Monroe County Grooms

Y - Z

YANCY, A L PICKLE, J L Miss 1884-Dec-26
YANCY, A L PICKLE, J L Miss 1886-Nov-26
YANCY, Joseph BARR, Caroline 1883-Nov-16
YANCY, T B BRANCH, Pomily Missour 1868-Jun-30
YEARGER, Louis WILLIAMS, Roxie 1900-Feb-03
YEATES, John S HIGGASON, E T Miss 1895-Jul-16
YODER, Joseph J EASH, Fannie J 1897-Oct-25
YODER, Nash J CHUPP, Katie M 1897-Oct-29
YORK, Henry D WEBB, Mary 1895-Feb-09
YOUNG, A T DANDLE, Mary C 1859-Dec-21
YOUNG, Adam RANDLE, Corin 1878-Oct-10
YOUNG, Alex DINKINS, Callie 1881-Aug-08
YOUNG, Alfred KIRKENDOFF, Sallie 1869-Jan-15
YOUNG, Anderson RICHARDS, Ophelia 1870-Jun-25
YOUNG, Anderson YOUNG, Hettie 1874-Nov-26
YOUNG, Anderson B PICKLE, Mary 1852-Oct-07
YOUNG, Andy SANDIFER, Alice 1898-May-05
YOUNG, Archibald EWING, July Ann 1869-Jan-29
YOUNG, Artemus WATSON, Patty 1868-Aug-08
YOUNG, Banister CAROTHERS, Jane 1897-Apr-21
YOUNG, Banister HARRISON, Anna 1893-Mar-03
YOUNG, Barmister REYNOLDS, Millie 1886-Jan-20
YOUNG, Ben HOWARD, Mary Isebella 1868-Feb-29
YOUNG, Beverly TUCKER, Catherine 1880-Jan-01
YOUNG, Buck Jr GLOVER, Josephine 1893-Nov-23
YOUNG, Bynum COOPWOOD, Bertha Ann 1900-Dec-24
YOUNG, Ceasar FRANKS, Nancy 1872-Mar-23
YOUNG, Charley LEE, Laura 1894-Nov-29
YOUNG, Charly POWELL, Millie 1874-Sep-23
YOUNG, Claiborn HICKUMBOTTOM, Gracy 1876-Oct-20
YOUNG, Colman CARLISLE, Ellen 1869-May-22
YOUNG, Daniel BRANDON, Ellen 1887-Dec-22
YOUNG, Daniel SPRAGGIN, Eliza 1872-Jan-15
YOUNG, Ebb CLAY, Mary Ann 1883-Nov-29
YOUNG, Edmond HADLEY, Emma 1884-Dec-05
YOUNG, Elbert SYKES, Melvina 1894-Sep-08
YOUNG, Elijah HILL, Alneda 1873-Apr-05
YOUNG, Elijah WATSON, Celia 1866-Oct-01
YOUNG, Ephraim WATSON, Peggy 1876-Nov-28
YOUNG, Ephram KELLY, Adella 1895-Dec-11
YOUNG, Frank LENOIR, Phillis 1894-Jan-25
YOUNG, Frank YOUNG, Antonella 1866-Oct-27
YOUNG, Gilbert CUMMINS, Carrie 1890-Aug-06
YOUNG, Hardy HOLLIDAY, Francis 1879-Dec-18
YOUNG, Henry BECKETT, Annie 1868-Dec-25
YOUNG, Henry FITZGERALD, Martha 1878-Jan-23
YOUNG, Hettie YOUNG, Anderson 1874-Nov-26
YOUNG, Ike GATES, Margarett 1878-Jul-06
YOUNG, J A SYKES, L E Miss 1899-Feb-04
YOUNG, J H EVANS, Sarah 1877-Dec-08
YOUNG, J M FURGERSON, Annie H 1883-Sep-24
YOUNG, J S RUTLEDGE, Violia 1870-Apr-08
YOUNG, Jacob WESTBROOK, Rose 1872-Aug-11
YOUNG, Jacob WHITFIELD, Smithie 1900-Jan-18
YOUNG, Jake BLANCHARD, Sallie 1869-Aug-07
YOUNG, James COOPWOOD, Margaret 1873-Dec-27
YOUNG, James SYKES, May 1886-Nov-05
YOUNG, James A CARR, Mary E 1854-Jan-24
YOUNG, James Anderson YOUNG, Amey 1868-Feb-28
YOUNG, James G NEAL, Calpurnia 1855-Sep-06
YOUNG, James H LOCKRIDGE, Mary F 1897-Jan-19
YOUNG, James M JONES, M L Miss 1891-Dec-22
YOUNG, James T RAY, Minerva V 1864-Jan-06
YOUNG, Jasper WESTBROOK, Mary 1865-May-08
YOUNG, Jeff WATSON, Tiggy 1866-Dec-20
YOUNG, Jerry SYKES, Mary Francis 1893-Dec-22
YOUNG, John BROOM, Nancy E 1877-Jan-19
YOUNG, John HANCOCK, Caroline 1857-Nov-19
YOUNG, John STOVALL, Edna 1889-Aug-30
YOUNG, John VERNER, Mary E 1865-Dec-06
YOUNG, John H STAFFORD, Susan 1884-May-21
YOUNG, John M HAWKINS, Elizabeth Mrs 1857-Jan-08
YOUNG, John M LEWIS, Mary E 1858-Jan-29
YOUNG, John M MCKEOWN, Susan E 1875-Nov-26
YOUNG, John R DAVIS, Jessie 1893-Jan-14
YOUNG, Johnson EVANS, Belle 1884-Jan-30
YOUNG, Jordan HOGUN, Hager 1868-Dec-22
YOUNG, Joshua EWING, Clarara 1872-Aug-23
YOUNG, Kit RANDLE, Roxey 1877-Nov-09
YOUNG, L R DAVIS, Ellen 1886-Mar-03
YOUNG, M W ANDREWS, Martha J 1858-May-12
YOUNG, Martin JORDON, Maria 1878-Oct-12
YOUNG, Milton PATTERSON, Amanda 1892-Dec-01
YOUNG, Milza YOUNG, Jiney 1866-Oct-27
YOUNG, Mitchell YATES, Margaret 1872-Mar-22
YOUNG, Mitchell YOUNG, Charity 1866-Oct-27
YOUNG, Mose GATES, Caldonia 1890-Sep-03
YOUNG, Moses GILLESPIE, Viney 1881-Jan-04
YOUNG, Moses WALKER, Lucinda 1892-Mar-07
YOUNG, Nat WATKINS, Kisy 1872-Feb-10
YOUNG, Nathan YOUNG, Fannie 1867-Jul-20
YOUNG, Needham H RICKS, Annie May 1898-Jan-25
YOUNG, Philip GARDNER, Lela 1873-Jul-05
YOUNG, Raymond HARRIS, Cornelia 1886-Dec-10
YOUNG, Robert MOORE, Ada 1893-Jan-06
YOUNG, Sam ALLEN, Mary 1885-Nov-11
YOUNG, Sam HERD, Margarett 1895-Dec-17
YOUNG, Sellers HOLLIDAY, Francis 1882-Dec-13
YOUNG, Shepard WILSON, Maggie 1894-Dec-22
YOUNG, Simon BUCKINGHAM, Sarah 1891-Dec-16
YOUNG, Squire WATKINS, Eliza 1876-Sep-08
YOUNG, Stephen LENOIR, Charity 1870-Dec-23
YOUNG, Thomas GATHENER, Francis 1871-Apr-21
YOUNG, Thomas NIX, Mary 1866-Jul-26
YOUNG, Thomas W ELLERBEE, Mary Ann 1864-Oct-04
YOUNG, Tom BENNETT, Ann 1872-Jan-12
YOUNG, Tom SALONE, Jane 1888-Nov-10
YOUNG, W G HOWELL, Ophelia 1887-Nov-12
YOUNG, W H SIMS, Mary E 1883-Mar-07
YOUNG, W P DANIEL, E L Miss 1889-Oct-27
YOUNG, W Z HALL, S F Miss 1888-Feb-15
YOUNG, Walter LENOIR, Elizabeth 1891-Jan-01
YOUNG, Walter WALKER, Ann 1895-Dec-24
YOUNG, Wash BLANCHARD, Millie 1900-Nov-22
YOUNG, Watt B LEE, Drady 1881-Feb-21
YOUNG, Wesley FEARS, Nancy 1885-Nov-09
YOUNG, William WHITE, Racheal 1868-Jul-14
YOUNG, William W STRICKLIN, Jane Mrs 1856-Jan-03
YOUNG, Willis COLLINS, Rovana 1893-Mar-03
YOUNG, Wm DANIEL, Lancy 1885-Nov-16
YOUNG, Wm DILLARD, Silla 1893-Mar-11
YOUNG, Wm YOUNG, Rosa 1899-Mar-30



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