Marshall County Grooms


OATES, William WEST, Nancy 1843-Nov-23
OBLINGER, Jonathan BARRETT, Frances 1851-Jan-03
OBRIEN, Charlie CAPEL, Lucy 1893-Sep-22
OBRIEN, Daniel MALONEY, Mary 1862-Mar-02
ODAVID, Benjamin HARDING, Elizabeth 1851-Sep-26
ODEL, Denton BLOODWORTH, Fannie 1865-Oct-05
ODELL, Wm JEFFRIES, Grace 1895-Jun-26
ODOM, Jese PARKERFIELD, Jane 1848-Jan-12
ODONNELL, Dominick ORNSBY, Mary 1876-Jan-01
ODUM, Andy LIVELY, M C Mrs 1891-Jan-08
ODUM, John JARRETT, Nancy 1878-Dec-16
ODUM, R B BENTON, Mary 1870-Dec-29
ODUM, Robert RUSSELL, Nora 1886-Aug-07
OGDEN, Edward KELLER, Louisa 1875-Oct-07
OGDEN, G W JOHNSON, Amanda 1869-Jul-15
OGILVIE, Henry FONDEN, Mollie 1873-Dec-12
OGILVIE, Henry HOUSTON, Charlotte 1896-Mar-24
OGLEBEY, Thomas GANT, Tenie 1868-Nov-26
OGLESBY, Berry PORTER, Rosanna 1899-Dec-25
OGLESBY, Dan JONES, Carey 1876-Feb-23
OGLESBY, George DOUGLASS, J E Miss 1871-Mar-15
OGLESBY, George DURHAM, U M Miss 1882-Dec-19
OGLESBY, George HARRIS, Retta 1898-Feb-22
OGLESBY, Henry BYNUM, Mollie 1883-Mar-17
OGLESBY, Jack GREENFIELD, Irene 1879-Nov-13
OGLESBY, Jeff WINBUSH, Hannah 1891-Feb-17
OGLESBY, John MYERS, Delsey 1869-Jan-23
OGLESBY, John MYERS, Dicey 1869-Jan-23
OGLESBY, John PHILLIPS, Martha 1875-Feb-03
OGLESBY, Sam MONTGOMERY, Sallie 1890-Aug-02
OGLESBY, Samuel CAIN, Nancy 1889-Dec-18
OGLESBY, Thomas BRADFORD, Milly 1869-Dec-16
OGRADY, Patrick HARRINGTON, Catheine 1872-Apr-06
OKERR, James BLACKWELL, Elizabeth 1836-May-25
OLD, Chares SORRELS, Mary 1846-Sep-10
OLDFIELD, Andrew JOB, Catharine 1858-Dec-18
OLDFIELD, J M BENTON, Anna 1879-Dec-04
OLIPHANT, J M BANKHEAD, Lula 1890-Jun-10
OLIPHANT, James BELL, Martha 1856-Jan-01
OLIVE, C G GILBERT, Mary 1885-Nov-21
OLIVE, Henry BOURNER, Jennie 1872-Dec-30
OLIVE, Henry YOUNG, Alice 1899-Sep-16
OLIVE, Neal YOUNG, Lethia 1880-Feb-24
OLIVE, Sidney WILSON, Harriet 1885-Apr-30
OLIVE, Wm GILBERT, Lucy 1860-May-07
OLIVER, Alexander GHOLSON, Katherine 1896-Jan-08
OLIVER, Alfred PERKINS, Ida 1877-Jan-02
OLIVER, Barton COLEMAN, Mary 1869-Feb-17
OLIVER, David BARRELL, Susan 1866-Feb-27
OLIVER, Felix ALDRICH, Leah 1897-Aug-07
OLIVER, Flavus LAURENCE, Mary 1893-Jun-01
OLIVER, George CLARK, Dora 1876-Sep-23
OLIVER, George NEWELL, Lucinda 1869-Aug-28
OLIVER, Georgia MAYES, James 1888-Dec-14
OLIVER, James HARDEN, Mollie 1871-May-27
OLIVER, Joe STEPHENSON, Leathy 1871-Mar-15
OLIVER, Joseph PERKINS, Henrietta 1892-Jan-14
OLIVER, Milton FENNELL, Lula 1900-Feb-10
OLIVER, Richard DAVIDSON, Johnson 1870-May-25
OLIVER, Richard GARTH, Mary 1890-Mar-24
OLIVER, Richard HEARN, Silvey 1870-May-25
OLLIE, W M RILEY, Asheaner 1895-Apr-24
OLSON, Frank CHAMBERS, Maud 1897-Nov-27
ONEAL, Abram BANKS, Jane 1876-Nov-02
ONEAL, Bill STRING, Josephine 1867-Mar-11
ONEAL, James HILL, Sallie 1874-Nov-14
ONEAL, William BRADY, Sophia 1853-Mar-21
ONEIL, Lewis LOGAN, Lucinda 1869-Feb-22
ONEIL, Michael WALLACE, Lucie 1868-Dec-15
ONEIL, Thomas BOWERS, Julia 1899-Mar-25
ONEILL, Samuel JERNIGAN, Biddy 1841-Jan-04
ONLY, James RAMSEY, Sarah 1873-Sep-17
ORAN, James HARALSON, Mary 1848-May-31
OREILLY, Albert REDDING, Cloe 1846-Dec-11
ORMON, Wm GRAY, Mattie 1888-Sep-04
ORNSBY, Thomas BEARD, Jane 1840-Feb-19
ORR, Fred PARKER, Charlotte 1898-Mar-24
ORR, Issac WHITE, Marinda 1877-Feb-03
OSBORNE, Daniel MOODY, Sarah 1877-Oct-12
OSHAN, Jackson SMITH, Elizabeth 1853-Aug-06
OSWALD, John MCELVER, Margaret 1863-May-02
OSWALD, Thoodnell LUMPKIN, Felecia 1866-Jan-05
OVERMAN, Charles JUSTICE, Mary 1885-Nov-14
OVERSTREET, Jese MCCLOSKEY, Lucinda 1845-Aug-23
OVERSTREET, Wm SNEED, Adaline 1848-Dec-14
OVERTON, Robert WHALEY, Susan 1868-Dec-22
OVERTON, Walter JOHNSON, Alice 1895-Jan-22
OVERTON, William GREER, R Miriam 1884-Feb-21
OWEN, Charles IVY, Rofie 1886-Oct-20
OWEN, Charles JERNIGAN, Caroline 1862-Mar-10
OWEN, Charly ORR, Frances 1868-Apr-11
OWEN, Eddie HOWARD, A M 1889-Mar-25
OWEN, Eddison BEARD, Viola 1884-Aug-26
OWEN, Edward BISHOP, Mary 1868-Jul-05
OWEN, James GORDON, Scila 1875-Jan-12
OWEN, John HATCHELL, Mary 1847-Dec-21
OWEN, Reuben MOFFETT, Lotty 1869-Jul-01
OWEN, T C SMITH, Ida 1882-Dec-18
OWEN, Thomas HATCHELL, Roxannah 1855-Feb-24
OWENS, Andrew KNIGHT, Creasy 1873-Oct-22
OWENS, Benjamin HOBSON, Catharine 1852-Nov-29
OWENS, Cresie GARMAN, Wash 1898-Dec-26
OWENS, David WINTER, Martha 1869-Feb-24
OWENS, Dempsey BRADEN, Martha 1849-Feb-28
OWENS, Dennis BROWN, Queen 1896-Dec-09
OWENS, Dennis WOOTEN, Laura 1872-Jan-01
OWENS, George HARPER, Ellen 1860-Jan-09
OWENS, George MCRAE, Melissa 1873-Nov-10
OWENS, James CHANCE, Annie 1897-May-14
OWENS, James CULVER, Mary 1898-Dec-20
OWENS, James MORTON, Mary 1856-Mar-19
OWENS, James WRIGHT, Jimmie 1895-Jan-10
OWENS, Joe JONES, Mary 1894-Dec-29
OWENS, John KIRBY, Vinie 1895-Jun-28
OWENS, Matthew STILL, Martha 1872-Jul-04
OWENS, Nat DEAN, Mary 1883-Dec-24
OWENS, Quiller WATSON, Jane 1872-Dec-17
OWENS, Reddie WRIGHT, Bettie 1888-Sep-17
OWENS, Richard HARDY, Jesse 1899-Oct-06
OWENS, Riley LINDSEY, Sophronia 1875-Feb-18
OWENS, Taylor GUY, Catharine 1870-Dec-21
OWENS, Tomas BROWN, Lettie 1897-Jan-12
OWENS, W M BRACKWELL, Mary 1882-Feb-02
OWINGS, Cain MOORE, Mary 1898-Dec-24
OWINGS, J R MANES, Kate 1889-Sep-24
OWINGS, John INGRAM, Sallie 1877-Jan-09
OWINGS, Simon STRICKLAND, Mattie 1874-Dec-21
OWINGS, Walter JONES, Mattie 1896-Nov-18
OWINGS, Walter WILEY, Matsy 1900-Oct-13
OZIER, Wm COBAL, Matilda 1851-Sep-02



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