Marshall County Brides

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UNDERWOOD, Molly DAVIS, Edmund 1875-Dec-01
UPSHAW, Delphia JOHNSON, James 1886-Oct-27
UPSHAW, Jane WASHINGTON, Wm 1866-Nov-22
UPSHAW, Martha WILLIAMS, Louis 1885-Feb-26
UPSHAW, Mary JACKSON, Frank 1867-Dec-31
UPSHAW, Nancy GARRISON, Lewis 1882-Mar-11
UPSHAW, Sophia SMITH, Dan 1867-Apr-17
UTLEY, Eliza FLYNN, Michael 1867-Jul-31
UTLEY, Mary GOODWIN, David 1873-Jul-19
VALENTINE, Emma LANGSTON, Arthur 1893-Jan-17
VALENTINE, Mary STONE, Robert 1873-Dec-29
VALIANT, Martha BRAHAN, John 1854-Jul-24
VANDERBURG, Lizzie SELF, Harry 1894-Dec-12
VANDERBURG, Rosa MOORE, George 1893-Dec-23
VANDERFORD, E C Miss TIPTON, Sherman 1876-Aug-11
VANDERFORD, Martha FARMER, Wm 1860-Jan-20
VAUGHAN, Biddy HARRISON, Wm 1865-Sep-04
VAUGHAN, Edna MORRIS, Samuel 1860-Sep-11
VAUGHAN, Emma COCK, C L 1882-Feb-01
VAUGHAN, Emma MUSE, Daniel 1887-Mar-28
VAUGHAN, Jane JONES, Phil 1887-Feb-18
VAUGHAN, Jane NUNNALLY, Cancy 1887-Feb-10
VAUGHAN, Jane THOMAS, Charles 1884-Dec-12
VAUGHAN, Letha ROPER, James 1858-Mar-01
VAUGHAN, Martha LEONARD, Samuel 1853-Feb-22
VAUGHAN, Rebecca LEONARD, Wm 1852-Nov-05
VAUGHN, Annie RAIFORD, Phillip 1872-Sep-28
VAUGHN, Julia WILLIAMS, Robert 1868-Jan-04
VAUGHN, Lotty BRADY, Edmond 1843-May-13
VERNON, Callie ATKINSON, James 1870-Oct-11
VERNON, Mary FARMER, Wm 1869-Dec-06
VERNON, Sarah LOPER, F M 1883-Jan-18
VERNOR, Blanche BATEMAN, Oscar 1888-Feb-16
VESTAL, C C Miss LEWIS, M J 1870-Feb-11
VICK, A F Miss CUNNINGHAM, R A 1889-Dec-17
VICK, Ella WILLIAMS, Robert 1890-Aug-13
VICK, Emma BROADAWAY, Clem 1899-Mar-28
VICK, Francis TOWNSEND, Wm 1869-Nov-13
VICK, Julia SHOFNER, Andrew 1851-Aug-02
VICK, Lahua RAY, W C 1864-Nov-24
VICK, Mary BROWN, Jese 1861-Aug-14
VICK, Nancy ALBRIGHT, George 1859-Feb-19
VICK, Nannie JONES, R A 1881-Dec-17
VICK, Pattie GAINES, J H 1882-Jan-02
VICK, Sallie THOMPSON, Lee 1892-Mar-21
VICK, Sarah JONES, W H 1876-Sep-16
VICK, Valdora JOHNSON, Montgomery 1890-May-15
VICKERS, Martha RUSHING, Andrew 1869-Feb-22
VINCENT, Sarah WATSON, Elbert 1890-Oct-15
VINES, Mariah STANBACK, George 1892-Mar-30
VIRGINIA, Sophie HIGGENBOTHAM, Leonidas 1867-Jun-26



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