Montgomery County Brides


ABLES, Lula WALDROP, E M 1909-Jan-25
ADAIR, Alma BILLINGSLEY, James 1907-Aug-23
ADAIR, Artemia MILLER, Walter 1909-Dec-16
ADAIR, Carrie MORRIS, Tommie 1905-Mar-06
ADAIR, Carrie THOMPSON, Loyd 1913-Jan-18
ADAIR, Cora WILLIAMS, Wesley 1906-Nov-29
ADAIR, Elizabeth TROTTER, Pleas 1905-Feb-16
ADAIR, Emma POWELL, Tillmon 1914-Sep-21
ADAIR, Gadsie HERRING, Albert 1902-Dec-19
ADAIR, Georgia BUTT, Mose 1911-Jan-14
ADAIR, Jinnie HOWTOWER, Gus 1902-Feb-08
ADAIR, Joanah POWELL, Jessie 1902-Jan-01
ADAIR, Noley HUNTER, Albert 1912-Nov-23
ADAIR, Ora SHAW, Howard 1912-Jan-06
ADAIR, Ora WISE, Sherman 1906-Oct-31
ADAIR, Sallie GARY, Jim 1908-Feb-22
ADAIR, Samantha HEMPHILL, Miner 1906-Sep-15
ADAIR, Sarah GEE, Henry 1901-Jan-14
ADAIR, Willie Miss BROWN, Isaah 1905-Nov-27
ADAMS, Bessie BAILEY, L J 1911-Feb-17
ADAMS, Eddie POL, Frank 1910-Sep-29
ADAMS, Ethel JONES, E C 1915-Jun-03
ADAMS, Jennie LEWIS, Ben 1907-Apr-06
ADAMS, Lemie KENNEDY, Morris 1897-Jan-23
ADAMS, Tessie BAILEY, Gayden 1911-Feb-27
AKINS, Claricy LOUIS, Cornelius 1902-May-16
AKINS, Pearl STILL, Duncan 1910-May-11
ALDRED, Etta RANSOM, A E 1901-Dec-20
ALDRIDGE, Carrie WILLIS, Richard 1915-Dec-22
ALDRIDGE, Fannie OVY, George 1914-Dec-19
ALDRIDGE, Maggie CLARK, Will 1912-Jul-27
ALDRIDGE, Mamie HUDGINS, Burdette 1909-Nov-03
ALDRIDGE, S E Miss TAYLOR, S G 1910-Dec-01
ALDRIDGE, Vera JACKS, L T 1904-Dec-21
ALEN, Minnie JOLIFF, John 1908-Dec-30
ALEXANDER, Carrie FLANDERS, Riley 1904-Apr-27
ALEXANDER, Lucy HEARON, Aaron 1902-Mar-03
ALEXANDER, Lula MILLS, Willie 1914-Dec-26
ALEXANDER, Tennie BUTLER, Henry 1913-Jan-28
ALFORD, Omega JOHNSON, J E 1912-Aug-02
ALLEN, Agnes WASSON, Newt 1915-Sep-18
ALLEN, Annie MACKEY, L C 1910-Mar-23
ALLEN, Annie ORR, Esom 1897-Oct-04
ALLEN, Caroline WESTBROOK, John 1906-Nov-12
ALLEN, Dora CRENSHAW, Charlie 1902-Feb-10
ALLEN, Emma ALLEN, W H 1902-Sep-22
ALLEN, Emma SOMERVILLE, Carl 1913-Mar-08
ALLEN, Empress COLLINS, Eliver 1910-Apr-30
ALLEN, Florida FLOWERS, Leslie 1909-Dec-01
ALLEN, Florida MORGAN, Willie 1901-Dec-24
ALLEN, Frances MCKEIGNEY, Alexander 1912-Jun-19
ALLEN, Jennie BANKS, Frank 1908-Oct-03
ALLEN, Jennie STEELE, Henry 1911-Apr-29
ALLEN, Jesse FRANKLIN, Will 1901-Apr-27
ALLEN, Jesse SANDERS, Will 1898-Dec-30
ALLEN, Lida WHITEHEAD, Gray 1906-Sep-01
ALLEN, Lula HAMER, W W 1906-Dec-29
ALLEN, Lula MCMATH, Harrison 1901-Jan-19
ALLEN, Margaret HARTLEY, A H T 1902-Apr-02
ALLEN, Mattie JINKINS, L J 1902-Dec-04
ALLEN, Minerva RILEY, Tom 1907-Oct-31
ALLEN, Minerva SANDERS, Adam 1901-Apr-27
ALLEN, Nancy EDWARDS, Lindsey 1897-Dec-22
ALLEN, Susie SANDERS, William 1914-Jun-13
ALLEN, Winnie PEEBLES, Bob 1896-Feb-22
ALLEY, Virgie HENDRICKS, T M 1911-Jul-03
AMANS, Mary ROBINSON, Henry 1903-Nov-12
AMBERS, Millie LOTT, Joe 1896-Aug-19
AMMONS, Clateel COLLINS, Walter 1915-Apr-02
AMOS, Ada CAMPBELL, Ely 1915-Nov-30
ANDERSON, Lillie COVINGTON, James 1898-Dec-11
ANDERSON, Lilly BAKER, Hosea 1905-Oct-30
ANDERSON, Louisiana SYKES, Levi 1913-Nov-28
ANDERSON, Magnolia WRIGHT, Edgar 1913-Dec-13
ANDERSON, Mary BILLBREW, Shepherd 1907-Dec-27
ANDERSON, Mary STOVALL, Ben 1899-Jan-09
ANDERSON, Maude BLAKELEY, Rufus 1914-Dec-11
ANDERSON, Sue TILLMAN, Dave 1896-May-30
ANDREWS, Eula TOLLERSON, G W 1908-Dec-26
ANDREWS, Sular WALKER, W B 1909-Jul-10
ANTHONY, Mary RATLIFF, Monroe 1913-Sep-27
ANTHONY, Sally TOLIVER, Mary 1915-Sep-30
APPLEWHITE, Allie FARRIS, I B 1913-Apr-04
APPLEWHITE, Anna GRIFFIN, Sam 1896-Apr-07
APPLEWHITE, Bessie BARFIELD, Willis 1914-Dec-13
APPLEWHITE, Emma TOWNSEND, Jake 1915-Dec-24
APPLEWHITE, Lelia COLLINS, Burrow 1912-Mar-30
APPLEWHITE, Lillian TOWNSEND, Luther 1907-Jan-05
APPLEWHITE, Lucy GARY, Gus 1904-Jul-23
APPLEWHITE, Mattie FORREST, Calip 1903-Mar-07
APPLEWHITE, Mattie ROACH, Claude 1906-Mar-07
APPLEWHITE, Mollie SPRUILL, Walter 1904-Jul-22
APPLEWHITE, Mozel GARY, Shed 1898-Feb-03
APPLEWHITE, Mozelle GERDINE, Jake 1911-Jun-12
APPLEWHITE, Nancy FULLILOVE, Clearly 1912-Dec-21
APPLEWHITE, R A Miss HOWELL, G W 1915-Feb-18
APPLEWHITE, Sallie FARRIS, A D 1909-Aug-07
APPLEWHITE, Willie Miss GEE, Wm 1902-Dec-23
ARMESTEAD, Georgia SEALE, Anthony 1899-Dec-21
ARMESTEAD, Ida MITCHELL, John 1909-May-01
ARMISTEAD, Denida WRIGHT, D V 1902-Dec-16
ARMSTEAD, Bessie RANDOLPH, John 1911-Dec-24
ARMSTEAD, Jannetta SANDERS, Sam 1915-Jan-21
ARMSTEAD, Lula FLOWERS, J W 1907-Jun-15
ARMSTRONG, Brownie BOYD, Ernest 1914-Dec-26
ARMSTRONG, Lula FLOWERS, Pleasant 1901-Oct-31
ARMSTRONG, Villy MEYERS, Pink 1904-Jan-05
ARNOLD, Bettie JOHNSON, Noah 1909-Jun-26
ARNOLD, Lillie WOODS, Jim 1910-Jul-27
ARNOLD, Mary PURNELL, Charley 1903-Jan-09
ARNOLD, Myrtle KIMBROUGH, Amos 1906-Apr-05
ARRINGTON, Francis DORRIS, Edward 1905-May-27
ARTMAN, Mary WILEY, J B 1903-Sep-26
AUSTIN, Etna CROOK, W L 1902-Mar-15
AUSTIN, Lovella JEFCOAT, T D 1910-Dec-20
AUSTIN, Mary BOOTH, G H 1909-Feb-20
AUSTIN, Mildred BOX, M D 1902-Jul-12
AUSTIN, W Ethel HAMBRICK, D W 1905-Jul-19
AVANT, Annie JONES, Ben 1907-Jan-08
AYER, Sophie CLARK, J T 1912-Jul-23
AYERS, Fannie EASLEY, Newton 1911-Nov-20



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