Marshall County Grooms

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YANCEY, Phillip POWELL, Margaret 1847-Aug-14
YANCEY, Tempe ROBERTS, John 1878-Dec-11
YANCY, Henry BROOKS, Jane 1869-Dec-24
YANCY, William WILSON, Cora 1890-Jan-07
YANCY, Wm BUTLER, Laura 1868-Nov-10
YARBOROUGH, Gilbert RODGERS, Emma 1874-Dec-17
YARBOROUGH, Henderson MATTHEWS, Lethia 1880-Mar-06
YARBROUGH, Alfred RICHMOND, Eliza 1886-Dec-30
YARBROUGH, Alphine GALOUGH, Mary 1867-Dec-21
YARBROUGH, Andrew MCGUIRK, Sallie 1885-Jan-20
YARBROUGH, Clark ECHOLS, Ann 1872-Jan-10
YARBROUGH, Columbus HASTINGS, Julia 1878-Sep-18
YARBROUGH, George JONES, Ellen 1866-Oct-30
YARBROUGH, George MCKINNEY, Belle 1885-Oct-10
YARBROUGH, Gilbert HAILEY, Jennette 1881-Jan-05
YARBROUGH, Green WRIGHT, Lucy 1888-Nov-24
YARBROUGH, Henry PHILLIPS, James 1845-Oct-27
YARBROUGH, Houston MALONE, Laura 1877-Dec-26
YARBROUGH, Houston WOOTEN, Barbary 1865-Dec-25
YARBROUGH, Isaac PAINE, Mariah 1867-Feb-23
YARBROUGH, J H ROE, Annie 1877-Jan-20
YARBROUGH, John DODSON, Eliza 1896-Dec-28
YARBROUGH, John MCKINNEY, Sallie 1869-Jun-17
YARBROUGH, John MIMS, Mary 1877-Aug-24
YARBROUGH, Richmond JONES, Eliza 1865-Jul-25
YARBROUGH, Wash WATSON, Rosa 1883-Jan-06
YARBROUGH, Washington WOODS, Alabama 1869-May-28
YARBROUGH, Zack COX, Betsy 1872-Mar-01
YATES, Daniel WILLIAMS, Amanda 1866-Dec-28
YEARY, Wm MOBLY, Mollie 1879-Jan-27
YEATS, Samuel SHINAULT, Eliza 1850-Jan-29
YIELDING, Simeon FARROW, Jinnie 1876-Dec-20
YOCOM, John HOWARD, Mary 1860-Jan-20
YON, Thomas JOHNSON, Nannie 1885-Dec-26
YON, W L RHODES, Mary 1872-Oct-07
YORK, James JOHNSTON, Frances 1872-Jan-08
YORK, Moses BENSON, Martha 1875-May-01
YOUNG, Abraham ALEXANDER, Alena 1896-Dec-26
YOUNG, Abraham PEARSON, Sarah 1867-Oct-24
YOUNG, Abram JOHNSON, Eliza 1874-Mar-02
YOUNG, Addison THRASH, Liza 1868-Dec-24
YOUNG, Barney CAMPBELL, Virginia 1866-Sep-17
YOUNG, Benjamin DALTON, Martha 1845-Sep-20
YOUNG, Benny CAMPBELL, Virginia 1866-Sep-19
YOUNG, Cornelius POWER, Sarah 1849-Dec-06
YOUNG, Daniel HUNTER, Martha 1899-Jan-31
YOUNG, Daniel MCGEHEE, Louisa 1874-Feb-10
YOUNG, E A MASSON, Annie 1892-Dec-07
YOUNG, E C BEARD, E H Miss 1897-Apr-06
YOUNG, Filmore NESBITT, Hulda 1872-Sep-09
YOUNG, Frank RODGERS, Phelia 1891-Apr-13
YOUNG, George GRIFFIN, Katie 1899-Jul-18
YOUNG, Henry BROOKS, Ruth 1867-Sep-17
YOUNG, Henry BRUNSON, Caroline 1886-Jan-21
YOUNG, Henry HARRELL, Edna 1881-Oct-17
YOUNG, Henry INGRAHAM, Sarah 1870-Jul-28
YOUNG, Isaac ECHOLS, Mollie 1877-Dec-19
YOUNG, Isham MARSH, Elizabeth 1849-Dec-25
YOUNG, Jack HALL, Amanda 1879-Dec-31
YOUNG, Jack JACKSON, Harriet 1896-Jan-09
YOUNG, James ALDERSON, Eliza 1885-Dec-21
YOUNG, James BARBER, Susan 1874-Sep-12
YOUNG, James MCCORY, Hannah 1870-Aug-23
YOUNG, James NUNNALLY, Elizabeth 1879-Jan-01
YOUNG, James POTTS, Jesse Miss 1891-Mar-06
YOUNG, Joe DANIELS, Tilla 1871-Apr-05
YOUNG, Joe TYSON, Anna 1881-Nov-17
YOUNG, John BERRYHILL, Ada 1898-Dec-27
YOUNG, Martin SMITH, Lillie 1893-Nov-15
YOUNG, Mitchell JAMISON, Harriet 1878-Nov-16
YOUNG, Paul DUKE, Mary 1869-Dec-18
YOUNG, Pearson NESBETT, Betsy 1874-Jan-05
YOUNG, Phil NESBITT, Caroline 1885-Jul-25
YOUNG, Press INGRAM, Nora 1880-Apr-29
YOUNG, Prince RODGERS, Lucy 1868-Dec-30
YOUNG, Robert ODELL, Lizzie 1890-Oct-18
YOUNG, Seth MCCUTCHEN, Annie 1893-Sep-01
YOUNG, Stephen MCCONNICO, Eliza 1868-Sep-30
YOUNG, T G ISOM, Minnie 1898-Feb-23
YOUNG, Thomas KENNEDY, Caroline 1844-Dec-23
YOUNG, W J BOGGAN, Clara 1897-Jan-13
YOUNG, Wm BOYD, Mary 1900-Mar-21
YOUNG, Wm DENSON, Bettie 1861-Sep-26
YOUNG, Wm HOLT, Lucy 1896-Nov-11
YOUNG, Wm PHILLIPS, Anna 1866-Jan-15
YOUNG, Wm RUSHION, Milly 1865-Jan-30
YOUNG, Wm TUNSTALL, Catherine 1900-Jul-23
YOUNGMAN, John NEAL, Lucinda 1866-Jul-25
YOUNT, G W MCKEEVAN, Lucy 1868-Nov-07
YOWELL, Louis FALCONER, Eveline 1883-Jan-15
YOWELL, Louis SEAL, Becca 1874-Apr-09
YOWELL, Wm MAYER, Mary 1856-Nov-01
ZATE, Zedekiah TATE, Zada 1845-Feb-25
ZINN, Ed THOMPSON, Martha 1900-Jan-09
ZINN, Frank BAGSBY, Will Anna 1900-Dec-26



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