Monroe County Brides

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UMPHRIES, Pauliney WILLIAMS, Charles 1887-Feb-11
UNDERWOOD, Cassandra EDWARDS, W L 1866-Oct-10
UNDERWOOD, Nancy H COLE, Martin 1860-Dec-18
URSEY, Sallie ALLEN, Henry 1874-Apr-04
VAILES, Mary Francis WATKINS, Wash 1899-Jul-22
VAILS, M T Miss EVANS, Jobe 1892-Sep-01
VAILS, Rosie KEY, George 1900-Dec-21
VALE, Annie DABBS, Robert 1882-May-09
VAN DESIER, Ellen VESEY, W N 1865-Oct-03
VANCE, Ailsey MCGUIRE, Levis 1874-Aug-05
VANCE, Alice E RANSON, William M 1857-Dec-14
VANCE, America WHITFIELD, Ben 1870-Apr-02
VANCE, Callie ROSS, Edward 1889-Feb-08
VANCE, Cilla HOWELL, Daniel 1899-Mar-02
VANCE, Clairy HILL, James 1887-Feb-11
VANCE, Jane HALL, Bally 1873-May-02
VANCE, Racheal HOWARD, Wesley 1870-Oct-29
VANCE, Seseanna LARKIN, Nealus 1887-Jan-20
VANCE, Siza GLADNEY, Abraham 1874-Dec-23
VANDERSLICE, Francis CHISM, Beriman 1864-Dec-26
VANDEVER, Josie MASENGILL, Wiley 1900-Jan-06
VANDEVER, Sarah DERRYBERRY, John 1851-Sep-28
VANDIVICH, Tennessee WESTBROOKS, Frank 1890-Jan-08
VANDOZIER, Sarah A BUSBEE, Samuel H 1856-Mar-19
VANHOOSIER, Della BRADLEY, Cisciro 1894-Jan-27
VANHOOZER, R E Miss BRADLEY, J B 1889-Jan-12
VANZANT, Lillie VERNER, Guston 1894-Nov-12
VASSAR, Ann Elisa JONES, J W 1859-Dec-07
VASSEN, Mary W HOWARD, Wm E 1876-Jun-27
VASSER, Ailsy JACKSON, Andrew 1890-Sep-25
VASSER, America ARTHUR, John 1866-Aug-04
VASSER, Anna EVANS, George 1889-Sep-27
VASSER, Bettie BLAIR, Dave 1882-Mar-22
VASSER, Charlott WHITEMAN, David 1883-Dec-26
VASSER, Eliza KEY, Charley 1880-Dec-04
VASSER, Eliza WALTON, Anthony 1881-Nov-29
VASSER, Eliza WHITFIELD, George 1882-Nov-20
VASSER, Elvira LOVE, Gus 1877-Oct-23
VASSER, Judith HENLY, Oliver 1868-Mar-27
VASSER, Julia ARNOLD, Henry 1867-Jan-04
VASSER, Kate CLARKE, A W 1869-Sep-01
VASSER, Laura BEEKS, Tom 1876-Aug-04
VASSER, Laura DONNELSON, William 1889-Jan-31
VASSER, Mamie MURRAY, Wash 1900-Sep-24
VASSER, Martha COZART, Albert 1869-Feb-09
VASSER, Mary CLAY, Frank 1888-Dec-29
VASSER, Mary Ann KNOX, Louis 1877-May-19
VASSER, Mary Ellen WILLIAMS, Tom 1898-Feb-03
VASSER, Nancy SITTLETON, Henry 1875-Jun-26
VASSER, Patsy MCCLENDON, Moses 1874-Dec-17
VASSER, Sallie MCCLENDON, Wesley 1868-Jan-16
VASSER, Sarah SAUNDERS, Charles 1888-Mar-31
VAUGHAN, D M Miss BAILEY, S B 1869-Jun-19
VAUGHAN, Isadora THOMPSON, William 1883-Oct-23
VAUGHAN, Julia LEE, Petty 1895-Mar-13
VAUGHAN, Lucy HATHCOCK, R G 1890-Jan-15
VAUGHAN, Lula FUGNA, W L 1899-Feb-07
VAUGHAN, Pollie BARNEY, Louis 1880-Apr-01
VAUGHAN, Polly BOUNEY, Louis 1880-Apr-01
VAUGHEN, Marthie GREGORY, B G 1894-Dec-11
VAUGHN, Addie CUMMINGS, Mason 1888-May-17
VAUGHN, Anie CHANDLER, Beverly 1878-Aug-30
VAUGHN, Isabella COCKERHAM, Franklin 1886-May-13
VAUGHN, Josie PICKLE, Johny 1895-Oct-22
VAUGHN, Lida DURRELL, H D 1893-Dec-22
VAUGHN, Louisa MERRIWEATHER, Dock 1873-Feb-28
VAUGHN, Margarett HATCH, Richard 1889-Nov-07
VAUGHN, Nannie S MARTIN, M C 1891-Dec-04
VAUGHON, Susan USSERY, J W 1896-Sep-12
VEAL, Lizzie CHANDLER, Henry 1892-Dec-01
VEASEY, Ella DAVIS, Charles A 1891-Mar-09
VEASY, Pinkie HENRY, J D 1889-Jun-04
VERNER, Ada WARD, Harry 1894-Jan-03
VERNER, Belle GRIBBS, Daniel J 1882-Jan-31
VERNER, Belle NELSON, Douglas 1894-Sep-29
VERNER, Cora K BEEKS, T A 1885-Sep-26
VERNER, Eliza Jane WINTER, James 1860-Aug-31
VERNER, Lula BILLUPS, Olliver 1900-Jan-02
VERNER, Martha CLAPTON, George 1870-Jan-03
VERNER, Mary E YOUNG, John 1865-Dec-06
VERNER, N E Miss BRYAN, A L 1861-Feb-07
VERNER, Sarah LEEMANUEL, Mark 1893-Nov-02
VERNER, Sarah C WHITWORTH, T J 1871-Oct-27
VERNER, Sarah Jane LACKEY, Wyatt 1856-Dec-17
VERNON, Dicey OWEN, Henry 1868-Jul-17
VERNON, Pauline A LANN, H J B 1870-Feb-16
VESEY, Lucy TURDALL, Moses 1877-Nov-08
VESEY, Maria ROSEMAN, Ed 1872-Jul-26
VESEY, Minnie FAST, C C 1886-Feb-10
VICERY, Annie MARTIN, S W 1886-Dec-22
VICKERS, Ann C COOK, John B 1865-Nov-01
VICKERY, E F Miss WEEKS, P A 1881-Feb-19
VINES, Janie ROBERTS, Thomas J 1855-Feb-23
VINES, Laura Ann ANDERSON, William 1857-Mar-29
VINES, Martha WOODRUFF, Dennis 1852-Jul-20
VINES, Mary MILLER, Joel 1856-May-25
VINES, Mary MOORE, James P 1865-Feb-22
VINSON, Sallie HUTCHINSON, Manuel 1876-Jan-04
VINUM, Mariah JONES, Freeman 1884-Jul-17
VINZANT, Emma HARDY, Clavin 1885-Sep-04
VIRGES, Queen ROBINSON, Fayett 1887-Dec-27
VIRGINIA, Genia CUMMINGS, Jeff 1898-Nov-28
VITCH, Louisa TYLER, Robert 1876-Feb-02
VOSSER, Melvina SIMIS, Henry 1867-Dec-28



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