Marshall County Brides


OCONNERS, Anna ME, Michael 1867-Nov-08
ODELL, Henrietta EDDINS, E L 1899-Jun-08
ODELL, Lizzie YOUNG, Robert 1890-Oct-18
ODELL, Tillie TUCKER, Robert 1888-Dec-28
ODOM, Elizabeth KING, William 1880-Mar-17
ODOM, Sarah ROCHESTER, A T 1872-Feb-03
ODONNEL, Maggie STEINBECK, Frederick 1895-Dec-28
ODONNELL, Mary SCHWAB, John 1886-Oct-16
ODUM, Ann WISE, Lawson 1868-Aug-08
ODUM, Bettie SPILLERS, J S 1874-Jan-09
ODUM, E W Miss MOODY, John 1875-Aug-26
ODUM, Mary BRENTLINGER, J E 1872-Oct-16
ODUM, Mary STONE, J B 1869-Dec-27
ODUM, Roxie MOODY, Thomas 1875-Jul-13
OGELINE, Mary BLEDSOE, Wm 1853-Oct-31
OGILVIE, Bettie LIGMAN, Joseph 1881-Feb-01
OGILVIE, C Lee STEWART, Charley 1888-Mar-13
OGLESBY, Alice WILKINS, Governor 1895-Dec-11
OGLESBY, Arrena CULP, Nathan 1875-Jul-20
OGLESBY, M P Miss DUGLASS, John 1868-Dec-28
OGLESBY, Martha DOSS, Joshua 1875-Aug-06
OGLESBY, Mary WOODS, Andrew 1888-Apr-05
OGLESBY, Rachel PEGEUS, Benjamin 1869-Mar-16
OGLESBY, Rosa LAMBERT, Wm 1896-Feb-01
OGRADY, Catherine WALLACE, Patrick 1878-Jul-17
OLIPHANT, Elizabeth WORTHAM, John 1841-Dec-01
OLIPHANT, Jane EAST, Joseph 1844-May-15
OLIPHANT, Mary GIDEON, Daniel 1838-Aug-16
OLIVE, Almera BARNETT, Jeremiah 1864-May-09
OLIVE, Judie BONDS, M C 1891-Jan-24
OLIVE, Judy TAYLOR, Ed 1868-Mar-27
OLIVE, M E Miss BOYD, M E 1882-Oct-17
OLIVE, M E Miss WILSON, R J 1881-Mar-10
OLIVE, Martha SEALS, Harden 1874-Feb-10
OLIVE, Susan SCOTT, William 1875-Jul-15
OLIVE, Virginia ANTHONY, J D 1881-Aug-26
OLIVER, A L Miss TURNER, C A 1893-Dec-21
OLIVER, Eliza WILKINSON, Littleberry 1849-Dec-15
OLIVER, Ellen PETTIE, John 1865-Apr-24
OLIVER, Frances WADE, Robert 1866-Dec-25
OLIVER, Francis SCOTT, Grant 1895-Dec-16
OLIVER, Josephine CRAIG, Reuben 1838-Oct-18
OLIVER, Julia GRAHAM, Mike 1881-Jun-15
OLIVER, Kate HAMPSON, Wm 1865-Oct-23
OLIVER, Louella DEAN, Henry 1898-Mar-01
OLIVER, Louisa JONES, Daniel 1844-Mar-06
OLIVER, Lucinda WOOTEN, Alex 1876-Apr-22
OLIVER, Mahala ROLACK, John 1836-Nov-22
OLIVER, Martha HARPER, Thomas 1847-Dec-02
OLIVER, Minnie CLEMENS, Jonas 1890-Dec-20
OLIVER, Savanna THOMPSON, Robert 1892-Oct-20
OLIVER, Virginia WARREN, James 1854-May-23
OLLIE, Harriet RATCLIFF, Walter 1896-Jan-09
ONEAL, Anna KNIGHT, Roberson 1840-Dec-05
ONEAL, Catharine CRIGHT, Jerry 1876-May-09
ONEAL, Charlotte GARRETT, Rease 1866-Oct-26
ONEAL, Dovie JONES, William 1884-Dec-23
ONEAL, Gracey WALLACE, John 1868-Jan-16
ONEAL, Laura BANKS, Horace 1877-Mar-20
ONEAL, Margaret MAYS, James 1859-Dec-16
ONEAL, Rachel MOORE, Turner 1876-Dec-20
ONEAL, Sophia HERRING, Stephen 1859-Aug-09
ONEIL, Alice ALLEN, Gordon 1866-Sep-11
ORMAN, M P Miss DOYLE, O A B 1888-Mar-06
ORMAN, Malissa HAWKINS, C D 1887-Mar-23
ORMAND, Elizabeth NEIGHBORS, Wm 1857-May-28
ORMAND, Elizabeth PATTERSON, James 1841-Sep-28
ORMAND, Martha FLOW, Joseph 1854-Feb-14
ORMON, Lucy SMITH, James 1887-Nov-11
ORMON, Sarah CRUMP, Charles 1851-Jan-11
ORNESBY, Nancy KEEL, John 1851-Oct-24
ORNESLEY, Henry DALY, Mary 1874-Apr-06
ORNSBY, Mary ODONNELL, Dominick 1876-Jan-01
ORR, Frances OWEN, Charly 1868-Apr-11
OSBORNE, Jane ALEXANDER, George 1869-Dec-27
OSTEEEN, Sarah TUBBLE, William 1864-Dec-14
OSTEEN, Adaline MORGAN, Bery 1856-Dec-20
OSTEEN, Susan JONES, Thomas 1865-Nov-07
OSWALD, Nellie RICHMOND, Edward 1897-Jun-09
OUTLER, Amanda FLETCHER, Stephen 1879-Dec-23
OVERTON, Cedora GILMER, Brantley 1885-Jan-16
OVERTON, Florence TAYLOR, J R 1895-Jun-12
OVERTON, Georgia BROOKS, Andrew 1878-Aug-09
OVERTON, M J Miss CALAHAN, R A 1881-Nov-19
OVERTON, Mary HANCOCK, James 1890-Apr-24
OVERTON, Pearl HANSELL, Augustus 1898-Dec-19
OWEN, Amanda HOWARD, Thomas 1867-Jul-10
OWEN, Margaret MORTON, Allen 1853-Jan-11
OWEN, Mary BALLARD, John 1858-Jan-25
OWEN, Mary HATCHELL, Wm 1857-Apr-09
OWEN, Mary MCLEOD, S D 1877-Aug-02
OWEN, Roxana RAMSEY, David 1867-Jan-26
OWEN, Rufie CURD, Cyrus 1895-Aug-26
OWEN, Sarah GARY, Wm 1842-Mar-05
OWEN, Sarah PERRY, John 1859-Apr-09
OWENS, Anna DOWDY, Henry 1898-Feb-17
OWENS, Isabella MOORE, Thaddeus 1877-Jan-29
OWENS, Joanna STEWART, Paul 1886-Jul-28
OWENS, Louisa DAVIS, Cyrus 1881-Jan-19
OWENS, Lucy ATKINS, John 1887-Jan-11
OWENS, Lucy BING, Sam 1900-May-09
OWENS, Lucy SHACKLEFORD, Edmund 1867-Oct-02
OWENS, Maria NELSON, Squire 1870-Jan-26
OWENS, Martha MURAY, Edward 1841-May-30
OWENS, Mary WRIGHT, Samuel 1878-Jun-06
OWENS, Mollie GORDON, Lee 1880-Feb-14
OWENS, Nancy ATKINS, John 1893-May-16
OWENS, Nancy BOWLES, Lewis 1873-Feb-24
OWENS, Nora GREEN, Joseph 1891-Dec-29
OWENS, Sarah BENTON, William 1879-Dec-31
OWENS, Sarah BRACKWEL, James 1879-May-13
OWENS, Sarah WRIGHT, James 1872-Jan-30
OWENS, Sophia CLOUD, Henry 1866-May-14
OWENS, Susan WRIGHT, Samuel 1884-Sep-11
OWENS, Virginia MORTON, Thomas 1859-Jun-04
OWENS, Virginia MOTHERSHED, Wm 1859-Nov-21
OWINGS, Ada STEPHENS, Dennis 1878-Dec-19
OWINGS, Alice ALBRIGHT, Willie 1900-Dec-03
OWINGS, Ellen THOMAS, Fed 1873-Jan-20
OWINGS, Elvira MAYS, Hubbard 1873-Sep-24
OWINGS, Mariah GRIFFIN, Wm 1875-Jun-24
OWINGS, Martha BROADAWAY, Ephraim 1879-Oct-20
OWINGS, Mary INGRAM, William 1872-Dec-14
OWINGS, Scelie HALL, Edward 1875-Jan-14



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