Monroe County Brides


KANMON, Sarah F BRYAN, B F 1883-Nov-07
KATES, Lou WILLIS, Grandy 1886-Jan-02
KEARNEY, Mary BELL, Henry 1886-May-06
KEATON, Biddie FINNEY, Alex 1877-Dec-18
KEATON, Lea PEARSON, Eli 1878-Jan-26
KEATON, Sallie WHITE, Sam 1899-Apr-26
KEELER, Josephine TROUP, Madison 1870-Nov-30
KEETON, Addie WALKER, Spencer 1881-Dec-07
KEETON, Annie Isabella ARNETT, James Carr 1896-Oct-14
KEETON, Georgia MOORE, Tony 1891-Dec-23
KEETON, N E L Miss GREEN, James A 1875-Dec-21
KEITEN, Georgia BROWN, Willie 1884-Dec-11
KELLEY, Balzenora KIDD, M E 1885-Dec-28
KELLEY, Sarah HODGES, Jeff 1879-Jan-04
KELLON, Sallie CATE, W H 1869-Oct-14
KELLUM, J H M WHATLEY, Ralph H 1878-Sep-11
KELLY, Adella YOUNG, Ephram 1895-Dec-11
KELLY, Fannie Lou MCMILLAN, Wm 1882-Mar-03
KELLY, Katie C HILL, W R 1883-Dec-29
KELLY, Mary Liza ARTHUR, Anderson 1886-Nov-18
KELLY, Matilda ADAMS, Lewis 1868-Dec-25
KELSE, Letha A PEARCE, Hallet 1866-Dec-04
KELSO, Alice DODDS, W A 1898-Oct-27
KELSO, Callie LAMBERT, Wesley 1896-May-09
KELSO, Dizzie NABERS, D R 1873-Sep-23
KELSO, Ella JONES, Willie 1891-Aug-05
KELSO, Sarah JONES, Robert 1873-Jun-05
KELSON, Lucinda Mrs JONES, Lorenzo D 1854-Aug-15
KEMP, Clementine DANNER, James 1882-Mar-03
KEMP, Elizabeth BLALOCK, J W 1891-Aug-18
KEMP, Julia Ann GATES, Silas 1900-Dec-27
KEMP, Parthenia WATKINS, Goode 1877-Apr-11
KENDRICK, Amanda HILL, George W 1859-Jul-15
KENDRICK, Betty ROSS, George W 1865-Feb-04
KENDRICK, Charlott GREEN, Henry 1870-Oct-21
KENDRICK, Eliza J HARRIS, John 1882-May-22
KENDRICK, Evaline HILL, Berry 1872-Aug-21
KENDRICK, Francis HENDERSON, John 1872-Jan-02
KENDRICK, Georgia NOAH, W I 1869-Mar-11
KENDRICK, Helen A PARHAM, W C 1899-Nov-12
KENDRICK, Lucy A E JONES, Elisha A 1853-May-24
KENDRICK, Maggie J MATHEWS, F H 1871-Oct-25
KENDRICK, Mariah BUCKINGHAM, George 1885-Jan-27
KENDRICK, Mary HOLLIDAY, Charles 1871-Mar-28
KENDRICK, Rose ROSS, Randolph 1868-May-02
KENDRICKS, Catharine MILLER, John J 1853-Dec-15
KENDRICKS, Patsy MILLER, Henry 1854-Feb-28
KENDRICKS, Sarah C DAWSON, Jesse T 1866-Jan-29
KENNADY, Sallie METCALF, Henry 1888-Sep-22
KENNEDAY, Martha WALTON, Mose 1881-Jan-21
KENNEDY, Bisa STRONG, Robert 1874-Aug-20
KENNEDY, Charlotte JAMISON, John 1884-Sep-20
KENNEDY, Hattie CUMMINGS, Joe 1889-Apr-01
KENNEDY, Ida JOHNSON, Tom 1888-Dec-20
KENNEDY, Laura CLAY, Burt 1875-Aug-04
KENNEDY, Laura B RHODES, Simon F 1882-Dec-21
KENNEDY, Martha KENNEDY, Thomas H 1861-Mar-05
KENNEDY, Sallie KEETON, Wes 1893-Dec-20
KENNEDY, Susie HILL, Ishmail 1878-Jan-03
KERNEY, Winnie ELLIS, J E 1882-Dec-26
KERR, Lila F SIMMONS, James L 1898-Jun-29
KERRUM, Mary BALDWIN, Joseph 1871-Jan-16
KETCHAM, May S WHITFIELD, William C 1896-Oct-30
KEY, Henrietta WALKER, Jim Thomas 1898-Dec-12
KEYER, Georgia ADAMS, Will 1899-Dec-27
KEYES, Ann Elizabeth KEYES, Joseph M 1851-Aug-05
KEYES, Francis PETERS, Billie 1884-Feb-20
KEYES, Matilda ADAMS, Tom Henry 1885-Dec-30
KEYS, Celia WHITFIELD, Sam 1889-Oct-23
KEYS, Ella PRICE, William 1890-Jan-14
KEYS, Ellen CUNNINGHAM, Wm 1900-Dec-18
KEYS, Georgia ADAMS, Will 1899-Dec-22
KEYS, Hannah CUNNINGHAM, Seander 1873-Feb-14
KEYS, Lula WORD, Reuben 1887-Dec-31
KEYS, Matilda ADAMS, Tom Henry 1885-Dec-29
KEYTON, Emma JONES, Wm 1895-Dec-24
KEYTON, Hysa ROGERS, Lee 1873-Dec-23
KEYTON, Mary Eliza WHITFIELD, Louis 1890-Apr-01
KIDD, Alice ELKIN, Alexander 1872-Nov-25
KIDD, Ann KIDD, Julias 1866-Nov-17
KIDD, Bertie KING, Benj 1889-Dec-23
KIDD, Callie R PRICE, J C 1884-Apr-21
KIDD, Charlott PETERSON, P 1876-Jun-05
KIDD, Ella MCCOY, Perkins 1885-Dec-31
KIDD, Josie KELLY, J R 1886-Mar-16
KIDD, Mariah COCKERHAM, Henry 1881-Jun-24
KIDD, Susannah KIDD, Mitchell 1883-Mar-03
KIDD, Violet MARTIN, Warren 1891-Sep-11
KILBURN, Effie A N ARNOLD, W W 1888-Dec-21
KILBURN, Inez ARNOLD, N C 1891-Dec-21
KILBURN, Jennie ARNOLD, J E 1896-Mar-04
KILE, Betsy FOWLKES, Wiley 1875-Aug-26
KILE, Matilda KILE, T J W 1868-Aug-11
KILE, Wanda WREN, Esau 1873-Jan-15
KILGO, Debra KIRKPATRICK, F C 1889-Dec-06
KILGORE, Mary GUNN, Sam 1875-May-22
KILLIEN, Catherine MCNIECE, Richard P 1875-May-13
KILLINGHAM, Alabama SYKES, Walton 1877-May-05
KILLINGHAM, Docia BROWNLEE, Louis 1888-Feb-20
KILLINGHAM, Dora BROWN, Champ 1880-Jan-31
KILLINGHAM, Ella HUSSEY, William 1891-Oct-31
KILLINGHAM, Francis COLLINS, Jacob 1875-Jan-12
KILLINGHAM, Francis TROTTER, Thomas 1876-Nov-09
KILLINGHAM, India WALKER, Sullivan 1889-Dec-26
KILLINGHAM, Jennie BENSON, John C 1879-Oct-18
KILLINGHAM, Martha TROUP, Sam 1881-Nov-07
KILLINGHAM, Rowena BROWN, Charles 1888-Dec-22
KILPATRICK, Ann JAMISON, Eli 1870-Dec-28
KIMBALL, Virginia CULP, Andrew 1886-Jan-15
KIMBELL, A L Miss CHAMBERS, Fed 1871-May-12
KIMBELL, Easter KING, Jeff 1871-Dec-22
KIMBLE, Eliza Jane HOUSTON, Saunders 1883-Jan-10
KIMBLE, Josephine WARREN, John 1876-Dec-02
KIMBLE, Sallie JENKINS, Manuel 1878-Dec-23
KIMBLE, Sidney Ann JOHNSON, Willis 1874-Dec-23
KIMBREL, W H Miss BROUGHAM, G D 1880-Aug-28
KIMMEL, Annie HOLLIDAY, Antney 1897-Mar-25
KIMP, Rutha MCMILLAN, John 1886-Dec-16
KING, A Miss LISLE, Henry 1870-Jan-04
KING, Adaline PREWETT, Isaiah 1895-Oct-03
KING, Adlena KIDD, George 1893-Feb-22
KING, Amanda WILLIAMS, Moses 1879-Nov-27
KING, Bettie BUTLER, Dennis 1877-Dec-27
KING, Emma Lee GILLILAND, W T 1896-Mar-11
KING, Hattie KIRKMAN, Wash 1876-Dec-23
KING, Josie BARKER, Jim 1900-Dec-26
KING, Laura GORDON, James 1895-Jun-12
KING, Laura THOMPSON, James 1889-Jan-07
KING, Laura L DUNHAM, C A 1898-Jan-24
KING, Lucy Ann JOHNSON, Monroe 1873-Apr-11
KING, Maggie A ABERCROMBER, James Q 1892-Mar-31
KING, Maggie A ABERCROMBIE, James I 1892-Mar-31
KING, Martha C SMITH, Wm 1873-Jan-04
KING, Nancy A RIGGAN, J H 1891-Feb-09
KING, Phebe BOOKER, John 1858-Mar-14
KING, Salester WALKER, John 1881-Nov-17
KING, Sallie HATCH, Bob 1873-Oct-07
KING, Selester RODGES, Thorton 1867-Dec-14
KING, Susan SHORT, Alex 1898-Mar-11
KING, Synthia SOYWOOD, Gus 1875-Jan-02
KINGSBY, Jas C MARSHALL, Dickie 1876-Oct-02
KINGSLEY, Florence L HENDRICK, S E 1900-Jun-20
KINSEY, Mary BILLS, John D 1877-Nov-13
KIRK, Alice HADLEY, Hayes 1899-Dec-22
KIRK, Alice WILLIS, Sam 1891-Dec-23
KIRK, Eliza WILLIAMS, Toney 1884-Mar-19
KIRK, Julia HOLLIDAY, Armstead 1889-Sep-30
KIRK, Lucy STRONG, Charley 1883-Jan-25
KIRK, Mary E COOPER, Joseph 1857-Sep-13
KIRK, Mary Francis SYKES, Wm 1887-Jan-20
KIRK, Nancy FORSHEE, Perry 1897-Feb-27
KIRK, Seely MCMILLAN, Lewis 1886-Jan-11
KIRKENDALL, Delilah V KING, John R 1868-Oct-12
KIRKENDELL, W E Miss IRVIN, B F 1865-Oct-05
KIRKENDOFF, Sallie YOUNG, Alfred 1869-Jan-15
KIRKPATRICK, Annie RITTER, S D 1894-Jan-20
KIRKPATRICK, Annie THORTON, George 1886-Jan-02
KIRKPATRICK, Dora HUNT, J H 1891-Feb-02
KIRKPATRICK, E J Miss MOORE, D O 1877-Jan-27
KIRKPATRICK, Laura B JOHNSON, Taylor 1884-Feb-27
KIRKPATRICK, Linda GRIZZLE, Lee 1891-Jul-28
KIRKPATRICK, Lucinda BUCKINGHAM, Frank 1877-Sep-21
KIRKPATRICK, Manerva BUCKINGHAM, Ramsey 1874-Mar-22
KIRKPATRICK, N E Miss FLYNT, James W 1880-Dec-14
KIRKPATRICK, Sallie BUCKINGHAM, Napoleon 1871-Sep-09
KIRKSEY, Florance LEE, Samuel 1889-May-13
KITSINGER, Mamie BLOUNT, W J 1899-Dec-25
KIZORT, Francis HOLDER, Henry 1886-Mar-05
KNIGHT, Anna FINLEY, Henry 1900-Feb-15
KNIGHT, H B Miss EDWARDS, Mack 1890-Jan-05
KNIGHT, M A Miss EDWARDS, M C 1883-Oct-22
KNIGHT, Martha SARTOR, Henry 1897-Jan-07
KNIGHT, Mattie PERKINS, C D 1896-Jan-03
KNIGHT, Mollie TAYLOR, W M 1896-Mar-14
KNIGHT, Susie RIDINGS, J P 1890-Jan-14
KNOWLAND, Lucy DOBBS, Wm 1873-Jun-18
KNOWLAND, Mary SYKES, Dennis 1874-Dec-28
KNOWLEN, Lear TATUM, Richmond 1868-Oct-16
KNOWLES, Alice DANCE, Nathan 1888-Jun-28
KNOWLES, Anna WATKINS, W W 1873-May-06
KNOWLES, Annie PACK, Sam 1886-Dec-28
KNOWLES, Caroline D SHELL, W M 1858-Jan-13
KNOWLES, Ella FITZGERALD, Sandy 1883-Dec-20
KNOWLES, Martha J MCKAY, W D 1866-Oct-03
KNOX, Frances DICKSON, Joe 1895-May-23
KOLB, Bell THOMAS, W J 1890-Apr-05
KOLB, E E Miss WILLIAMS, J G 1896-Nov-04
KOLB, Francis BANKHEAD, James J 1881-Jan-04
KOLB, Lizzie HOGAN, Dave 1900-Feb-28
KOLB, Margarett GATES, Charley 1892-Mar-23
KRAFT, J M Mrs DOWDIE, J M 1856-Aug-25
KYLE, D S Miss PAGE, Miles 1881-Sep-13
KYLE, Eliza MURPHY, Elijah 1852-Jan-11
KYLE, F E Miss HOWELL, Edgar 1884-Jan-28
KYLE, Hattie MAY, Andy 1886-Dec-24
KYLE, Kate WATKINS, Isaac M 1877-Sep-17
KYLE, Laurah HUBBARD, Walter 1892-Dec-03
KYLE, Lizzie PRIEST, Green 1890-Jun-16
KYLE, Lizzie WAMBLE, James 1898-Dec-28
KYLE, Lou LILE, D C 1892-Dec-30
KYLE, Martha JURNEY, David 1860-Dec-19
KYLE, Mary WALTON, Walter 1894-Dec-24
KYLE, Mary E WEBB, C P 1881-Oct-12
KYLE, Mattie LEEMAN, R G B 1891-Jun-17
KYLE, Millie MACK, Wm 1897-Dec-20
KYLE, Nancy ROBINSON, G W 1867-Jul-19
KYLE, Nancy WHITFIELD, Drury 1883-Jul-28
KYLE, Sarah OZIER, H S 1868-May-16
KYLE, Sarah E PRIEST, W H 1868-Nov-07



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