Marion County Grooms

I - J

IRVIN, Abram CHRISTOPHER, Louisa 1899-May-06
IRVIN, Abram JAMES, Amanda 1883-Oct-29
IRVIN, Alexander NELSON, Millie 1880-Dec-25
IRVIN, Charley JAMES, Lizzie 1895-Jan-12
IRVIN, Daniel ALLEN, Evaline 1884-Jun-06
IRVIN, Jordan SMITH, Sophronia 1892-Oct-15
IRVIN, Sam JACKSON, Senia 1890-Dec-25
IRVIN, William CHRISTOPHER, Phillis 1884-Dec-10
IRVIN, Willis CRAWLEY, Affie 1896-Oct-15
IVEY, Isham GILL, Temperance 1825-Oct-14
IVEY, Isham PURVIS, Veney 1831-Oct-05
IZZODO, John LEWIS, Ida 1893-Aug-14
JACKSON, Asa LEWIS, Martha 1895-Dec-12
JACKSON, Charles LEE, Ella 1887-May-17
JACKSON, Charley RICHARD, Fannie 1898-May-30
JACKSON, Elijah COWART, Cordelia 1888-May-11
JACKSON, Hiram ABRAM, Elzara 1886-Feb-14
JACKSON, Jacob STEPHEN, Emma Mrs 1889-Aug-01
JACKSON, Jeff PITTMAN, Julia 1895-Feb-14
JACKSON, John JACKSON, Chlora 1887-Apr-14
JACKSON, Lewis ADAMS, Winney 1828-Mar-29
JACKSON, Lewis EASON, Willa 1845-Oct-01
JACKSON, Nesby CALVIN, Obedience 1884-Apr-22
JACKSON, Reuben PACE, Mima 1890-Apr-15
JACKSON, Thomas JAMES, Minerva 1890-Dec-22
JACKSON, Wiley ROBINSON, Mary 1814-Sep-15
JACOB, Harrison JAMES, Liza 1873-Aug-05
JACOB, Isaac HAMPTON, Celia 1882-Jan-19
JACOB, Iverson BRIDGES, Nannie 1896-Jan-13
JACOB, James PETERS, Laura 1898-Jan-23
JACOB, James PETERS, Louise 1887-Dec-24
JACOB, John JOHNSON, Louisa 1896-Oct-25
JACOB, Leonard PITTMAN, Ellen 1888-Dec-22
JACOB, M E JONES, James 1893-Dec-25
JACOB, Mack MAGEE, Eliza 1874-Jun-24
JAMES, Alex DANIE, Jemie 1887-Dec-05
JAMES, Alex MCFARLIN, Julie 1895-Jul-11
JAMES, Charley FARLAND, Lula 1891-Feb-20
JAMES, Columbus RANSFER, Mary 1889-Feb-02
JAMES, Dave RICHARD, Sarah 1898-Oct-22
JAMES, George HAMPTON, Ella 1893-Sep-09
JAMES, George HARGES, Rachel 1887-Apr-27
JAMES, George I JEFFERSON, Margaret 1886-Dec-23
JAMES, Harrison MILEY, Margaret 1882-Jan-04
JAMES, J B STEPNEY, Sophronia 1886-Dec-09
JAMES, Jake JOHNSON, Sarah 1897-Dec-24
JAMES, James J JEFFERSON, Lula 1896-Jan-28
JAMES, John SCIP, Maggie 1895-Nov-04
JAMES, Joseph ABRAM, Manny 1870-Aug-12
JAMES, Joseph LEWIS, Amanda 1884-Mar-22
JAMES, L E NELSON, Levy 1898-Apr-28
JAMES, Needham HAMMOND, Mary 1893-Feb-08
JAMES, Nero EDWARD, Fanny 1870-Dec-17
JAMES, Richard JAMES, Myra 1894-Jan-04
JAMES, Robert MAGEE, Dicy 1846-Sep-24
JAMES, W M FARLIN, Martha 1896-Sep-09
JAMES, Walter GUNSLEY, Ella 1896-Oct-16
JARRELL, J C BAUGHMAN, Martha Mrs 1885-May-17
JARRELL, J P SCOTT, Rosa 1894-Apr-16
JEFF, Albert STEWART, Nelly 1871-Jun-24
JEFFERSON, A D ABRAM, Missouri 1892-Apr-26
JEFFERSON, Albert MOSES, Caroline 1896-Mar-26
JEFFERSON, Albert WEARY, Rebecca 1880-Oct-25
JEFFERSON, Alex HART, Missouri 1896-Dec-17
JEFFERSON, Alice JOHN, Albert 1889-Oct-24
JEFFERSON, Alice SIP, Wade 1883-Dec-03
JEFFERSON, Allen JOHNSON, Corah 1890-Apr-19
JEFFERSON, Anderson ALEXANDER, Leona 1885-Mar-01
JEFFERSON, Elijah ALLEN, Ony 1893-Jan-05
JEFFERSON, Ely BULLOCK, Lonie 1896-Oct-03
JEFFERSON, Enoch PETERS, Nancy 1897-Feb-10
JEFFERSON, Harrison ALFORD, Emma 1870-Oct-01
JEFFERSON, Henry PETER, Nancy 1874-Feb-07
JEFFERSON, Henry THOMPSON, Margaret 1896-Nov-24
JEFFERSON, Henry WALLER, Ophelia 1884-Dec-18
JEFFERSON, Hilton RICHARDSON, Emma 1897-Jan-28
JEFFERSON, Isaac JAMES, Margery Ann 1879-Nov-01
JEFFERSON, Isaac JAMES, Winnie 1897-Jul-15
JEFFERSON, James FOSTER, Caroline 1889-May-08
JEFFERSON, James LEWIS, Lucinda 1881-Jan-22
JEFFERSON, James Jr CHRISTOPHER, Mary 1891-Jul-16
JEFFERSON, Jeff MINGO, Vina 1885-Jan-15
JEFFERSON, Jesse HINDS, Alice 1888-Feb-02
JEFFERSON, John CYRUS, Janice 1897-Feb-25
JEFFERSON, John LEWIS, Maggie 1893-Feb-02
JEFFERSON, John PETERS, Sarah 1871-Oct-05
JEFFERSON, John I ODOM, Hattie 1899-Feb-02
JEFFERSON, Jordan JAMES, Amanda 1880-Nov-25
JEFFERSON, Joshua JOHNSON, Ann 1890-Apr-26
JEFFERSON, Leon MINGO, Maggie 1898-Dec-22
JEFFERSON, Levy LEWIS, Ida 1893-Aug-15
JEFFERSON, Lewis ABRAM, Rachael 1888-Mar-06
JEFFERSON, Louis SCIP, Amelia 1880-Jan-16
JEFFERSON, Manuel EXPOSE, Mary 1889-Dec-14
JEFFERSON, March JEFFERSON, Edna 1896-Sep-26
JEFFERSON, Mike ABRAM, Niecy 1895-May-01
JEFFERSON, Morgan RICHARDS, Amelia 1880-Jan-01
JEFFERSON, Ned SMITH, Marion 1886-Dec-23
JEFFERSON, Nelson MINGO, Hannah 1890-Sep-11
JEFFERSON, S R JOHNSON, Guss 1897-May-26
JEFFERSON, Samuel MINGO, Caroline 1897-Feb-04
JEFFERSON, Simon AIKEN, Priscilla 1887-Apr-23
JEFFERSON, Simon ALEXANDER, Lenora 1885-Jan-15
JEFFERSON, Tom PETERS, Lizzie 1897-Feb-18
JEFFERSON, Toney NELSON, Ann 1870-Aug-04
JEFFERSON, Victor JOHNSON, Cornelia 1892-Jan-21
JELKS, E W HAMMOND, Mary W 1867-Nov-21
JELKS, Robert LENOIR, Henrietta J 1839-Sep-10
JENKINS, Bernett J MELVIN, Willis C 1873-Feb-19
JENKINS, Jackson WARD, Celia 1885-Dec-23
JENKINS, W L SLADE, Lizzie 1888-Nov-07
JERRY, Hudson JOHNSON, Jane 1886-Sep-27
JOHN, Albert JEFFERSON, Alice 1889-Oct-24
JOHN, Albert PETERS, Eliza 1884-Feb-17
JOHN, James PETERS, Sophronia 1893-Apr-05
JOHNSON, A J PITTMAN, Missouri 1883-Feb-15
JOHNSON, A J SUMRALL, Emeline 1879-Nov-05
JOHNSON, Alex ONA, Hanah 1888-Feb-23
JOHNSON, Alexander FRANKLIN, Charity 1895-Dec-16
JOHNSON, Ben AIKEN, Tissue 1885-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Benjamin HERRIN, Effie 1897-Sep-22
JOHNSON, Benjamin REED, Ruhima 1869-Sep-09
JOHNSON, Charley WILLIAMS, Mary Ann 1891-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Clinton JEFFERSON, Maggie 1897-Sep-16
JOHNSON, Daniel DAVIS, Martha E 1881-Oct-27
JOHNSON, Dennis WILLIAMS, Katherine 1893-Jan-06
JOHNSON, Ed IRVIN, Mary 1887-Aug-10
JOHNSON, Fleming BOUNDS, Nancy Ann 1880-Jan-06
JOHNSON, George CALVIN, Ellen 1870-Aug-25
JOHNSON, Guss JEFFERSON, S R 1897-May-26
JOHNSON, Henry W RANKING, Harriet E 1852-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Isaac Jr JEFFERSON, Hannah 1881-Nov-03
JOHNSON, J E WATTS, Sophia 1897-Apr-01
JOHNSON, Jake MINGO, Catherine 1894-Dec-23
JOHNSON, James AIKEN, Tish 1898-Feb-02
JOHNSON, James WILLIAMS, Leona 1881-Mar-10
JOHNSON, James WILLIAMS, Martha 1840-Nov-06
JOHNSON, John ROWELL, Ophelia 1895-Dec-11
JOHNSON, John RYALS, Dicey 1815-Nov-18
JOHNSON, Jourdain SMITH, Elmina 1867-Oct-14
JOHNSON, Jourdan GRANTHAM, Sarah 1836-Oct-29
JOHNSON, Jourdan LEWIS, Sarah 1844-Oct-03
JOHNSON, Lafayette MUNGO, Mattie 1892-Feb-04
JOHNSON, Lawson POWELL, Lottie 1898-Jan-13
JOHNSON, Lee BEACH, Laura 1893-Nov-13
JOHNSON, Luke MONDAY, Christina 1897-Nov-27
JOHNSON, Mike JEFFERSON, Maria 1880-Oct-26
JOHNSON, Orlander IRVIN, Arsanie 1897-Nov-16
JOHNSON, Orlando JAMES, Louise 1887-Mar-31
JOHNSON, Orlando TONEY, Amanda 1898-Jan-30
JOHNSON, S B WATTS, Judith 1890-Mar-03
JOHNSON, Samuel TWITTY, Sarah 1839-Jul-04
JOHNSON, Samuel J LOTT, Leona A 1882-Mar-09
JOHNSON, Seaborn MOSES, Fannie 1866-Nov-29
JOHNSON, Wiley FORBES, Mollie 1899-Dec-13
JOHNSON, Willie KING, Pacha 1896-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Willie LEWIS, Mary 1886-Feb-17
JOHNSON, Willis HAMPTON, Zella 1897-Nov-08
JOHNSON, Willis MAY, Vina 1897-Nov-16
JONES, A B HAMMOND, Susan 1873-Dec-14
JONES, Abram J ISKEE, Margaret 1842-Dec-22
JONES, Benjamin ROGERS, Eliza 1844-Sep-18
JONES, C J BURGE, Melissa C 1885-Jul-04
JONES, Calvin M CAMERON, Eliza M 1881-Dec-21
JONES, Calvin M COX, Lucinda E 1887-Feb-15
JONES, Daniel ROBBINS, Molsey 1826-Jul-08
JONES, Fred MOREE, Ruth 1888-Oct-25
JONES, J A LOTT, Rena 1895-Oct-31
JONES, James JACOB, M E 1893-Dec-25
JONES, Jefferson WHIDDON, Susie 1885-Jan-15
JONES, John SIMMS, Betty 1896-Jan-28
JONES, John B MIXON, Susannah 1844-Oct-03
JONES, Joseph E GAY, Mary 1889-Dec-23
JONES, Lorenzo W SLADE, Rebecca P 1851-Jul-31
JONES, Milton COWART, Mary 1855-Nov-15
JONES, Milton OGLESHEE, Mary Ann 1883-Mar-24
JONES, R H JONES, Margaret 1889-Feb-19
JONES, Robert S DRAKE, Eliza 1831-Feb-07
JONES, Simon TULFY, Lucinda 1887-Aug-01
JONES, Thomas STOVALL, Elizabeth 1815-Dec-21
JONES, Washington A FLETCHER, Elizabeth 1841-Jul-22
JONES, William CAMERON, Laura Sophronia 1880-Jan-21
JORDAN, Benjamin MARK, Elizabeth 1889-Apr-16
JORDAN, Benjamin SIMON, Corene 1885-May-02
JORDAN, Edward N JORDAN, Mary F 1884-Sep-18
JORDAN, Eldridge PRESTON, Mary 1892-Dec-22
JORDAN, Harris COOK, Emma 1895-Feb-28
JORDAN, Harris LEWIS, Julia 1897-Apr-01
JORDAN, Harris WALLER, Sally 1888-Mar-02
JORDAN, Ira MORRIS, Lizzie 1892-Jul-23
JORDAN, Ira PETERS, Fanny 1883-Aug-09
JORDAN, Jake RICHARDSON, Mary 1895-Aug-08
JORDAN, John HAMMOND, Dora J 1893-Jan-18
JORDAN, Tom SIMON, Sarah 1888-Jan-25
JOSEPH, Jack TONEY, Margaret 1870-Feb-16
JUDSON, George E COULTER, Lucy 1869-Jul-27
JUSTUS, William J SPEARS, Sarah Ann 1841-Mar-24



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