Marshall County Grooms

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UIHILLIARD, John MCKEE, Malinda 1855-Feb-01
ULLEY, Britton MASON, Eliza 1844-Feb-15
UNDERWOOD, Felix DOUGLASS, Mary 1872-Jul-25
UNDERWOOD, Henry JOHNSON, Luretta 1872-Jul-25
UPSHAW, Edward BRADFORD, Mary 1848-May-27
USHER, Thomas HUDSON, Jennie 1872-Mar-26
UTLEY, Britton NICHOLS, Katharine 1836-May-25
UUSTUART, Mack RANKIN, Harriet 1898-Feb-08
VADEN, Lodwick DOWELL, Nancy 1839-Sep-28
VADEN, Wm SHIELDS, Virginia 1859-Mar-18
VALENTINE, Alexander WATKINS, Elizabeth 1848-Dec-20
VALENTINE, C C GRAVES, Bettie 1885-Apr-25
VALENTINE, Grant GATEWOOD, Elmira 1890-Jan-23
VALENTINE, James HURDLE, Ann 1871-Jan-24
VANBUREN, Martin ALEXANDER, Patsy 1870-Mar-19
VANBUREN, Martin TURNETT, Mary 1868-Aug-14
VANBUREN, Wm ALLEN, Charlotte 1898-Mar-12
VANCE, James GILLESPIE, Sarah 1872-Mar-23
VANDERBURG, H L MOORE, Minnie 1889-Mar-23
VANDERBURG, James CHAMBERS, Fannie 1885-Dec-19
VANDERFORD, Henry MCLEOD, Mary 1865-Sep-09
VANDERFORD, Thomas FARROW, Elizabeth 1868-Dec-31
VANDERLICK, Max ALLEN, Sallie 1879-Oct-28
VANDIGRIFF, Caleb HURT, Francis 1849-Aug-26
VARNER, Henry HARRISON, Martha 1870-Feb-28
VARNER, Joseph BURNS, Nancy 1866-Feb-24
VARNER, Tom ROBINSON, Joanna 1900-Jul-19
VASSER, Abraham GRANT, Queen 1869-Jun-27
VAUGHAN, Alfred HARDAWAY, Martha 1856-Oct-30
VAUGHAN, C P PORTERFIELD, Blanche 1895-Dec-14
VAUGHAN, Isaiah ROPER, Julia 1856-Nov-03
VAUGHAN, Joseph SHUMAKE, Emaline 1847-Apr-08
VAUGHAN, Lewis REDING, Jane 1866-Aug-19
VAUGHAN, Walton BRADY, Sarah 1846-May-02
VAUGHN, J H TERICH, Sallie 1879-Oct-27
VEAL, William ALEXANDER, Sarah 1874-Sep-16
VENAMON, Lewis HUGHES, Amanda 1873-Sep-03
VENERMAN, Lewis TUCKER, Ann 1885-Dec-17
VERNER, Joseph COBB, Eliza 1874-Dec-24
VERNON, Obadiah ALEXANDER, Mary 1851-Jan-19
VERNON, Thomas GRAY, Annie 1877-Oct-25
VERNOR, Z E KIRK, Amanda 1888-Dec-19
VICERY, J B TERRY, Georgie 1871-Jan-03
VICK, Aaron WOODS, Milly 1872-Dec-16
VICK, Allen HART, Alice 1878-Nov-07
VICK, Arrington HAWKS, Lucy 1849-Oct-02
VICK, Augustus GILBERT, Sarah 1853-Mar-09
VICK, H A HARDY, Coila 1894-Dec-26
VICK, H R TILMAN, Elizabeth 1880-Jan-07
VICK, J F HOOKS, Evie 1893-Nov-30
VICK, J H MOFFATT, Ida 1895-Oct-19
VICK, James TAYLOR, Tempe 1877-Nov-09
VICK, John MCANLEY, Elizabeth 1850-Jan-28
VICK, John WILLIAMS, May 1890-Nov-04
VICK, Lowry MALONE, Lutie 1894-Dec-17
VICK, Peter MCANLEY, Elizabeth 1859-Dec-21
VICK, Pinkney CUNNINGHAM, Annie 1884-Dec-17
VICK, Ransom SHOFNER, Susan 1860-Jan-10
VICK, Ransom WHITAKER, Sarah 1856-Feb-08
VICK, Simpson GUY, Molly 1870-Jun-18
VICK, Wm MILLERONS, Minnie 1900-Dec-17
VICKENS, Wylie WEST, Alice 1867-Jan-01
VINABLE, Richard CRAFT, Caroline 1858-Apr-06
VINCENT, Joe MOORE, Martha 1890-Apr-23
VINES, Wm DEES, Rebecca 1879-Sep-08
VINSON, Leonidas BRUMLEY, Arbel 1861-Aug-23
VIZER, Friley JONES, Laura 1890-Sep-06
VOLENTINE, George CARL, Lou 1883-Dec-05



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