Marion County Grooms


TABOR, J C BRAKFIELD, Amanda 1894-Jan-17
TALLEY, C D WILLIAMS, Emma L 1898-Feb-07
TANNEHILL, J T MOSES, Mary Matilda 1866-Jan-05
TATE, James WARD, Mary 1819-Oct-02
TATUM, Leroy H STOVALL, Elizabeth 1818-Jan-19
TAYLOR, Edward HALL, Nancy June 1868-Nov-01
TAYLOR, Henry J POPE, Frances 1845-Dec-04
TAYLOR, J J COOK, J M 1889-Apr-03
TAYLOR, L M Jr BARNES, Mary L 1890-Jan-18
TAYLOR, W A POPE, Albert 1896-Sep-28
TAYLOR, W C TURNAGE, Pearl 1897-Oct-10
TAYLOR, William THOMAS, Emma 1888-May-17
TEMPLES, Evan SPEARS, Beckey 1899-Aug-30
TEMPLES, Jacob REDDOCK, Elizabeth Mrs 1869-Jun-24
TEMPLES, James COOKE, Elizabeth 1828-Feb-23
TEMPLES, Jones HAWKS, Nancy 1852-Nov-27
TEMPLES, M J WILLIAMSON, Caldonia 1898-Mar-12
TERRALL, Andrew JEMERSON, Sarah 1839-Oct-31
TERRELL, John P GUY, Mary 1897-Mar-24
TERRELL, Monroe JONES, Emma 1897-Sep-02
TERRELL, Plummer B SMITH, Floreda 1894-Feb-14
TERRY, W M GRAHAM, Susie 1899-Apr-08
TERRY, William SCARBOROUGH, Rebecca 1870-Dec-22
TERRY, Wm H GRAHAM, Mattie V 1884-Feb-22
THANIEL, Mat DOUGLAS, Nancy 1885-Nov-24
THIGPEN, Seth Barnes MCKINZEY, Sophia A 1882-Feb-02
THOMAS, Alsi BLACKWELL, Eliza 1898-Oct-04
THOMAS, Benjamin BARLOW, Mary 1885-Feb-19
THOMAS, Charles P HINES, Elizabeth 1842-Jun-28
THOMAS, Daniel BARNES, Elizabeth 1816-Jul-24
THOMAS, Henry PITTMAN, Sarah 1873-Jan-16
THOMAS, J M STOGNER, Martha Ann 1889-Jan-14
THOMAS, James W RAINWATER, Sarah 1867-Sep-29
THOMAS, Pink CARTER, Nora 1892-Jan-21
THOMAS, Robert WHITE, Isabel 1827-Nov-21
THOMAS, Zedo JOHN, Lucy 1875-Jun-07
THOMPSON, Archibald ISLE, Nancy 1814-Jun-12
THOMPSON, Archie YOUNGBLOOD, Lucy 1896-Dec-24
THOMPSON, E D MCLELLAND, Nannie M 1885-Dec-15
THOMPSON, Frank PITTMAN, Washington 1882-Jan-26
THOMPSON, J C POPE, Mabel 1883-Dec-12
THOMPSON, J D BOURN, Rosa A 1886-Dec-15
THOMPSON, J T GOSS, Arminta K 1869-Dec-25
THOMPSON, James GOLAR, Jemima 1897-Oct-26
THOMPSON, Jesse ALEXANDER, Ona 1888-Sep-06
THOMPSON, Joe Jr DAVIS, Missouri 1896-Dec-24
THOMPSON, Joseph BROWN, Margaret 1881-Jan-27
THOMPSON, Joseph IRVIN, Mary 1892-Sep-21
THOMPSON, Julius MINGO, Sarah 1887-Feb-22
THOMPSON, Leon L BASS, Zelpha 1873-Sep-11
THOMPSON, O C TYRONE, Henderson G 1850-Apr-07
THOMPSON, Perry WEARY, Mary 1888-Dec-11
THOMPSON, Richard MAGEE, Jane 1872-Dec-29
THOMPSON, Thom HOLLOWAY, Osie 1893-Nov-02
THOMPSON, W H WHITE, C E 1874-Dec-03
THORNHILL, Elisha CARLISLE, Lizzie 1892-Jan-24
THORNHILL, J L CARNEY, Clara P 1880-Jan-29
THORNHILL, John BLACKBURN, Matilda 1839-Jan-09
THORNHILL, John T PARNELL, M L 1887-Jan-24
THORNHILL, Joseph W HAMMOND, Angeline 1873-Sep-22
THORNHILL, Marion G COOK, Julia 1869-Aug-10
THORNHILL, W L MULFORD, Libra 1896-Mar-05
THORNHILL, William THOMPSON, Mary 1832-Jun-20
THURMAN, J E GRICE, Nora 1895-Oct-28
TIGNER, John P BULLOCK, S Elizabeth 1869-Jun-30
TILLIS, Jonathan YAUN, Martha 1851-Oct-24
TINER, John P LOE, Elizabeth Ann 1841-Feb-25
TIPPITT, George POLK, Nancy 1870-Dec-11
TOLAR, J H STUCKY, Luanna 1897-Jan-03
TOLAR, S V STAMPS, Eran G 1890-Nov-04
TOLAR, W T THORNHILL, Ann 1879-May-04
TOLAR, W W BUCKLEY, Lovella 1898-Sep-15
TOLER, Henry MAGEE, Gatsey 1812-Dec-01
TOLER, Robert MCLELLAN, Nancy 1856-Jan-10
TOLERY, Henry MAGEE, Gatsey 1812-Dec-01
TOMLINSON, William E STARNES, Elizabeth 1816-Oct-08
TONEY, Calvin FORTINBERRY, Laura 1871-Mar-25
TONEY, Charles F CRAFT, Mary June 1887-Dec-26
TONEY, Charles F HERRIN, Ophelia Mrs 1885-Dec-03
TONEY, Charley PETERS, Floyd 1896-Dec-23
TONEY, G W STATUM, Mary E 1896-Aug-30
TONEY, Harry PITTMAN, Emily 1884-Jan-24
TONEY, Henry BAILEY, Emiline 1890-Feb-22
TONEY, Hugh RAIFORD, Sintha 1897-Jan-31
TONEY, Jacob WILEY, Patsy 1887-Dec-21
TONEY, James WILLIAMS, Margaret 1899-Nov-02
TONEY, Jesse ALEXANDER, Emma 1888-Oct-11
TONEY, Reeves LEWIS, Aby 1897-Sep-20
TONEY, S M NELSON, Eliza Mrs 1896-Feb-19
TONEY, Samuel ABRAM, Sarah 1893-Jan-05
TONEY, Silas PRESTON, Lonie 1894-Dec-20
TONEY, Stephen JEFFERSON, Polly 1886-Feb-18
TONEY, W E MINGO, Harriet 1895-Mar-13
TONEY, William LEWIS, Eliza R 1871-Nov-06
TONEY, William W ANDREWS, Lucy 1851-Jan-30
TRIBBLE, Franklin M THIGPEN, Susannah 1828-Dec-09
TULLIS, Elisha YAUN, Martha 1847-Nov-09
TULLOS, Howard MCKENZIE, Nancy 1844-Dec-26
TULLOS, Monroe CRANE, Morrow Johnnie 1886-Oct-28
TULLOS, Richard MAGEE, Bersheba 1816-Feb-19
TULLOS, Temple C STOVALL, Sarah 1847-Mar-04
TURNAGE, A E BARNES, W A 1890-Jun-26
TURNAGE, Amazon HOLMES, S S 1889-Oct-09
TURNAGE, Amazon F GRIMSLEY, W G J 1873-Sep-03
TURNAGE, C D TURNAGE, Mattie 1888-Feb-09
TURNAGE, Eli GAY, Mattie 1899-Dec-28
TURNAGE, Henry C BUCKLEY, Nettie E J 1884-Jan-15
TURNAGE, James M DAVIS, Eliza 1874-Jan-29
TURNAGE, Jepee G BEDWELL, Margarett 1873-Oct-28
TURNAGE, Newton TURNAGE, Mattie 1893-Oct-22
TURNAGE, R H ROWLEY, Welthey 1892-Jan-07
TURNAGE, R S TERRY, Margaret 1892-Mar-10
TURNAGE, Raiford BALL, Eliza S 1881-Feb-23
TURNAGE, Robert PIGOT, Martha Elin 1848-Jan-25
TURNAGE, T M CLARK, Sarah E 1886-Jan-21
TURNAGE, Thomas J R GARRETT, Mary L 1870-Aug-21
TURNAGE, W P THOMAS, Annie 1898-Dec-22
TURNBOUGH, Wm MCLELLAND, Margaret 1845-Mar-03
TURNBULL, Andrew WELCOX, Amanda 1888-May-21
TURNER, George PITTMAN, Mary 1891-Sep-05
TYLER, William G CONERLY, Mary 1837-Sep-29
TYNER, Benjamin SLADE, Elzara 1889-Feb-22
TYNER, H E LOTT, Florence 1899-Dec-17
TYNER, Marion NICHOLAS, Nancy 1852-Jan-29
TYNER, Marion NICHOLS, Nancy 1852-Jan-29
TYNER, Needham FORBES, Julia 1893-Mar-22
TYNES, Charles W CRAIN, Louisa 1880-Dec-22
TYNES, Gustus LOWE, Angeline 1871-Jan-21
TYNES, J M AMACKER, Laura J 1887-Jan-06
TYNES, James E BULLOCK, Mary Jane 1873-Oct-23
TYNES, James L COLLINS, Philonia 1846-Nov-10
TYNES, Pearce ROBERTSON, Sarah D 1844-Jan-25
TYNES, Wm E TURNAGE, Elizabeth 1881-Feb-17
TYRONE, Henderson G THOMPSON, O C 1850-Apr-07
TYRONE, W D WHITEHEAD, Martha 1898-Jan-18



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