Marion County Grooms


GALLOWAY, Darley SIMON, Emma 1888-Jan-25
GALLOWAY, Joseph ABRAM, Harriett 1886-Feb-25
GALLOWAY, Lewis G LENOIR, Myra R 1855-Feb-15
GARDINER, Stephen MILES, Sarah 1830-Aug-24
GARDNER, Aaron MCNEASE, Elizabeth 1830-May-17
GARES, James Patrick BATSON, Maria J 1894-Oct-11
GARRAWAY, W A SIMMONS, Sarah J 1887-Mar-22
GARRISON, W L DALE, Grace D 1891-Dec-21
GARY, John BEDWELL, Martha 1872-Feb-01
GATES, A H MORRIS, Eliza 1887-Feb-17
GATES, Willis P CARTER, Lydia J 1872-Dec-03
GAWLY, W H COOPER, Laura 1870-Aug-10
GEORGE, Charles Jun MARK, Lucy 1886-Jan-22
GERRALD, William MCCAIN, Cassandra 1843-Feb-11
GERROLD, Wm. L CARSON, Coley 1817-Dec-27
GERTMAN, Comador CARR, Susan 1851-Aug-31
GIBSON, John DISMUTH, Rebeckah Mrs 1828-Nov-29
GIBSON, Thomas ADAMS, Anny 1832-Apr-07
GIBSON, William SMITH, Elizabeth 1818-Apr-29
GIBSON, William T BOUNDS, Mary 1887-Dec-27
GILBERT, Don Alphonso CAMERON, Sarah Melissa 1887-Jan-13
GILBERT, Henry B DONOVAN, Erette 1889-Sep-12
GILBERT, John BARKSDALE, Morning 1812-Oct-13
GILBERT, Wm B REID, Sarah 1856-Dec-28
GILL, J B ROWLEY, Missouri 1883-Dec-27
GILL, Jackson WILLIAMS, Amanda 1882-Jan-01
GILL, John THOMAS, Mahala 1830-Feb-24
GILL, Marshal ROWLEY, Mary Jane 1892-Jan-13
GILL, William CHAIN, Ellen 1881-Jul-14
GILL, William WILLIAMS, Filona 1886-Dec-09
GINILEE, D R CRANE, Mary Jane 1891-Aug-08
GINN, C C LOTT, J I 1890-Nov-05
GINN, Gholson G LEWIS, Salonia 1872-Feb-01
GINN, H S FORBES, Emily 1894-Feb-28
GINN, Hugh Rial SMITH, Selena Ann 1825-Aug-17
GINN, Q S REGAN, Martha A 1891-Aug-19
GINN, Quitman CONERLY, Mollie Mrs 1896-Nov-24
GIPSON, Wm M RESTER, Mary Jane 1883-Sep-06
GIVENS, M D BUCHANAN, Lizzie 1899-Jan-05
GLOVER, John GRANTHAM, Matilda 1844-Jul-26
GLOVER, Joseph B WHEAT, Amanda W 1883-Nov-17
GOLDMAN, William SUMERALL, Nancy 1814-Oct-22
GORDON, James STROTHER, Mary 1813-Oct-29
GOSS, A ATWOOD, Nancy Mrs 1881-Sep-23
GOSS, Zeno S BOURN, Louisa 1869-Dec-02
GOVERNEAUX, Charles COLLIOS, Margaret 1849-Nov-15
GRAHAM, A G WHIDDEN, Mary 1867-Mar-04
GRAHAM, B F GATES, Elizabeth 1888-Jul-26
GRAHAM, Hugh BROOM, Mary Jane 1855-May-10
GRAHAM, Isaac JOHNSON, Sarah 1881-Feb-24
GRAHAM, Isaac PITTMAN, Betsey 1870-Sep-07
GRAHAM, J C SHIVERS, Ella 1880-Jul-04
GRAHAM, J T TURNAGE, Ella S 1888-Feb-10
GRAHAM, John CARTER, Ann 1874-Apr-21
GRAHAM, John PITTMAN, Susan B 1843-Mar-16
GRAHAM, John H REGAN, Corene 1873-Nov-27
GRAHAM, L A BROOM, Lucy Ann 1889-Jan-15
GRAHAM, Leonidas REGAN, Caroline 1881-Jan-12
GRAHAM, Napoleon B BOONE, Cynthia 1871-Jan-07
GRAHAM, W A BEARD, Margarett A 1872-Nov-25
GRAHAM, W R SMITH, Ludora 1897-Jan-23
GRAHAM, William BURKS, Lucy 1817-Aug-19
GRANBERRY, Norvell R MCLAURIN, Nancy 1827-Jan-03
GRANDBERRY, A R COOPER, Nancy C 1850-Dec-05
GRANTHAM, Albert SLADE, Nancy 1872-Jan-29
GRANTHAM, Benjamin GRANTHAM, Sarah 1826-Jan-03
GRANTHAM, Daniel WHIDDEN, Elizabeth 1853-Jun-27
GRANTHAM, Daniel Jr STUART, Ophelia 1887-Nov-10
GRANTHAM, Daniel Jun SNELGRAVE, Freeman 1885-Apr-24
GRANTHAM, John WHIDDON, Susan Elizabeth 1859-Jul-28
GRAVES, James HOLLIDAY, Sarah 1814-Oct-26
GRAVES, Orange APPLEWHITE, Caroline 1882-Dec-22
GRAVES, R A GILL, Eliza Jane 1893-Jan-26
GRAYSON, Augustus LOTT, Rosa 1880-Dec-09
GRAYSON, J B JONES, Annie 1888-Dec-11
GREELEY, Henry QUINN, Crecy 1896-Apr-15
GREEN, James CARTER, O E Mrs 1885-Feb-22
GREEN, John GAY, Sophronia 1898-Dec-26
GREEN, John LEE, Allice 1827-Feb-13
GREEN, Theophilus ROLLIN, Sarah 1826-   -
GREEN, Thomas JAMES, Elizabeth 1841-Sep-28
GREEN, W J REDDOCK, Mary 1883-Sep-25
GREEN, Wm R BIBB, Ceily Jane 1846-Oct-20
GREENLIEF, Fredrick PITTMAN, Beady 1831-May-20
GREENLIEF, Fredrick PITTMAN, Beady 1831-May-22
GRIFFIN, Calvin C BYRD, Margaret 1856-Jan-17
GRIFFIN, Isaac WILLIAMS, Mary Jane 1889-May-22
GRIFFIN, Robert M SIMMONS, Emma 1885-Nov-25
GRIMSLEY, John GUY, Susan 1844-Aug-01
GRIMSLEY, W G J TURNAGE, Amazon F 1873-Sep-03
GRINELLEE, D R BUCHANAN, Lizzie 1887-Sep-03
GRIST, R L BRAKFIELD, Helen 1888-Nov-28
GUARD, George HINDS, Rebecca 1846-Aug-15
GUICE, Britton COX, Rebecca 1854-Dec-12
GUILE, John BURT, Martha 1837-Dec-28
GUIN, John BROOKS, Dona 1887-Apr-20
GUNSBY, Paul PEYTON, Mary 1894-Sep-15
GUSMAN, Alonzo SMITH, Ada 1898-Oct-10
GUY, Ernest LEE, Orrilla 1898-Mar-15
GUY, Harrison BULLOCK, Angeline 1895-Nov-22
GUY, Henry COOK, Susan 1838-Feb-08
GUY, James MAGEE, Ada 1898-Jan-06
GUY, James SLADE, Louisa 1896-Dec-31



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