb-27
DAVIS, Emma DAVIS, Randle 1898-Jan-15
DAVIS, Emma ONEAL, James 1898-Mar-17
DAVIS, Emma PARNELL, Silas 1896-Sep-25
DAVIS, Eneddie MAY, Vernon 1915-Oct-23
DAVIS, Ethel ROBINSON, Ben 1903-Aug-07
DAVIS, Ethel SHELTON, A Y 1906-May-03
DAVIS, Ida SMOOT, Walter 1905-Jun-17
DAVIS, Inez ALDRIDGE, Georbe 1910-Feb-28
DAVIS, Joeanna MORGAN, Gus 1912-Nov-25
DAVIS, Jossie DEERING, Bettie 1910-Dec-10
DAVIS, Laura LIPSIE, Robert 1897-Mar-16
DAVIS, Leona HAMMOND, Wyatt 1905-Jul-29
DAVIS, Lou HARBIN, Milton 1910-Mar-19
DAVIS, Lucy SMITH, John 1896-Oct-07
DAVIS, Maggie BRADBURY, Wesley 1899-Jan-05
DAVIS, Magnolia HARPER, Joseph 1906-Aug-21
DAVIS, Mary GRIFFIN, John 1896-Nov-13
DAVIS, Mary PEEPLES, D G 1908-Jan-12
DAVIS, Mary REDMAN, Lucius 1898-Aug-25
DAVIS, Mary WHITEHEAD, Jack 1911-Dec-09
DAVIS, Mattie WATSON, J W 1902-Apr-26
DAVIS, Mattie WILLIAMS, R D 1908-Jan-20
DAVIS, May GEREN, Wils 1903-Dec-23
DAVIS, Ollie WELLS, Jim 1905-Jan-31
DAVIS, Pearl MCKENZIE, Arthur 1913-Dec-16
DAVIS, Pearl TOLIVER, Henry 1906-Mar-10
DAVIS, Rose PEEPLES, Anthony 1913-Aug-01
DAVIS, Sarah BROWN, John 1897-Jul-30
DAVIS, Tennessee GOLDEN, Sylvester 1910-Dec-22
DAVIS, Winnie TAYLOR, T E 1911-Aug-04
DEBORDER, Lina WRIGHT, Dave 1897-Jan-09
DECAR, Mae ARMSTRONG, J S 1909-Jan-14
DEERING, Bettie DAVIS, Jossie 1910-Dec-10
DEES, Katie WILSON, W W 1904-Jul-19
DEES, Sudie DAVIDSON, Julius 1910-Nov-15
DEES, Zilla DAVIDSON, W D 1913-Aug-04
DEESE, Viola DAVIDSON, J H 1910-Dec-22
DENLIN, Anna DOTSON, Charly 1896-Sep-21
DENNIS, India TROTTER, Lee 1902-Mar-03
DENNIS, Lucy COLLINS, John 1908-Feb-26
DENNIS, Ollie TROTTER, James 1909-Jan-21
DEVLIN, Anna JONES, Ed 1897-Dec-06
DEVLIN, Ella FLOWERS, Monroe 1898-Feb-05
DICKSON, Ida COLEMAN, Walter 1912-Nov-07
DILWORTH, Annie STAFFORD, John 1913-Jul-05
DIXON, Annie MAXEY, B M 1912-Oct-05
DIXON, Pearl HICKS, M 1913-Mar-22
DOBBINS, M L Miss THOMPSON, M P 1907-Jul-02
DODD, Effie CHAMBLISS, Will 1912-Feb-14
DOGAN, Myrtle HARRIS, M R 1912-Feb-18
DOLER, Annie BOX, Dorsey 1913-Mar-29
DONALD, Rosa YOUNG, Doxie 1913-Feb-22
DORMAN, Ola WARD, W H 1909-Apr-12
DORMAN, Rubie GRIFFIN, T T 1912-Nov-12
DORNA, Virgie ERWIN, Emma 1912-Nov-22
DORRIS, Allie PARSON, J M 1906-Jan-31
DORRIS, Anna MITCHELL, Allen 1902-Feb-26
DORRIS, Bell BAKER, Homer 1905-Dec-09
DORRIS, Bettie BUSTER, W E 1903-Jan-31
DORRIS, Dovie BOOTH, W J 1908-Dec-04
DORRIS, Ella SYKES, Lee 1909-Jan-01
DORRIS, Julia HINSON, Sye 1906-Jan-02
DORRIS, Lena MCNUTT, John 1899-Dec-27
DORRIS, Lena RAMSEY, W L 1909-Aug-04
DORRIS, Lillian BASKIN, Osborn 1915-Jun-12
DORRIS, Lois LUSK, William 1912-Nov-12
DORRIS, Maude WATSON, C J 1910-Dec-20
DORRIS, Nancy BLACK, Anderson 1909-Jun-06
DORRIS, Norcis GREER, Charley 1910-Dec-13
DORRIS, Reba WARE, Jeff 1911-Feb-18
DOTSON, Allie PYRON, Willie 1905-Jul-08
DOTSON, Anna CUMMINGS, Tolbert 1902-Oct-29
DOTSON, Bessie GIBSON, A E 1914-Dec-24
DOTSON, Gertrude CLARK, F H 1910-Dec-22
DOUGLASS, Alma CHAMBLISS, Jim 1906-May-16
DOUGLASS, Mary JOLIFF, Sam 1907-Sep-25
DOWNS, Ester NEAL, J H 1908-Sep-23
DOWNS, Rosa OVERSTREET, Johnie 1908-Nov-20
DOWNS, Willie CRUISE, C J 1907-Apr-24
DOWTHET, Alice ESKRIDGE, Lewis 1896-Oct-09
DOYLE, Alice BROWN, Joseph 1907-May-03
DOYLE, Alma SEAL, Henderson 1903-Mar-11
DOYLE, Charity BUTT, Shed 1905-Feb-02
DOYLE, Ellen ADAIR, Uther 1913-Jan-22
DOYLE, Emma CROOM, Neal 1897-Jan-10
DOYLE, Emma WARREN, Lonnie 1908-Dec-30
DOYLE, Jennie PURNELL, Green 1896-Dec-01
DOYLE, Linny SYKES, E D 1899-Sep-30
DOYLE, Marion DAVENPORT, John 1905-Feb-16
DOYLE, Ola DUNN, S A 1908-Mar-21
DOYLE, Sallie GEREN, Hugh 1900-Sep-04
DRAKE, Lillie LISTON, Ernest 1911-Jan-20
DRAKE, Lucindy COLEMAN, Frank 1910-Feb-07
DRAKE, Lula HALL, Wm 1898-Dec-21
DRAKE, Maria BANKSTON, Green 1915-Mar-29
DRAKE, Marrah MAY, Roden 1912-Oct-12
DRANE, Annie JONES, Charley 1903-Oct-23
DRANE, Bertha BROWN, Sem 1909-Dec-21
DRANE, Fannie BANKS, Tim 1898-May-06
DRANE, Fannie HUNT, Dock 1911-Jun-13
DRANE, Kate HAMER, Will 1905-Jul-15
DRANE, Lizzie THOMPSON, James 1908-May-16
DRANE, Lula CURTIS, Charley 1909-Mar-21
DRANE, Mary SISSON, Elisha 1895-Dec-05
DRANE, Mary TAYLOR, J L 1907-Oct-15
DRANE, Rosa NORWOOD, Jessie 1913-Nov-29
DRANE, Sarah BANDURANT, C M 1908-Aug-28
DRANE, Victoria DORRIS, James 1899-Jan-28
DUGGER, Annetty PATTERSON, Wesley 1899-Jan-18
DUGGER, Matie PATTERSON, Arnold 1899-Jan-04
DUGGER, Mattie PATTERSON, Arnold 1899-Jan-04
DUGGER, Sue JOHNSON, Erle 1903-May-08
DUKE, Willie BIGGERS, Oscar 1912-Apr-11
DUMAS, Iona SYKES, Will 1905-Mar-16
DUMAS, Missie SYKES, Freeman 1899-Sep-07
DUNLAP, Carrie PEEBLES, Will 1898-Mar-01
DUNLAP, Connie LOTT, John 1897-Apr-01
DUNLAP, Ida WILLIAMS, Marion 1913-Jun-27
DUNLAP, Mary BROWN, Claude 1907-Apr-16
DUNN, Arcena VANDERFORD, Drew 1908-Dec-16
DUNN, Bulah SEALE, John 1904-Dec-10
DUNN, Connie HOLMES, W R 1901-Jan-07
DUNN, Enly WRIGHT, Dave 1905-Mar-18
DUNN, Hannah PEEPLES, Eddie 1901-Jan-01
DUNN, Harriett OKEEFE, R A 1901-Dec-03
DUNN, Henrietta MOORE, Riley 1906-Feb-28
DUNN, Isabella YATES, J D 1900-Jan-15
DUNN, Josephine ROGERS, L R 1905-Apr-27
DUNN, Lula PEEPLES, Nelson 1900-Jul-05
DUNN, Paralle GOLDEN, Monroe 1912-Oct-02
DUNN, Velma ROBERTSON, Levi 1913-Dec-23
DUNNING, Mabry FULLER, L G 1911-Jun-24
DUNSTON, Elizabeth HICKS, John 1903-Oct-14
DUNSTON, Ruth WHITEHEAD, Edmund 1903-Feb-18
DURHAM, Annie BURT, R P 1904-Jan-14
DURHAM, Ava FELTS, Wm 1904-Jan-29
DURHAM, Carrie FELTS, C C 1905-Jan-12
DURHAM, Lucy LANEY, E F 1909-Feb-08
DURNELL, Fronie MCCRINSTON, John 1913-Jan-11
DURON, Parthenia COTAM, Sam 1908-Dec-29
DYER, Bettie BLACK, Irvin 1902-Oct-11
DYRE, Hettie YOUNG, Robert 1907-Sep-23



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