Marion County Grooms


HALY, John POUNDS, Minerva 1865-Nov-02
HAMMOND, G M GRAHAM, Emma 1896-Nov-08
HAMMOND, Gordon MCDONALD, Mary Ann Tyner 1840-Jan-08
HAMMOND, Green E HOBBS, Martha 1846-Jul-01
HAMMOND, J T Jr BEARD, M V 1895-Jan-09
HAMMOND, Jackson B MCKENZIE, Martha A 1844-Jan-25
HAMMOND, John H FULTON, Ella 1888-Jul-04
HAMMOND, John H REID, Susan J 1853-Nov-16
HAMMOND, Leroy PATTERSON, Jane 1889-Jan-29
HAMMOND, R W SMITH, Holly M 1889-Jan-26
HAMMOND, Robert YOUNGBLOOD, Racheal 1870-Jul-25
HAMMOND, W G SMITH, Lonie 1897-Jan-21
HAMMOND, W H MCDONAL, E A Mrs 1866-Apr-10
HAMPTON, Ellis CYRUS, Frances 1883-Jan-31
HAMPTON, Ezekiel JACKSON, Laura 1897-May-02
HAMPTON, Gabe NELSON, Ellen 1882-Jan-17
HAMPTON, Jack DANIELS, Edith 1871-May-18
HAMPTON, Johnson MARTIN, Leona 1888-Jun-08
HANSON, W H POPE, Susan 1885-Oct-27
HARPER, Miles FORD, Samanthy 1813-Mar-10
HARRELL, Alex HART, Eliza 1889-May-25
HARRELL, C C MOORE, W L 1894-Jun-20
HARRELL, F M LOTT, Mary Elizabeth 1886-Jul-18
HARRELL, T T LANG, Dicy 1890-May-01
HARRIS, Henry ALEXANDER, Mary 1894-Dec-26
HARRIS, Payese G SUMMERALL, Sarah 1827-Feb-28
HARRISON, Henry PETERS, Susan 1893-Dec-09
HARRY, Charles CHARLEY, Elizabeth 1884-Feb-04
HARRY, Isham JACOB, Anna 1870-Aug-12
HARRY, Isham JEFFERSON, Rebecca 1884-Dec-17
HARRY, Lewis GALLOWAY, Nancy L 1889-Dec-13
HARRY, W H GUNSBY, Tennesee 1895-Feb-27
HART, Edmund WEARY, Mary 1886-Jan-28
HART, Green WILLY, Helen 1872-Jan-04
HART, J E CYRUS, Luvenia 1895-Jan-24
HART, Jeff ABRAM, Jane 1886-Feb-25
HART, Russel MOSES, Elizabeth 1881-Feb-16
HART, S H JEFFERSON, Victoria 1893-Mar-23
HART, S J JACKSON, Mollie 1894-Dec-27
HART, Soloman B ALFRED, Delia 1889-Dec-31
HARTFIELD, Asa LEE, Julia Ann 1889-Mar-25
HARTFIELD, Bedo HENDRIX, Mattie 1888-Jan-10
HARTFIELD, John JOHNSON, Ida Viola 1888-Aug-25
HARTFIELD, W A JOHNSON, Margarett 1892-Dec-23
HARTWELL, John BANETTE, Elizabeth 1871-May-25
HARTZOG, Francis H VICHAS, Mary 1828-Feb-30
HARTZOG, J L HERRING, Lucy 1896-Dec-24
HARTZOG, J L SLADE, Ella E 1895-Jan-09
HARVEY, A F MCGOWEN, J W 1897-Feb-17
HARVEY, Charley PEYTON, Vina 1898-Nov-20
HARVEY, John JOHNSON, Betsey Ann 1894-Feb-15
HARVEY, Lucius HARVEY, Pearl 1899-Feb-26
HARVEY, Nehemiah ARD, Sarah 1816-Oct-01
HARVEY, Thomas C STOVALL, Rebecca 1818-Jan-22
HARVILLE, Rutilus BOUNDS, Martha 1856-Oct-28
HASSEL, Samuel SIMPSON, Christin 1818-Feb-05
HATHOM, Nevice C GARDNER, Edy 1840-Nov-17
HATHORN, A F WILKES, Clarissa J 1891-Jan-02
HATHORN, H G LOTT, Lucy 1897-Sep-30
HATHORN, H S THOMPSON, Nannie S 1881-Dec-01
HATHORN, H S WHITE, Mary H 1886-Dec-23
HATHORN, Hugh COLLINS, Susannah P 1846-Dec-22
HATHORN, S B STAMPS, Mollie 1894-Dec-25
HATHORN, S J HOLLOWAY, Billie 1895-Mar-25
HATHORN, William COLLINS, Sarah F 1841-Feb-23
HATTEN, J D BROOM, Calona 1884-Jan-17
HAWKINS, Andrew SPENCER, Mary 1888-Jan-14
HAWKS, Joseph J COOK, Nancy 1848-Jan-13
HAYGOOD, Louis SIMMONS, Delpha 1818-Nov-05
HAYNES, A M WHITE, A S 1887-Dec-19
HAYNES, Ed BURRELL, Emily 1891-Apr-23
HAYNES, F B LENOIR, Julia 1873-Oct-07
HAYNES, Jeff KELLY, Sarah 1881-Aug-27
HAYNES, Poole FRANKLIN, Elva 1894-Jan-17
HAYNES, Samuel SMITH, Martha 1893-Nov-07
HAYS, Andrew CROSS, Ida 1887-Jul-27
HEMME, Fradick PRICE, Martha 1858-Nov-10
HENDRICKS, Bennet C WILKINS, Duery Ana 1848-Aug-05
HENDRICKS, Samuel VIRGIL, Ellen 1884-Jul-26
HENDRIX, Charley BACHUS, Ella 1891-Jan-05
HENING, J J SANDERS, Mary 1891-Nov-23
HENNING, R R YOUNGBLOOD, Ellen E E 1866-Nov-14
HENNINGER, John SEAL, Maria 1828-Jan-17
HENRY, Allen JORDAN, Rebecca 1883-Apr-15
HENRY, Charles WILLIAMS, Emma Mrs 1894-Jan-18
HENRY, Francis B LEWIS, Nancy P 1839-Feb-07
HENRY, George GALLOWAY, Emma 1882-Jan-11
HENRY, Huga GALLOWAY, Pricilla J 1881-Dec-24
HENRY, Hugh ANDREWS, Rebecca 1879-Feb-27
HENRY, John ALFRED, Elsie 1886-Dec-26
HENRY, L C PETERS, Milly 1873-Sep-27
HENRY, Willie GALLOWAY, Polly 1888-Mar-14
HERMAN, A P COURTNEY, Phoebe 1880-Sep-06
HERRIN, A H WATTS, Lucretia 1895-Jan-29
HERRIN, George GAY, Nancy 1899-Oct-13
HERRIN, James H CRAWLEY, Matilda 1883-Mar-29
HERRIN, Jesse PALMER, Syllastein 1889-Feb-07
HERRIN, M A LEE, Wm J 1884-Jan-28
HERRING, Anthony HERRELL, Mary 1829-Nov-08
HERRING, J J HOBGOOD, Mary F 1886-Jan-27
HERRING, James STOGNER, Elizabeth 1890-Feb-01
HERRING, John F YOUNGBLOOD, Sarah Afelia 1872-Nov-20
HERRING, Marcus STOGNER, Candice 1896-Apr-08
HERRING, R R Jr LOTT, Martha 1893-Jul-02
HERRING, Reuben THOMAS, Floreda 1889-Dec-17
HERRING, S B WEATHERFORD, Ziffey 1869-Oct-17
HERRING, Samuel BRANCH, Sophrona 1868-Jan-23
HERRING, Shepherd LOTT, Sarah 1820-Mar-13
HERRING, Sheppard PATTERSON, Mary Ann 1869-Oct-21
HERRING, Sidney LEE, Eliza Jane 1884-Oct-30
HERRINGTON, F M KING, Susanah 1893-Apr-01
HERRINGTON, J H THORNHILL, Holly Frances 1886-Jul-15
HERRINGTON, J R SAUNDERS, Sallie 1881-Feb-25
HIBELY, John D WATTS, Dicy 1890-Mar-03
HIGHTOWER, J Q A COTHEN, Rebecca 1868-Jul-15
HILL, Henry PARKER, Lucy Ann 1887-Apr-27
HILL, J P COOK, Lillian 1899-Sep-24
HILL, Michajah MCKASKA, Elizabeth 1825-Feb-24
HILLDAY, Ayers SIMMONS, Cenith 1817-Apr-17
HINES, Enoch Henry KORNEGAY, Susan Ann 1860-Jan-16
HIRT, George STATHAM, Elizer 1842-May-08
HOBBS, William WILLOUGHBY, Mary 1847-Dec-27
HODA, Aristeel MALLEY, Del Y Z 1887-Mar-04
HOLCOMB, Lur STOKES, Mary Elizabeth 1846-Jan-08
HOLDEN, Thomas P PRINE, Nancy 1866-Sep-06
HOLLEMAN, G W FOXWORTH, Stella I 1888-Mar-03
HOLLEY, Posey LEWIS, Mary H 1882-Sep-02
HOLLINGSWORTH, Robert Lee   SLADE, Francis Almeda 1888-Oct-03
HOLLOWAY, Alexander EXPOSE, Ocean 1890-Nov-22
HOLLOWAY, B W ALLEN, Mollie 1870-Dec-10
HOLLOWAY, Beerwell W THORNHILL, Mary Mrs 1855-Oct-07
HOLLOWAY, Billie HATHORN, S J 1895-Mar-25
HOLLOWAY, Burwell W FORD, Ruthy 1841-Jan-03
HOLLOWAY, James D GUARD, Mary Jane 1846-Dec-10
HOLMES, Benjamin SUMERALL, Nancy 1825-Apr-18
HOLMES, E E STOGNER, Delia 1897-Nov-19
HOLMES, Elisha TURNAGE, Frances 1887-Oct-21
HOLMES, Isaac LEE, Salina 1883-Aug-18
HOLMES, Isaac ROGERS, Mary 1886-Oct-14
HOLMES, J C TURNAGE, Melissa 1888-Jan-13
HOLMES, J J FORTENBERRY, Lissa 1897-Feb-07
HOLMES, James MCCLENDON, 1898-May-13
HOLMES, James TONEY, Margarett 1895-Mar-05
HOLMES, James W HOBGOOD, Emma 1899-Nov-30
HOLMES, Jesse SUMRAL, Nancy 1845-May-08
HOLMES, Josiah WILLOUGHBY, Louise 1859-Sep-07
HOLMES, Liberty SMITH, Delilah (Mrs) 1815-Jul-24
HOLMES, Robert E MILLER, Amanda A 1887-Aug-04
HOLMES, S S TURNAGE, Amazon 1889-Oct-09
HOLMES, S T ROWLEY, Sarah Ann 1891-Dec-17
HOLMES, W D BOEME, N F 1887-Nov-22
HOLMES, Wm J RATLIFF, Rebecca E 1883-Dec-04
HONEA, Z L HATHORN, India 1890-Mar-19
HONNINGER, Henry PEAK, Elizabeth Ann 1836-Jul-16
HOOVER, Christian BARNES, Mary V 1867-Apr-10
HORNSLEY, John W SAUNDERS, Susannah 1841-Jun-06
HORTON, Felix JOHNSON, Artemishey 1886-Jul-27
HOUSLEY, Eli RAIBOURN, Adaline 1898-Oct-29
HOUSTON, Robert JEFFERSON, Anna 1873-Dec-27
HOWARD, A H CHADWICK, Frances 1888-Dec-11
HOWARD, Levy ROWLAND, Alisalee 1830-Sep-06
HUDNALL, Ezekiel T POWELL, Mary Adelia 1860-Mar-14
HUDSON, Allen STANFORD, Delitha 1844-Feb-04
HUDSON, J A HUDSON, Georgia 1892-Apr-21
HUDSON, J J PACE, Margarett 1899-Sep-20
HUDSON, Thomas SORRELS, Elizabeth Mrs 1866-Jul-12
HUFFMAN, Henry SYLVEST, Julia 1891-Mar-31
HUMPHREY, Benjamin MCLAUGHLIN, Mary 1832-Mar-15
HUNT, John W RAWLS, Sarah 1828-May-26
HURKS, Jeff SPENCE, Mary 1894-May-28
HURLONG, David CARMODE, Mary 1814-Apr-14
HUTCHENS, James COLLINS, Lucy B 1855-Mar-25
HUTCHINS, John GOUVENEAUX, Margaret F 1857-Dec-03
HUTSON, A A LANG, Jane 1896-Apr-16
HUTSON, J T LANG, Emaline 1890-Oct-08



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