Monroe County Grooms

U - V

UBANKS, Levi GILLIAM, Sallie 1894-Dec-27
UNDERWOOD, A H GILMORE, Mary 1870-Apr-05
UNDERWOOD, Francis M GRAY, Nancy 1867-Aug-20
UNDERWOOD, Henry LINDSEY, Cassinda 1860-Jul-02
UNDERWOOD, J T SANDERS, Dothula 1900-Dec-21
UNDERWOOD, R H T MURPHY, Sally 1865-Dec-09
UNDERWOOD, Robert LINDSAY, Rebecca 1855-Mar-19
UNDERWOOD, Wm PUCKETT, Sallie 1873-Apr-19
USSERY, George JONES, Sallie 1900-Dec-24
USSERY, J W VAUGHON, Susan 1896-Sep-12
USSERY, Samuel M MOORE, Josephine 1866-Jan-12
VAIL, J H WILLIAMS, Nancy 1899-Sep-23
VAIL, M E GARREN, F M Miss 1900-Jul-04
VAILS, Charley COX, Leanna 1899-Jan-11
VAILS, George BURNETT, Lizzie 1887-Mar-28
VALD, Tom D HOLLIDAY, Patsey 1900-Dec-13
VALES, Tom EZELL, Annie 1886-Jan-11
VAN DORSTEN, Aut C J OUTHOVEN, Jenny Mary 1895-Jun-28
VANCE, Bethel GRIFFIN, Pricilla 1891-Nov-16
VANCE, David B RADFORD, Lutitia 1851-Mar-20
VANCE, Dick ECKFORD, Jennie 1893-Mar-08
VANCE, Elisha GRIFFIN, Andella 1898-Aug-27
VANCE, Ephram EVANS, Charity 1893-Dec-23
VANCE, Flenn WILSON, Deanna 1873-Dec-25
VANCE, Green CUNNINGHAM, Landelia 1897-Nov-20
VANCE, Green JACKSON, Jennie 1885-Aug-26
VANCE, Jerry CLAY, Minra 1873-Sep-12
VANCE, Jim WALKER, Malinda 1897-Jul-17
VANCE, Martin GLADCOCK, Caroline 1866-Mar-03
VANCE, Martin WHITE, Louisa 1876-Feb-24
VANCE, Paul ECKFORD, Emaline 1881-Dec-01
VANCE, Richard DARDEN, Mary Lou 1887-Dec-30
VANCE, Soleman MCCLENDON, Bille 1876-Apr-27
VANCE, Solomon BROWN, Delia 1898-Dec-21
VANDERFORD, John WEAVER, Mary 1865-Jan-25
VANDIKE, James GIBSON, Rose 1874-Jan-12
VANDIVER, Sidney EDWARDS, Ollie 1899-Mar-31
VANDYKE, Cornelius OUTHOVEN, J E Miss 1896-Jun-17
VANFORD, Drew DAWKINS, Jane 1880-Jan-07
VANSEY, Jerry MAYO, Kittie 1869-Sep-18
VANZANDH, Ben MEAD, Lucy 1877-Dec-11
VANZANDT, Andrew MITCHELL, Ann 1899-Dec-07
VARNER, J S C MAYE, A B 1872-Mar-11
VASSAR, George ABBOTT, Jennie 1897-Dec-14
VASSAR, James PRICE, Charity 1899-Nov-06
VASSER, Calvin RANDLE, Ida 1878-Aug-30
VASSER, Dick MCCLENDON, Jennie 1870-Oct-22
VASSER, Frank COZART, Lucinda 1867-Jul-05
VASSER, Frank CRUMP, Mary Jane 1895-Sep-16
VASSER, Frank SYKES, Delsy 1870-May-25
VASSER, Hesekiah HOLLIDAY, Vinie 1889-Feb-18
VASSER, Hezekiah ALEXANDER, Allice 1876-Jan-07
VASSER, Houser BRIGHT, Matilda 1874-Jan-03
VASSER, Jake HOLLIDAY, Victoria 1886-Nov-21
VASSER, Paul BOYD, Mary 1889-Jan-12
VASSER, Paul MONTGOMERY, Martha 1898-Aug-27
VASSER, Pendleton HENLEY, Amelia 1873-Jan-02
VASSER, Peter LOVE, Cora 1886-Apr-29
VASSER, Peter WATSON, Lucy 1888-Dec-24
VASSER, Pompey ROGERS, Lizzie 1885-Dec-23
VASSER, Sam LOVE, Eliza 1871-Nov-27
VASSER, Silas MCCUSTER, Ailsey 1881-Sep-15
VASSER, Silas RANDOLPH, Ann 1872-Jan-11
VASSER, Silas WILLIAMS, Sarah 1875-Jul-06
VASSER, Wash D BELL, Annie 1879-Sep-11
VASSER, Will EVANS, Vergie 1894-Nov-21
VAUGHAN, J S LITTLE, Isodora 1872-Feb-23
VAUGHAN, Jake STRONG, Laura 1885-Jul-18
VAUGHAN, James W ROSS, Mollie E 1888-Jan-04
VAUGHAN, Johnson ROBINSON, V A Miss 1863-Mar-05
VAUGHAN, L A LOGAN, S A Miss 1866-Aug-21
VAUGHAN, Louis C HETHCOCK, Sarah Ann 1884-Nov-05
VAUGHAN, Sam A GOODWIN, Gudie 1899-Dec-12
VAUGHN, Bishop MCLENDON, Minnie 1898-Jan-12
VAUGHN, Felix WARTERS, Annie 1894-Dec-19
VAUGHN, G W LITTLE, M T Miss 1871-Sep-29
VAUGHN, H L TRIGGS, Nannie B 1886-Apr-17
VAUGHN, Henry DILLARD, Annie Laura 1897-Mar-20
VAUGHN, Jack MITCHELL, Mollie 1894-Oct-29
VAUGHN, John WARMSLEY, Emma 1895-May-29
VAUGHN, Josh BRASFIELD, Dora 1896-Jan-08
VAUGHN, Ledger ECKNER, Annie 1882-Sep-20
VAUGHN, R H SULLIVAN, Nora 1899-Jan-10
VAUGHN, S O WELLS, M A Miss 1869-Jul-03
VAZANT, Harvey SULLIVAN, Lonzo 1899-Dec-14
VENABLE, Robert FIELDS, Lena 1880-Mar-21
VENURABLE, PRICE, Booker 1890-Dec-10
VERNER, A M WILLIS, Clara 1892-Jun-08
VERNER, Ben BUTLER, Josephine 1878-Jul-01
VERNER, George P SEELEY, Mary V 1882-Dec-19
VERNER, Green LARKIN, Martha 1866-Dec-28
VERNER, Guston VANZANT, Lillie 1894-Nov-12
VERNER, J A MOSLEY, Isabella 1876-Jan-11
VERNER, J H HARRIS, Nancy Ellen 1866-May-08
VERNER, James H LAMBETH, Penina T 1852-Dec-20
VERNER, Pompey WREN, Margaret 1880-Dec-28
VERNER, Thomas T FLYNT, Susan A 1857-Apr-15
VERNER, W L CARTER, Sarah 1867-Apr-08
VERNER, Wm E STEWARD, Roena 1864-Feb-12
VERNON, John MORGAN, Pauline 1864-Jun-06
VERNON, Josiah HARRIS, Sarah 1863-Dec-23
VERNON, Samuel M DOWD, Jerusha H 1851-Dec-11
VESEY, Augustus BIGBEA, Luannah 1867-Jun-27
VESEY, J A GRAY, Viola 1892-Oct-06
VESEY, Joseph WATSON, Rodah I 1856-Dec-02
VESEY, Theodore MCDONALD, Martha 1867-May-02
VESEY, W N VAN DESIER, Ellen 1865-Oct-03
VICKORY, James P ELLIOTT, Mary 1873-May-17
VICKORY, Jess B HOWARD, Ellen 1858-Feb-09
VINCE, Silas BUTLER, Betsey 1886-May-06
VINES, E D THOMPSON, Josie 1895-Dec-31
VINES, John W SHANNON, Estella 1899-Sep-05
VINES, Osborn MILLER, Ellender 1855-Jul-19
VINES, R G SULLIVAN, Marthia Jane 1895-Jul-09
VINES, Stewart HARRIS, Lucy 1879-Nov-27
VINES, Stewart MCCARTY, Matt 1872-Dec-18
VINES, W M ARMSTRONG, Ola 1896-Dec-16
VINSON, Joseph A LANGLEY, Harriett E 1900-Mar-11
VINSON, Joseph A WRIGHT, Mary E 1881-Sep-23



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