Marion County Grooms

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NAPIER, J O MULLER, G N 1892-Nov-05
NEAL, J F RUSH, C T 1895-Apr-27
NELSON, Guss PEYTON, Missouri 1897-Jul-12
NELSON, Isaac Jr LEWIS, Josephine 1886-Jun-12
NELSON, J C WEBB, A G 1882-Feb-13
NELSON, Levy JAMES, L E 1898-Apr-28
NELSON, Mike HART, Minerva 1892-Oct-15
NELSON, Mike PEYTON, Ada 1899-Jan-05
NELSON, Mosie LEWIS, Nancy 1892-Jan-07
NELSON, Owen LEWIS, Nancy 1892-Jan-07
NELSON, William C JOHNSON, Amanda 1866-Oct-21
NEWMAN, Cornelius LEWIS, Susan 1825-Oct-31
NEWMAN, Daniel HARTSFIELD, Elizabeth 1887-Aug-15
NEWMAN, Josiah B SWAN, Evan 1850-Jun-06
NEWMAN, Solomon RYALS, Mary H 1854-Nov-07
NEWMAN, Thomas NORMAN, Susannah 1815-May-11
NEWSOM, C L FORTENBERRY, Addie 1898-Dec-01
NEWSOM, F M CARLILSE, Mary 1872-Oct-23
NEWSOM, Isaac D WILLINGHAM, Lucy 1851-Sep-11
NEWSOM, Jerry GALLOWAY, Julia 1895-Jan-23
NEWSOM, John WILLIAMS, Martha 1890-Jan-06
NEWSOM, Josiah HARPER, Sarah 1826-Jan-24
NEWSOM, Scott CHARLES, Matilda 1889-Dec-28
NEWSOM, William ROSS, Sarah 1828-May-31
NEWSON, Hezzie HAMMOND, Effie 1896-Feb-29
NEWTON, William STARNES, Nancy 1825-Feb-15
NICHOLS, James A PARISH, Sarah Ann 1857-Oct-14
NICHOLSON, James FATHEREE, Rachael 1826-Aug-28
NIXON, Theodore G HILL, Frances L 1832-Oct-15
NOBLES, D F POWELL, Sarah Virginia 1888-Aug-10
NOBLES, J E JOHNSON, Margaret Emily 1879-Sep-18
NOBLES, J R WILKS, Melvina 1897-Dec-09
NOBLES, J S FRY, Jane 1888-May-08
NOBLES, Jack GALLOWAY, Martha 1899-Jul-06
NORMAN, Hiram NEWMAN, Jenny 1815-May-11
NORMAN, James NEWMAN, Nancy 1815-Oct-03
NORWOOD, William TROTTER, Fannie 1888-May-11
OBANION, William BYRD, Celina M 1842-Aug-07
OBRIAN, Kealey CRADDOCK, Amanda 1885-Feb-24
OBRYANT, Ervin A BASS, Nancy 1187-Sep-11
ODOM, Ira ABRAM, Emma 1890-Feb-12
ODOM, J D FRY, Rose Ann 1887-Feb-11
ODUM, William JOHNSON, Jane 1814-May-13
ODUMS, Ira BARNES, Mary 1873-Jan-03
OGLESBY, Charles PEARCE, Hannah 1836-May-19
OGLESBY, James F MCLELLAN, Jane 1849-Dec-05
OQUINN, J W TURNAGE, Florence 1895-Nov-26
OSAN, Reomlus PITTMAN, Clarissa Mrs 1851-Dec-28
OTT, Allen D TULLOS, Malena 1843-Aug-10
OTT, John A MCKENZIE, Sarah C 1841-Dec-16
OWEN, W L MIDDLETON, Belle Mrs 1888-Jul-19
OWENS, Abram ABRAM, Precilla 1891-Oct-13
OWENS, Alex ALLEN, Winnie 1890-Dec-13
OWENS, Elias BACHUS, Fanny 1870-Dec-22
OWENS, Isaac JERRY, Matilda 1898-Feb-02
OWENS, John PLATTO, Emily 1887-Nov-18
OWENS, Moses CATTS, Sarah 1880-Jan-08
OWENS, Solomon S RAWLS, Susan M 1873-Dec-26
OWENS, William MCGOWEN, Ophelia 1891-Sep-19


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