Marion County Grooms


CAGE, Leonard MORRIS, Nancy 1891-Jan-26
CAGLE, William STUART, Mary Ann 1886-Dec-29
CAGSWELL, Leir M WALLIS, Sarah 1854-Feb-28
CAIN, Joseph D HARTFIELD, Catherine 1884-Aug-28
CALHOUN, John C SMITH, Lucinda 1866-Mar-22
CALVIN, Alexander POWELL, Francis 1895-Nov-04
CALVIN, Luke TONEY, Mary 1898-Oct-03
CALVIN, Thos ABRAM, Modea 1893-Jul-06
CAMERON, Alex FOSTER, Nancy 1894-Sep-28
CAMERON, Bryant SUMERAL, Mary M 1866-Feb-08
CAMERON, J C RAYBURN, Mary 1879-Jun-23
CAMERON, J R LEE, Melissa Ann 1885-Nov-19
CAMERON, John WATERS, Nancy 1858-Mar-02
CAMERON, William DAVIS, Elizabeth 1880-Mar-25
CAMERON, William HOWARD, Louisa 1888-Oct-09
CAMMON, John WATERS, Nancy 1858-Mar-02
CAMPER, Oscar C TAYLOR, Jennie Mrs 1889-Jul-23
CARLEY, C F WINBORNE, Lillie 1886-Dec-22
CARLEY, William FOUNTAINS, Rosa A 1870-Sep-01
CARLILSE, James OGLESBY, Mary 1873-Dec-17
CARNEY, Benjamin HAMMOND, Ida Virginia 1881-Jan-19
CARR, James M BARNES, Harriet P 1837-Mar-05
CARR, Jas M FORD, Sarah 1846-Apr-25
CARREL, Willie RUTLAN, L A 1895-Sep-18
CARTER, Albert ROBBINS, Rebecca 1884-Jul-13
CARTER, Dan FIGGERS, Amanda 1887-Aug-04
CARTER, Elijah G PATERSON, Margouett 1872-Nov-07
CARTER, G W KING, Mary E 1888-Mar-07
CARTER, Joseph A RANDALL, Lucinda Virginia 1885-Dec-10
CARTER, P F FARMER, Izabel 1895-Feb-24
CARTER, Richard BURKET, Ida 1887-Dec-08
CARTER, S H P GATES, Frances 1895-Dec-09
CARTER, Sandy JOHNSON, Clara 1887-Apr-12
CARTER, W G PAGE, Emaline 1870-Nov-19
CARTER, W M WILLIAMS, Rose Ann 1881-Jan-23
CARTER, William B BERRY, Elizabeth 1850-Aug-04
CARTER, William C WATSON, Appy 1825-Dec-19
CARTER, Wm F BYRD, Mary Ann 1845-Feb-27
CASH, E W BULLOCK, Myra 1892-Dec-04
CASTLES, Elias SEALS, Elizabeth 1817-Feb-03
CAUSEY, Solomon E REGAN, Malissa H 1856-Jan-17
CAVENAUGH, Charles CATHESELL, Sarah 1814-Mar-29
CAYTON, J A SLADE, Laura T 1888-Sep-22
CEULES, Elias CONNERLEY, Sarah 1847-May-02
CHAMBERS, Patrick MORRIS, Mary 1880-Mar-13
CHANES, John Robert ROWLY, Ellen 1869-Jul-01
CHANEY, James JONES, Margaret 1813-Jun-12
CHARLEY, Henry JOHNSON, Annie Q 1896-Apr-04
CHARLIE, J W STEPNEY, Margarett 1896-Feb-13
CHESTNUT, David C MILES, Sarah 1813-Nov-29
CHILDERS, Thomas P PACE, Amy 1886-Oct-19
CHILDERS, W A MCNIECE, Martha 1879-Jan-09
CHILDS, John WEST, Martha 1837-Dec-28
CHRISTOPHER, Thomas Jr WILLIAMS, Louisa 1888-Jan-19
CLARK, Andrew PURVIS, Sarah Ann 1860-Oct-09
CLARK, Elisha LEGGETT, Polly 1841-Jan-07
CLARK, H H LEE, Henry 1829-Feb-02
CLARK, James GRANDBERRY, Rebeca 1844-Apr-25
CLARK, James W NICHOLS, Anna June 1858-Dec-11
CLARK, Samuel A NEWSOM, Mary June 1869-Jan-01
CLARK, T W TURNAGE, Louisa 1895-Jan-13
CLARK, W T JORDAN, Jessie P 1887-Dec-03
CLARK, William THOMPSON, Allis L 1866-Oct-25
CLARK, William J LINZDAY, Elizabeth 1839-Mar-30
CLIFTON, William N BALLARD, Zilpha 1846-Jan-01
CLINTON, David JOHNSON, Susannah 1881-Feb-22
CLOUD, R B RICHEY, Candace 1897-Sep-26
CLOWER, Daniel SONES (JONES), Ruth 1815-Jul-
COLBOUR, John KENT, Nancy 1854-May-10
COLE, John BLACKBURN, Felician 1819-Oct-02
COLEMON, T J LEWIS, Eliza 1886-May-02
COLLINS, Chaurtsey WOODRUFF, Amelia 1842-Apr-21
COLLINS, Christopher B SCARBOROUGH, Emily 1840-Feb-16
COLLINS, E D MORRIS, Elizabeth 1895-Jan-03
COLLINS, Elisha M MCGREW, Eliza Ann 1831-Apr-06
COLLINS, Franklin E MAGEE, Emeline E 1866-Nov-01
COLLINS, Frederick F MCDONALD, Eveline 1830-Aug-04
COLLINS, Joe MCLELLAND, Rebecca 1897-Feb-06
COLLINS, S M LOTT, Julia A 1871-Oct-26
COLLINS, Sebron MARY, Mary 1816-Oct-30
COLLINS, Thomas TONY, Frances 1891-Dec-17
COLWELL, George NORWOOD, Mary 1889-Apr-24
CONALLY, Julias C SUMRALL, Hester 1872-Jan-04
CONALLY, William STARNES, Caroline 1832-Feb-13
CONERLY, Alexander BULLOCK, Jane 1898-May-05
CONERLY, Anthony WEARY, Eliza 1889-Mar-13
CONERLY, C H WEBB, Pearl E 1894-Oct-14
CONERLY, Chester STEWART, Melissa 1882-Dec-26
CONERLY, Cullen LEWIS, Levicy 1829-Nov-17
CONERLY, F G HAMMOND, Sarah C 1873-Feb-02
CONERLY, George GRAHAM, Lucy 1892-Jan-19
CONERLY, Henry T ROBERTSON, Sarah Haseltine 1869-Jan-28
CONERLY, J L HERRINGTON, Louisa E 1893-Oct-05
CONERLY, John M LAMPTON, Lucinda 1852-Jun-14
CONERLY, L O FORBES, Corine 1895-Feb-05
CONERLY, Major O TYNES, Susan A 1842-Dec-15
CONERLY, Newton GIVEN, Gussie 1899-Apr-27
CONERLY, O GUY, Fanny 1891-Dec-20
CONERLY, R A RYAN, Sallie G 1881-May-26
CONERLY, R C REGAN, Mollie 1886-Feb-16
CONERLY, Rufus WILLIAMS, Amanda 1888-Dec-15
CONERLY, Walter BALL, Francis 1897-Jan-23
CONERLY, Wesley SMITH, Sylvia 1885-Dec-30
CONERLY, William CAMERON, Eliza 1835-Dec-23
CONERLY, William REGAN, Abigail 1880-Jan-14
CONERLY, William WILLIS, Gertrude E 1898-Apr-28
CONEY, J T BULLOCK, Mattie C 1892-Mar-30
CONN, George W MULFORD, Martha 1847-Sep-19
CONNELY, Daniel WILLIAMSON, Abby S Mrs 1887-Nov-22
COOK, Abasha ROGERS, Virginia 1866-Sep-18
COOK, Benjamin BURT, Ann 1832-Feb-13
COOK, Burket GRAHAM, Sarah Pauline 1870-Jan-03
COOK, Burket PACE, Mary 1865-Dec-24
COOK, E T ASKEW, Aletha M 1891-Mar-15
COOK, Elijah STRINGER, Margaret 1871-Feb-20
COOK, George L POWELL, Mary H 1879-Oct-30
COOK, Henry GARAWAY, Elmira 1872-Jul-08
COOK, Henry H GAYLER, Elizabeth 1848-Nov-05
COOK, Henry W PRICE, An 1847-Nov-18
COOK, J M TAYLOR, J J 1889-Apr-03
COOK, John HAMMOND, Fanny A 1884-Jan-16
COOK, John STRINGER, Mary 1869-Nov-04
COOK, Thomas MORRIS, Evaline 1847-Apr-11
COOK, William TEMPLE, Sarah 1839-Jan-31
COOPER, Hamilton STEPHENS, Elizabeth 1812-Nov-30
COOPER, J M PARKER, Orazetta 1886-Oct-06
COOPER, John G PARNELL, Mary Eliza 1887-Dec-20
COOPER, L M WILLIAMSON, Mattie 1891-Aug-03
COOPER, S H ROBBINS, Emily Maranda 1884-Aug-07
COOPER, W D SIBLEY, Aby 1897-Nov-24
COPENNY, Barzile PAIRS, Mary 1888-Mar-13
CORNEGAY, J J HUNT, Cordelia 1892-Apr-22
CORNIGA, Luke W HARRELL, Miller 1866-Apr-05
CORTER, J W V PITTMAN, Ella 1889-May-16
COTTON, B J FREEMAN, Aletha 1898-May-25
COULTER, Charles K COLE, Sarah 1817-Sep-01
COURTNEY, A M NORRIS, Mary J P 1880-Dec-30
COURTNEY, Eugene PITTMAN, Nettie 1899-Jan-12
COURTNEY, S C HARTFIELD, Cattie 1886-Feb-24
COURTNEY, Samuel T BAXTER, Nancy 1848-Feb-21
COWARD, Hewitt BURNS, Hannah 1828-Sep-03
COWART, James COOK, Susan 1856-Oct-05
COWART, L C STOVALL, W J 1868-Dec-28
COWART, Walter LEE, Lucy A 1874-Dec-24
COWART, Zachariah MOSES, Rachael 1854-Aug-10
COX, Calvin TWITTY, Elizabeth 1846-Jun-18
COX, Geo C ROBERTSON, Fanny L 1891-Jan-19
COX, George W PACE, Mary M Mrs 1881-Oct-05
COX, Robert M JOHNSTON, Louisia 1830-Aug-26
COX, Wm D ROBINSON, Ann 1839-Jul-09
COX, Wm H YOUNG, Sarah Ann 1839-Jan-17
CRAFORD, Benjamine COOK, Nancy 1851-Jan-05
CRAFT, Frederick SCARBOROUGH, Catherine 1814-Sep-18
CRAFT, James BARNETT, Susanna 1815-Aug-15
CRAFT, Jesse PIGOTT, Judith 1818-May-21
CRAFT, John P STAMPS, E L 1898-Jan-10
CRAIN, W H THOMAS, Mollie 1894-Apr-12
CRAWFORD, Jesse LEE, Hettie 1839-Jun-03
CRAWLEY, Bostie PACE, Nancy E 1871-Mar-14
CREEL, John PACE, D L 1894-Jun-25
CRIMEDY, Nathan STEPNEY, Emma 1889-Dec-19
CRORY, Thomas W FATHEREE, Sarah 1816-Mar-18
CROW, James M SELF, Maria 1896-Oct-28
CRUMEDY, Moses FRANKLIN, Maggie 1894-Mar-01
CRUMEDY, William MEUK, Corinne 1892-Jan-14
CUNNINGHAM, Rufus WHITTOM, Annie 1885-Jan-29
CUPER, William John FLOWERS, Susan 1827-Feb-28
CURRIE, John W POLK, Mary E 1842-Dec-20
CYRUS, Edmond BROWN, Ella 1898-Jul-16
CYRUS, George PETERS, Phenie 1880-Jan-06
CYRUS, Isaac ENOCH, Louisa 1890-Jun-21
CYRUS, Isaac JEFFERSON, Ola 1897-Jan-20
CYRUS, Jordan JEFFERSON, Hattie 1898-Jan-20
CYRUS, Nelson BARNES, Aletha 1888-Nov-21
CYRUS, Shedric MULLENS, Ardella 1896-Apr-07



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