Marshall County Brides


INGLES, Mary MCCANDLISS, William 1880-Mar-11
INGRAHAM, Sarah YOUNG, Henry 1870-Jul-28
INGRAM, Anita PEGUES, George 1887-Feb-22
INGRAM, Ann BAILEY, Leonedas 1873-Jan-08
INGRAM, Anna STANBACK, Sherman 1882-Feb-01
INGRAM, Annie RODGERS, David 1867-May-04
INGRAM, Annie WHITAKER, Gill 1893-Sep-15
INGRAM, Annie WOODS, Louis 1886-Dec-22
INGRAM, Beckie CLARK, Robert 1872-Jun-29
INGRAM, Blanch LYLES, J C 1897-Aug-17
INGRAM, Cally ROBINSON, Allen 1878-Apr-04
INGRAM, Candace RAIFORD, Jeff 1873-Jan-11
INGRAM, Carrie MIMS, Sampson 1886-Mar-09
INGRAM, Carrie RICHMOND, Daniel 1886-Dec-21
INGRAM, Catherine JONES, E H 1883-Jun-16
INGRAM, Clara CHAMBERS, Humphrey 1869-Apr-02
INGRAM, Cornelia HEARN, Walter 1878-Mar-20
INGRAM, Cornelia ISBELL, Manuel 1869-Oct-07
INGRAM, Delia BOGGAN, Luke 1868-May-23
INGRAM, Dilcey WALLACE, Morton 1881-Apr-16
INGRAM, Eliza WOOLDRIDGE, Sam 1874-Dec-22
INGRAM, Elizabeth DAVIS, George 1898-Jan-12
INGRAM, Ella LITTLE, Pomp 1893-Aug-07
INGRAM, Ella MYERS, Martin 1877-Jan-01
INGRAM, Emily BEDFORD, Henry 1878-Nov-05
INGRAM, Gwen CARTER, Jonas 1868-Jul-30
INGRAM, Hagar TUNSTALL, Alexander 1886-Feb-27
INGRAM, Harriet ALEXANDER, Robert 1880-Jul-10
INGRAM, Harriet HORN, John 1872-Jan-19
INGRAM, Harriet INGRAM, Harry 1866-Feb-10
INGRAM, Huldie INGRAM, Jacob 1866-Feb-10
INGRAM, Ida BILES, Wm 1893-Dec-05
INGRAM, Jane INGRAM, Marshall 1879-Oct-29
INGRAM, Jane MITCHELL, Frank 1877-Feb-01
INGRAM, Julia MCBRIER, George 1886-May-14
INGRAM, Katie JONES, Alex 1900-Jan-15
INGRAM, Laura ARTHUR, Cato 1881-Jan-27
INGRAM, Leslia INGRAM, Harry 1866-Feb-17
INGRAM, Lettie JONES, Virgil 1899-Jan-18
INGRAM, Lucie WEBB, John 1888-Feb-21
INGRAM, Lula BAKER, W E 1890-Feb-17
INGRAM, Luthie INGRAM, Samuel 1887-Jan-21
INGRAM, Magnolia SHIELDS, Eddie 1900-Dec-24
INGRAM, Mahala SCRUGGS, Willis 1873-Nov-18
INGRAM, Maria HARRIS, Milton 1888-Jan-02
INGRAM, Martha INGRAM, Perry 1885-May-02
INGRAM, Martha STRICKLAND, Nick 1890-Dec-19
INGRAM, Mary INGRAM, Sam 1869-Sep-11
INGRAM, Mary JOHNSON, Henry 1900-Dec-19
INGRAM, Mary STEPHENS, Thomas 1850-May-17
INGRAM, Mary WALKER, John 1869-Apr-29
INGRAM, Matilda WALKER, Tomas 1878-Mar-06
INGRAM, Mattie TUNSTALL, Walter 1900-Dec-19
INGRAM, Monnie HEARN, Robert 1900-Dec-31
INGRAM, Nora YOUNG, Press 1880-Apr-29
INGRAM, Normie STUTTS, M E 1897-Dec-06
INGRAM, Polly WALL, James 1875-Jan-13
INGRAM, Rose JONES, Rufus 1889-Oct-11
INGRAM, Roxie CATO, Lindsey 1889-Mar-14
INGRAM, S A Miss COX, H S 1890-Feb-08
INGRAM, Sallie MCGOWAN, John 1894-Jan-29
INGRAM, Sallie OWINGS, John 1877-Jan-09
INGRAM, Sarah ANDERSON, John 1857-Aug-14
INGRAM, Sidney JONES, John 1871-Sep-28
INGRAM, Sue BURNS, James 1889-May-15
INGRAM, Tempeline HERRON, Reuben 1895-Dec-07
INGRAM, Tommye MCCRARY, B E 1898-May-17
INGRAM, Wilma MCCRORY, W C 1881-Apr-09
INMAN, Eliza SLEDGE, Amos 1851-Jan-20
IRBEY, Nancy CARROLL, Newill 1841-Jul-21
IRBY, Daisy HARRIS, Craig 1897-Mar-12
IRBY, Elizabeth BONDS, Maybary 1850-Nov-09
IRBY, Kate THOMAS, David 1893-Sep-06
IRBY, Moriah MCKEY, James 1873-Dec-30
IRELAND, Katie JOBE, R S 1885-Feb-21
IRVIN, Josephine PARKER, Wilson 1845-Dec-02
IRVIN, Marietta GRAY, Si 1894-Aug-28
IRVIN, Mary DENTY, John 1846-Jul-13
IRVING, Alice LITTLE, Walter 1894-Nov-28
IRVING, Mary HARRIS, Wm 1856-Dec-08
IRWIN, Louisa ROBERTSON, James 1880-Dec-28
IRWIN, Margaret BEST, Charles 1859-Sep-19
ISAACS, Noami MCGUIRE, Granville 1851-Jun-19
ISABEL, Julia JEFFRIES, Alexander 1880-Mar-27
ISABELL, Mary TURNER, Andrew 1890-Sep-16
ISABELLA, Charity WOOTEN, Alex 1880-Dec-27
ISBELL, Anna WADE, Jack 1898-May-14
ISBELL, Arterie SCOTT, Wm 1876-Dec-08
ISBELL, Bettie BOSWELL, James 1868-Nov-16
ISBELL, Georgia ABBINGTON, Manica 1885-Sep-22
ISBELL, Hattie LESUEUR, William 1890-Dec-29
ISBELL, Ida BAKER, Samuel 1875-Feb-25
ISBELL, Julia GLASCOW, Solomon 1888-Dec-27
ISBELL, Mary MULKEY, W B 1871-Sep-18
ISBELL, Nancy GAYLER, John 1851-Oct-29
ISBELL, Noami TURNAGE, Thomas 1851-Sep-10
ISOM, Alice CONNALLY, Henry 1879-Dec-22
ISOM, Lizzie JEFFRIES, Robert 1886-Feb-19
ISOM, Maggie HAMILTON, Stanford 1895-Jul-13
ISOM, Margaret HUGHES, Joe 1889-Jan-23
ISOM, Mary HENDLEY, Wm 1851-Jun-12
ISOM, Mary RAIFORD, Webb 1897-Apr-10
ISOM, Mary ROOK, Benjamin 1867-Feb-11
ISOM, Minnie YOUNG, T G 1898-Feb-23
ISOM, Sarah CRUMM, Wright 1880-Mar-13
ISOM, Susan SNIPES, James 1874-Aug-01
ISOM, Susannah JACKSON, Allen 1877-Dec-26
IVES, Eliza TURNER, Matthew 1836-May-01
IVY, Artilla REYNOLDS, Ben 1890-Dec-30
IVY, Edna WILKERSON, N F 1890-Feb-17
IVY, Lula ALBRIGHT, Charles 1891-Nov-28
IVY, Maggie BALLARD, James 1895-Mar-02
IVY, Mattie PEGUES, Manuel 1887-   -31
IVY, Narcisa LOVIN, John 1848-Feb-14
IVY, Onie JENKINS, Perry 1898-Feb-03
IVY, Parthenia CROCKETT, James 1897-Dec-23
IVY, Rofie OWEN, Charles 1886-Oct-20
IVY, Susie GALLOWAY, John 1898-Dec-22



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