Monroe County Brides

Y - Z

YANCEY, Jennie OROURKE, Charley 1890-Oct-02
YANCY, Dollie WINGO, J W 1885-Dec-19
YANCY, L I Miss SANDERS, W H H 1868-Oct-21
YANCY, Lucy Ann WILLIAMS, J M 1873-Nov-17
YANCY, Lucy Ann WILLIAMS, J W 1873-Nov-07
YATES, Margaret YOUNG, Mitchell 1872-Mar-22
YEARBY, E A Miss MCCLURE, W A 1866-Dec-10
YODER, Elizabeth E GINGRICH, Isaac E 1900-Nov-05
YODER, Littie E EASTEN, Henry E 1897-May-10
YOUND, Louisiana STRONG, Tillman 1868-Dec-26
YOUNG, A C Miss FUNDERBURK, S V 1894-Mar-15
YOUNG, Aggie COOPWOOD, Alex 1894-Dec-22
YOUNG, Aggie COSBY, Sam 1894-Dec-24
YOUNG, Alice SMITH, J N 1890-Aug-23
YOUNG, Alice Clay WALKER, Will 1893-Dec-16
YOUNG, Amanda HAUGHTON, Lusk 1869-Sep-09
YOUNG, Amanda KING, Albert 1886-Feb-25
YOUNG, Amelia BURNETT, Albert 1878-Dec-25
YOUNG, America EVANS, Strong 1870-Dec-03
YOUNG, America WILLIAMS, Ed 1888-Dec-27
YOUNG, Amey YOUNG, James Anderson 1868-Feb-28
YOUNG, Anarky CANNEDY, Tom 1886-Jan-03
YOUNG, Anna TURNER, Marshall 1900-Jan-20
YOUNG, Anna H MCMILLAN, Soloman 1893-Jul-12
YOUNG, Anne PERRY, S C 1880-Feb-12
YOUNG, Antonella YOUNG, Frank 1866-Oct-27
YOUNG, Belle JOHNSON, Isaih 1877-Nov-24
YOUNG, Bettie BABOR, W M 1886-Dec-30
YOUNG, Bettie TATUM, Charley 1884-Jan-12
YOUNG, Bettye WEST, R C 1898-Mar-02
YOUNG, C J Miss RIGGAN, James B 1875-Jan-25
YOUNG, Caroline HARRISON, Wm 1867-Jan-02
YOUNG, Charity HENSON, Nathan 1874-Feb-02
YOUNG, Charity YOUNG, Mitchell 1866-Oct-27
YOUNG, Crecy RANDLE, Philip Richard 1872-Jan-13
YOUNG, Cresey EWING, Felix 1874-Dec-26
YOUNG, Drady BLANCHARD, Stephen 1889-May-14
YOUNG, Elenora KING, F B 1899-May-24
YOUNG, Elisa WESTBROOKS, James F 1860-Dec-20
YOUNG, Eliza STRONG, Lem 1894-Jan-02
YOUNG, Elizabeth LARKIN, Alford 1888-Jan-27
YOUNG, Elizabeth Jane HILL, William 1854-Dec-19
YOUNG, Emma BUTLER, Charles 1889-Jan-17
YOUNG, Emma FORTSON, Grant 1894-Dec-22
YOUNG, Fannie WALKER, Landon 1872-Dec-30
YOUNG, Fannie YOUNG, Nathan 1867-Jul-20
YOUNG, Georgia LOUIS, Jim 1895-Dec-11
YOUNG, Hallie RANDLE, James Douglas Lee 1898-Dec-22
YOUNG, Harriett CARTER, John 1866-Dec-31
YOUNG, Hattie BUMPASS, Enoch 1900-Oct-02
YOUNG, Henrietta RANDLE, Jim 1883-Feb-26
YOUNG, Irene STRONG, George 1866-Mar-05
YOUNG, Jane GRAY, George 1889-Apr-23
YOUNG, Jane NEELAND, John 1889-Aug-22
YOUNG, Jennie POLK, Iker 1885-Oct-17
YOUNG, Jennie C RATZCLIFF, F 1900-Jan-22
YOUNG, Jiney YOUNG, Milza 1866-Oct-27
YOUNG, Josephikne SRONG, Orfie 1884-Jan-23
YOUNG, Josie CARLISLE, Amos 1887-Jan-11
YOUNG, Josie COOPER, Dennis U 1886-Mar-24
YOUNG, July Ann RANDLE, Stephen 1869-Jan-27
YOUNG, Lizzie CADE, Smith 1873-Dec-24
YOUNG, Louisa HILL, Thomas 1855-Nov-28
YOUNG, Louisa RICHARDS, Isah 1868-Mar-09
YOUNG, Lousanna MARTIN, George 1880-Jan-29
YOUNG, Lucy WALKER, Willis 1868-Mar-13
YOUNG, Lucy Ann EVANS, Claiborn 1891-Jan-15
YOUNG, M C Miss DIXON, W L 1892-Dec-27
YOUNG, Maggie HENRY, Wash 1886-Jan-06
YOUNG, Maggie RICKS, Harvey 1888-Nov-19
YOUNG, Mahalia SIMPSON, Jerry 1900-Dec-24
YOUNG, Malinda INMAN, Andrews 1860-Jan-17
YOUNG, Manda BURNETT, Jack 1874-Mar-26
YOUNG, Manda THOMPSON, Cornelius 1881-Jan-27
YOUNG, Manerva HARRISON, Lee 1898-Mar-01
YOUNG, Manervia DAVIS, Jim 1895-Feb-09
YOUNG, Margaret ASTIN, Archay 1847-Dec-11
YOUNG, Margaret PERRY, Warren 1881-Jun-25
YOUNG, Margarett HAMILTON, Washington 1886-Jul-30
YOUNG, Martha LEE, Dennis 1872-Mar-18
YOUNG, Mary JAMISON, Wm 1872-Feb-14
YOUNG, Mary WHITEHEAD, Wm C 1864-Apr-25
YOUNG, Mary Jane WINSTEAD, John 1854-May-02
YOUNG, Matilda WATSON, Frank 1877-Nov-21
YOUNG, Matilda WHITFIELD, M A 1884-Jan-11
YOUNG, Mattie WALKER, Tim 1890-Feb-22
YOUNG, Maude WYN, J V 1897-Feb-12
YOUNG, Melvina HILL, Walter O 1899-Nov-22
YOUNG, Minnie MOSELEY, Adam 1899-Jan-19
YOUNG, Nancy BLANCHARD, Levi 1882-Oct-07
YOUNG, Nancy V HYAR, Thomas 1861-May-22
YOUNG, Nellie RANDLE, Willis 1872-Dec-30
YOUNG, Nola BRANNIN, Clit 1897-Nov-07
YOUNG, Pauline GIBSON, Charles 1895-Dec-18
YOUNG, Perl MILLER, Teeny 1890-Dec-24
YOUNG, Rachel WALTON, Mike 1886-Aug-08
YOUNG, Rebecca BROWN, Isaac 1889-Jan-01
YOUNG, Rebecca CUNNINGHAM, J C 1892-Oct-06
YOUNG, Rebecca SIMS, David J 1866-Oct-27
YOUNG, Rosa YOUNG, Wm 1899-Mar-30
YOUNG, Rowena MUNGER, Tom 1890-Oct-18
YOUNG, Roxie HOWARD, J W 1887-Sep-03
YOUNG, S C Miss WESTBROOK, W P 1893-Dec-22
YOUNG, Sarah ELKIN, George 1895-Sep-02
YOUNG, Sarah WILSON, Drue 1872-Aug-23
YOUNG, Sarah C FINLEY, Wm K 1863-Mar-07
YOUNG, Savannah EVANS, Ned 1886-Feb-27
YOUNG, Savannah HASKINS, John 1886-Jul-24
YOUNG, Silla GIVENS, Alford 1866-Jul-28
YOUNG, Sue JONES, Columbus 1872-Sep-25
YOUNG, Susan AANUE, Monroe 1872-Mar-26
YOUNG, Susan AGNUE, Monroe 1872-Mar-26
YOUNG, Susan AGNUE, Monroe 1872-Mar-22
YOUNG, Susan STAFFORD, George 1860-Nov-29
YOUNG, Susannah GARTH, J H W 1882-Dec-29
YOUNG, Veiny STRONG, Harrison 1867-Jul-20
YOUNG, Viney HAUGHTON, Virgil 1873-May-16
YOUNG, Willie Ann WALKER, Robert 1890-Dec-30
YOUNG, Winney J MOON, Nathan 1867-Nov-25
YUNSON, Arvia ANDERSON, G T 1871-Jun-23



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