Marshall County Grooms

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YANCEY, Annie JONES, Wm 1889-Aug-28
YANCEY, Josephine CHAPTER, Monroe 1869-Dec-27
YANCEY, Mary ROBERTS, Wm 1854-Aug-09
YANCY, Margaret WALLACE, Wm 1859-Mar-14
YANCY, Susan BRADFORD, Isaac 1877-May-24
YARBROUGH, Amy WINNINGHAM, Alvis 1877-Apr-09
YARBROUGH, Annie MCKINNEY, Early 1892-Jan-18
YARBROUGH, Annie STANBACK, Charles 1892-Dec-08
YARBROUGH, Beatrice COMPTON, Wm 1856-Nov-19
YARBROUGH, Eliza HARPER, Edward 1869-Sep-10
YARBROUGH, Hester WILKENS, Wiley 1869-Jan-07
YARBROUGH, J H Miss BRADLEY, Maggie 1871-Aug-14
YARBROUGH, Janie INGRAM, John 1896-Oct-21
YARBROUGH, Liza MCKINNEY, Manuel 1900-Dec-22
YARBROUGH, Lucy GRAHAM, Wm 1857-Jun-29
YARBROUGH, Lucy MATTHEWS, James 1888-Nov-15
YARBROUGH, Lula DAVIS, John 1884-Dec-16
YARBROUGH, Madora GREER, William 1884-Dec-22
YARBROUGH, Martha ALLEN, Nirum 1876-Sep-23
YARBROUGH, Martha COCHINWAY, Wm 1851-Dec-04
YARBROUGH, Mary WILKINS, Isaac 1871-Aug-05
YARBROUGH, Mattie TEEL, Willie 1890-May-19
YARBROUGH, Mollie SANDERSON, W L 1888-Nov-03
YARN, Nancy CARTER, Nathan 1888-Jul-10
YARNS, Fannie BUTLER, Thomas 1875-Oct-11
YATES, Geraldus BOWERS, John 1883-Dec-10
YATES, Mary BLACKBURN, Wm 1861-May-16
YEAGER, Martha BYRD, Sam 1899-Oct-16
YEARLEY, Hollie TILGHMAN, R C 1887-Nov-02
YEARNS, Mary RICHEY, Elza 1868-Nov-18
YEARRY, Nancy COLLINS, Jonathan 1847-Aug-08
YEARY, Fannie DAVIS, William 1884-Nov-22
YEARY, Mary HANCOCK, Handy 1877-Dec-28
YIELDING, Tabitha LAWS, Silas 1876-Nov-04
YOCOM, Keziah HANKS, George 1858-Aug-04
YOUNG, Alice OLIVE, Henry 1899-Sep-16
YOUNG, Annie WHATELY, N O 1899-Dec-25
YOUNG, Bettie CANON, Gus 1880-Dec-06
YOUNG, Callie PIPKEN, Waller 1889-Jul-20
YOUNG, Caroline POWERS, S D 1870-Dec-31
YOUNG, Catharine WELLS, Wm 1850-Apr-25
YOUNG, Clemie POS, Rice 1866-Nov-10
YOUNG, Eliza ALDERSON, Jeremiah 1873-Jun-17
YOUNG, Eliza BARTON, Wm 1861-Apr-30
YOUNG, Eliza SALSBURY, John 1897-Feb-18
YOUNG, Elizabeth BRINSON, Joseph 1845-Dec-20
YOUNG, Elizabeth PRYOR, Adam 1858-Sep-20
YOUNG, Ella COBY, Joshua 1869-Mar-10
YOUNG, Ella HUMPHREYS, Archie 1895-Dec-28
YOUNG, Fannie RHEW, J B 1883-Aug-31
YOUNG, Fanny HOWEL, Samuel 1857-Jan-26
YOUNG, Harriett JONES, Robert 1886-Sep-04
YOUNG, Ida RICHMOND, James 1887-Feb-21
YOUNG, Jane FOSTER, Thomas 1878-Dec-21
YOUNG, Julia WALKER, Green 1867-Jul-02
YOUNG, Lethia OLIVE, Neal 1880-Feb-24
YOUNG, Lizzie BENTON, Isaac 1894-Mar-03
YOUNG, Lizzie JONES, Martin 1895-Dec-24
YOUNG, Lucy MAPLES, Absalom 1845-Nov-27
YOUNG, Maggie ROSS, Thomas 1897-Oct-12
YOUNG, Martha CARTER, E J 1857-Jul-01
YOUNG, Martha INGRAM, Joseph 1855-Nov-19
YOUNG, Mary BENSON, George 1866-Mar-17
YOUNG, Mary WALL, Hamford 1854-Feb-21
YOUNG, Mary WILSON, James 1865-Dec-30
YOUNG, Mat GLOVER, Chainey 1875-Mar-30
YOUNG, Minnie HARRIS, Henry 1870-Dec-26
YOUNG, Minnie MARTIN, B W 1889-Dec-07
YOUNG, Mosella LANN, Sam 1899-Sep-18
YOUNG, Nellie MYERS, James 1875-Mar-16
YOUNG, Rosa CHILES, William 1873-Dec-26
YOUNG, Rowell MARR, Frank 1871-Jan-09
YOUNG, Sallie BOYCE, Jason 1873-Dec-30
YOUNG, Sallie MORELAND, M J 1896-Mar-09
YOUNG, Sarah HARRIS, Johnson 1872-Sep-02
YOUNG, Sarah SHEPHERD, Wm 1853-Jan-13
YOUNG, Sophia STEPHENS, Clark 1855-Mar-06
YOUNG, Sophronia WITHERS, Henry 1891-Feb-17
YOUNG, Timley BONDS, Phiny 1854-Dec-18
YOUNGBLOOD, Margaret COOPER, John 1850-Feb-11
YOWELL, Alice WHITAKER, George 1876-Dec-18
YOWELL, Callie PRICE, Harry 1878-Feb-12
YOWELL, Lucy SUTTON, James 1859-Feb-22
YOWELL, Mary FORMAN, Robert 1870-Mar-22
YOWELL, Mary WHITAKER, Eli 1874-Feb-10
YOWELL, Mattie TUVATHAN, Albert 1865-Jan-01
YOWELL, Sallie ALLEY, David 1874-Nov-10
ZINN, Bettie GRAY, Berry 1898-Dec-21



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