Marion County Grooms


RABORN, Wm Sen COURTNEY, Emily A 1886-Mar-11
RABOURN, Calvin WATTS, Lucy 1855-Oct-29
RACKLIN, Thomas W LEWIS, Christian 1855-Sep-20
RAIBORN, James T MARTIN, Rhoda 1886-Dec-30
RAIBORN, John HERRING, Mary Ann 1856-Feb-21
RAIBORN, John MORGAN, Louisa 1872-Nov-02
RAIBORN, John W PACE, Sarah Ann 1881-Nov-10
RAIBORN, Simeon WHITEHEAD, Martha 1893-Aug-10
RAIBOURN, WHITE, Lona 1898-Sep-27
RANBIA, Wm J HARVEY, Leneda 1843-Jan-19
RANDAL, Virgel RUFFIN, Ellender 1831-Feb-01
RANDALL, F F FARMER, Martha Ann 1889-Feb-09
RANDALL, J D WHITE, Arciler 1891-Mar-04
RANDALL, J R BOURN, Ophie 1890-Apr-05
RANDALL, W W MURRAY, Emily E 1887-Jun-23
RANKIN, Cradford TYNES, Harriet L 1836-Nov-24
RANKIN, Floyd BAYLIS, John 1880-Feb-26
RANKIN, G M POPE, Mary 1897-Sep-15
RANKIN, George W FERN, E 1855-Oct-04
RANKIN, Henry RAWLS, Sallie 1880-Jan-26
RANKIN, John W FENN, Mary Jane 1852-Dec-21
RANKIN, M E RAWLS, J B 1879-Nov-12
RANKIN, M O TYNER, Sarah E 1846-Nov-26
RANKIN, S J WARREN, Stella 1889-Mar-09
RANKIN, T J LEWIS, Hettie C 1891-May-03
RANKIN, Thomas Jesse FORD, Sarah Caroline 1857-Nov-26
RANY, John FELDER, Rebecca J 1847-May-20
RATCLIFF, Richard STOVALL, Mary 1830-Jan-08
RATLIFF, A R JOHNSON, Alice 1890-Nov-29
RATLIFF, Albert R ROWLEY, Courtney 1883-Dec-19
RATLIFF, George MAGEE, Amanda 1889-Dec-28
RATLIFF, Isaiah STOVALL, Angeline 1831-Sep-29
RATLIFF, James HAYNES, Emily 1882-Dec-27
RATLIFF, Peter RATLIFF, Mary 1879-Dec-11
RATLIFF, Thomas BALL, Myra 1891-Aug-01
RATLIFF, Virgil CONERLY, Pinkie 1897-Apr-22
RATLIFF, W M HOLMES, Carrie 1896-Jan-14
RATLIFF, William THOMPSON, Abby 1884-Dec-21
RATLIFF, William YOUNGBLOOD, Laura 1882-Dec-31
RAWLES, D L LOTT, Ella 1889-Jan-08
RAWLES, G M PACE, Roby 1888-Feb-11
RAWLS, Allen B F POPE, Catherine 1844-Feb-05
RAWLS, J B RANKIN, M E 1879-Nov-12
RAWLS, J B Jr BAYLIS, Ella A 1887-Nov-21
RAWLS, James SONES, J D Mrs 1898-Jan-13
RAWLS, James M BARNES, Sarah J 1854-Aug-31
RAWLS, Luther SLADE, Sarah E 1881-Jun-08
RAWLS, Luther TATUM, Mary C 1882-May-25
RAWLS, William NICHOLS, Susan 1842-Apr-07
RAWLS, Wyatt LEWIS, Lucy 1880-Jul-08
RAYBURN, F T BROWN, Juda 1891-Jan-31
RAYFORD, Frank HARRISON, Lila 1887-Jul-07
RAYNER, R W COX, Mary M 1891-Feb-12
REED, James NEWSOM, Polly 1816-Nov-27
REED, R T BUCKLEY, M E 1873-Jan-02
REG, Wm H COWART, Hester Ann 1857-Oct-16
REGAN, Henry P POWELL, Susan 1852-Dec-23
REGAN, J R REGAN, Ella 1899-Jan-25
REGAN, J T REGAN, Alice 1894-Sep-22
REGAN, J W LEWIS, Viccie 1896-Dec-17
REGAN, John W POWELL, Martha 1853-Feb-10
REGAN, Ralph FORTENBERRY, Edna 1897-Aug-15
REGAN, Stephen APPLEWHITE, Elizabeth 1818-Jan-03
REGAN, Stephen A ROBERTSON, Lucy 1898-Jun-01
REGAN, W R POUNDS, Ella E 1890-Jan-22
REGAN, W S BRACEY, Emma 1891-Aug-27
REGAN, William P MCSWAIN, Sarah Ann 1858-Jan-07
REGAN, William S LOE, Sarah Ann 1851-Apr-03
REGAN, Willie R WINBORNE, E W 1889-May-23
REGAN, Willis POPE, Martha 1882-Jan-02
REGISTER, F J MILLER, George Ann 1885-Dec-31
REID, James D RABORN, Isabella 1883-Nov-25
RESTER, A GUY, Mattie 1895-Sep-05
RESTER, James W FRY, Annie 1884-May-15
RESTER, Liberty BAINES, Mary 1846-Jun-08
RESTER, Liberty MERRITT, Mary 1898-Jul-12
RESTER, Simon P BRELAND, Jeanette 1894-Jan-04
RESTER, Thomas G MERRITT, Ida 1899-Jul-17
RESTER, W S STRAHAN, Missouri 1888-Feb-01
RESTER, Washington HARLEM, Sarah Ann 1835-Nov-05
RESTERE, John ROBERTSON, Eliza 1829-Jun-01
RICHARD, Early PETERS, Emma 1898-Nov-03
RICHARD, Jacob JOHNSON, Ellen 1870-Sep-04
RICHARDS, Tom VIRGIL, Stella 1897-Nov-16
RICHARDSON, Jno C CAMERON, Mary Elizabeth 1887-Mar-30
RICHARDSON, John SMITH, Elisa 1854-Jun-22
RIDEOUT, Jepee JAMES, Julia 1873-Mar-24
RIDEOUT, Richard H JOHNSON, Lucy 1880-Mar-02
RILEY, J E TOLAR, Carley 1899-Jan-01
RILEY, James H OGLESBEE, Sophronia 1899-Nov-23
RITCHEY, R R LOTT, Sallie 1900-Jan-01
RIYALS, John B STOGNER, Martha R 1857-Mar-20
ROACH, Elias ATWOOD, Malvina 1854-Dec-07
ROACH, Elias MCNEACE, Verna 1856-Oct-05
ROACH, Henry Clinton THOMPSON, Nancy L 1882-Nov-23
ROACH, William CAMERON, Lecy 1831-Jan-13
ROBBINS, Hardy STUCKEY, Mary 1895-Sep-04
ROBBINS, J W STUCKEY, Amanda 1893-Nov-23
ROBBINS, John WILLIAMSON, Narcisse 1880-Dec-26
ROBBINS, Lonie STUCKEY, J M 1898-Jan-13
ROBBINS, Virgil TOLAR, Emma 1899-Mar-15
ROBBINS, W A CASE, Rachel Mrs 1887-Mar-05
ROBBINS, Warren MOSS, Eliza 1891-Mar-26
ROBERTS, Albert GALLOWAY, Rosa 1895-Jan-17
ROBERTS, Isaiah SAUNDERS, E A Mrs 1879-Sep-04
ROBERTS, John ROBBINS, Jane C Mrs 1887-Feb-03
ROBERTS, L C MULLINS, Rhoda A 1879-Apr-09
ROBERTS, Robert FARLAND, Beatrice 1883-Nov-05
ROBERTS, Shepperd JAMES, Charity 1881-Jan-27
ROBERTSON, Albert J PARNELL, Ida 1887-Nov-24
ROBERTSON, Edmond STEPS, Navis 1899-Dec-21
ROBERTSON, John D PERNELL, Mary E 1844-Sep-05
ROBERTSON, T F MCDONALD, Sarah 1890-Nov-27
ROBERTSON, William L REGAN, Mary Ann 1857-Dec-15
ROBIN, Simon RYALS, Sarah 1865-Nov-16
ROBINSON, John D COX, Sarah D 1852-Feb-06
ROBINSON, W D WHITE, Nealie 1888-Apr-24
ROBINSON, W L SMITH, Mary M 1887-May-02
RODSELL, William NICHOLS, Margaret 1844-Aug-02
ROGERS, Archy RIDEOUT, Phillis 1871-Jan-15
ROGERS, James BLACKWELL, Theodosia 1897-Sep-16
ROGERS, John RYALS, Ellen 1895-Dec-23
ROGERS, S L PRICE, M M 1882-Aug-23
ROUSE, B M STRAHAN, Elizabeth 1887-Dec-19
ROUSE, Chalmers H GARRISON, Talulu A 1887-May-19
ROUSE, D S HOWARD, Caroline 1886-Nov-06
ROUSE, George I , 1888-Nov-17
ROUSE, J M POPE, Sallie E 1892-Jan-06
ROUSE, Rufus H MADDEN, Lula 1888-Oct-12
ROWELL, Eli TURNAGE, Gabrielle 1873-Dec-04
ROWLEY, Job Junr BRACEY, Ida 1884-Dec-25
ROWLEY, Welthey TURNAGE, R H 1892-Jan-07
ROWLEY, William FORBES, Nan 1896-Feb-10
RULE, Thomas PIERCE, Christina 1815-Oct-02
RUNNEL, Howel W COLLINS, Cary D 1826-Dec-30
RUSH, C T NEAL, J F 1895-Apr-27
RUSHING, M A GRAHAM, Julia 1896-Oct-11
RUSHING, Samuel ARNOLD, Susan 1884-Jan-27
RUSHING, W L BAYLIS, Lula 1897-Dec-22
RUSSEL, John KNIGHT, Mary 1830-Aug-17
RUTLIN, Asa PENDARIS, Katherine 1814-Nov-09
RYALLS, Elijah MAGEE, Clarissa 1856-Jan-30
RYALLS, F C LUPER, Susie 1880-Jan-01
RYALS, E H GRICE, Ophelia 1898-Sep-29
RYALS, George COOPER, Ovea 1855-May-02
RYALS, Hardy MAGEE, Catharine 1847-May-27
RYALS, Ivin POLK, Eveline 1859-Sep-08
RYALS, J C MCARTHUR, Nancy 1889-Jan-26
RYALS, James S LOTT, Sarah 1868-Mar-08
RYALS, John W SHILLINGS, Charlotte C 1867-Feb-26
RYALS, Uriah John POLK, Sarah Elizabeth 1859-Jan-05
RYALS, W M MULFORD, Mary L 1887-Dec-09
RYALS, William J CLARK, Agnes C 1853-Oct-30
RYAN, Rufus POWELL, Mary 1859-Jan-20



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