Marion County Grooms

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YARBOROUGH, Benjamin YARBOROUGH, Margaret 1843-Dec-27
YARBOROUGH, Dorson HALEY, Lizzie 1886-Feb-26
YARBOROUGH, Jabez LEWIS, Susan 1854-Oct-03
YARBOROUGH, Joe CONERLY, Lilvia 1896-Dec-31
YARBOROUGH, Joe LEWIS, Polly Ann 1898-Dec-21
YARBOROUGH, John LOE, Catharine 1841-Feb-25
YARBOROUGH, Westley LEE, Kezeah S 1850-Mar-19
YARBOROUGH, Wm FORNEA, Mary Ann 1844-Jan-26
YATES, W S CONERLY, Jane 1885-Apr-06
YAWN, H C BASS, Ninnie 1888-Dec-26
YAWN, Joseph L HAMILTON, T Eliza 1869-Sep-16
YOUNG, George HEMBA, Laura 1894-Dec-27
YOUNG, Newton B POPE, Sarah E 1860-May-29
YOUNG, Thomas JEFFERSON, Cora 1880-Dec-13
YOUNGB LOOD, Henry HARVEY, Sally 1817-Feb-21
YOUNGBLOOD, Albert BARNES, Ella 1872-Nov-28
YOUNGBLOOD, Dell PEYTON, Mary 1875-Aug-16
YOUNGBLOOD, Frank WEARY, Ella 1897-Nov-28
YOUNGBLOOD, Isham FORTENBERRY, Eliza 1892-Sep-18
YOUNGBLOOD, Isham HYNES, Penny 1873-Oct-08
YOUNGBLOOD, Isham PRIMUS, Jane 1870-Dec-27
YOUNGBLOOD, Isom LOLLIS, Laura 1886-Sep-14
YOUNGBLOOD, Thomas E DAVIS, Aza 1896-Jan-31
YOUNGBLOOD, Wesby LEE, Rody 1872-Dec-01
ZOEME, Thaddeus HAYWARD, Claripa 1871-Sep-26



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