Marion County Grooms


ABRAM, Abram JACOB, Lizzie 1885-Nov-26
ABRAM, Bacchus FARLAND, Lucinda 1884-Aug-14
ABRAM, Felix FRANKLIN, Alice 1890-Jan-15
ABRAM, Gabriel SCIPP, Mary 1893-Mar-01
ABRAM, Harry MAGEE, Eveline 1894-Mar-31
ABRAM, Harry MINGO, Harriet 1879-Jan-16
ABRAM, J L MINGO, Lillie 1896-Feb-13
ABRAM, James GRIMSLEY, Elizabeth 1890-Nov-25
ABRAM, Jerry AIKEN, Sarah 1874-Mar-11
ABRAM, Jerry MINGO, Maggie 1893-Jun-03
ABRAM, Louis PETERS, Mozella 1889-Jan-09
ABRAM, Luther MINGO, Rutham 1896-Mar-06
ABRAM, M J ALLEN, Delia 1891-Dec-10
ABRAM, Monroe NEWSOM, Lonie 1899-Apr-20
ABRAM, Robert HART, Letha 1897-Feb-25
ABRAM, Samuel WILLIAMS, Corinne 1893-Sep-30
ABRAM, Stephen FOSTER, Letha 1885-Aug-27
ABRAM, Thomas WARREN, Mary Jane 1896-Dec-09
ABRAM, William JOHNSON, Ada 1895-Apr-09
ABRAM, William PETERS, Ella 1892-Jan-28
ADAMS, William J RAWLS, Elizabeth 1848-Jan-23
AKEN, Edward WILLIAMS, Aurora 1887-Jan-26
AKIN, John BOND, Ellender 1813-May-17
AKIN, William JAMES, Salinda 1891-Dec-24
ALBRITTON, J H THOMAS, Mary 1896-Jun-24
ALEXANDER, Daniel PETERS, Betsy 1881-Dec-13
ALEXANDER, Frank SMITH, Annice 1881-Nov-17
ALEXANDER, Henry TONEY, Nancy 1893-Dec-20
ALEXANDER, Henry Jr WILLIAMS, Nancy 1899-Mar-06
ALEXANDER, James ABRAM, Sophronia 1888-Feb-23
ALEXANDER, Mike GALLOWAY, Eliza 1897-Feb-25
ALEXANDER, Walter HENDERSON, Lucy 1879-Aug-02
ALEXANDER, Walter JEFFERSON, Roxanna 1897-Feb-10
ALFORD, W E MORRIS, Ella A 1892-Aug-07
ALFRED, Albert VIRGIL, Leah 1885-Feb-19
ALFRED, Frank PETERS, Lizzie 1885-Dec-11
ALFRED, Julius J BRUMFIELD, Lillie E 1897-May-30
ALFRED, Mingo HENRY, Eliza 1882-Dec-30
ALFRED, Thomas JONES, Zylpha 1884-Aug-12
ALLE, Barnabas MAGEE, Elizabeth 1815-Jun-17
ALLEN, Alex GREEN, Martha 1887-Jun-02
ALLEN, Alex PITTMAN, Lola 1895-Dec-20
ALLEN, Charley JAMES, Clarissa 1894-Jun-04
ALLEN, Chestain LEWIS, Mary Jane 1840-Jan-05
ALLEN, Ferdinan JAMES, Evaline 1873-Oct-16
ALLEN, John WILEY, Lizzie 1889-Feb-12
ALLEN, John P JONES, Sarah 1825-Dec-18
ALLEN, Robert GALLOWAY, Mary 1894-Dec-05
ALLEN, Thomas EDMONDSON, Mary S 1855-Jan-23
ALLEN, Thos GARDNER, Elizabeth 1848-Dec-20
ALLGOOD, Wyat SMITH, Polly 1813-Oct-16
ALSWORTH, B N SIMMONS, Nannie E 1882-May-10
ALTMAN, Cullen BURT, Selena 1847-Feb-16
AMACKER, T P BYRD, Emma R 1887-Mar-19
AMACKER, Willis B SMITH, Mary 1885-Jan-25
ANDERSON, D A BROOM, Minerva 1888-Aug-18
ANDERSON, Gains SMITH, Ann 1889-Mar-26
ANDERSON, J I FOSTER, Sophia 1898-Jan-18
ANDERSON, James JUSTICE, Elizabeth 1828-Nov-06
ANDERSON, James H KAIGLE, Emma 1884-Dec-04
ANDERSON, John ROBERTS, Alice Mrs 1879-Feb-22
ANDERSON, William FILLINGAME, Nancy A 1881-Jan-27
ANDERSON, Wm H LANDRUM, Druseller 1856-Sep-06
ANDREW, Anthony HARRY, Helen 1880-Nov-17
ANDREWS, Albert CONERLY, Hettie 1884-Jan-03
ANDREWS, Allen BALL, Louisa 1885-May-23
ANDREWS, James DERMAN, Jemima Mcgraw 1813-Jun-14
ANDREWS, W C GINN, Mattie 1897-Dec-23
ANTHONY, Charles JACOB, Percilla 1873-Aug-22
ANTHONY, J E AIKENS, Martha 1895-Feb-21
APPLEWHITE, A S BASS, Gay 1898-Dec-28
APPLEWHITE, A S WILLIS, Gertrude E 1897-Jul-31
APPLEWHITE, Benjamin L WARREN, Elizabeth R 1867-Nov-07
APPLEWHITE, Eldrige R LEE, Eliza 1836-Feb-14
APPLEWHITE, Elisha LEE, Moley 1829-Nov-30
APPLEWHITE, James REGAN, Mary Ann 1817-Apr-12
APPLEWHITE, John LEE, Obedience 1828-Dec-17
APPLEWHITE, John REGAN, Susan Mrs 1899-Jul-30
APPLEWHITE, Needham GINN, Rhoda 1887-Mar-10
APPLEWHITE, Thomas HOLLOWAY, Josie 1889-Dec-18
APPLEWHITE, Thomas MIXON, Rachiel 1816-Jun-06
APPLEWHITE, W W BARNES, Lula 1892-Nov-30
ARD, A W FORD, Sallie 1890-Jan-14
ARD, Abram CRANE, Cornelia 1890-Jun-25
ARD, James F RANKING, Martha 1851-Dec-04
ARD, Peter SMITH, Frances 1887-Jan-27
ARD, William RATLIFF, Elizabeth 1896-Oct-22
ARMSTRONG, Charley BARNES, Lottie 1894-Dec-27
ARNOLD, A F EASTMAN, Susan B 1888-Mar-21
ASHLEY, John D GRAVES, Susannah 1844-Nov-10
ASHTON, Henry KENDRICK, Sarah 1816-Apr-04
ASKEW, E C MOSS, Richard 1895-Jul-19
ASKEW, L L BILBO, M A 1886-Jan-04
ASKEW, Thomas BARNES, Sarah Ann 1831-Jan-17
ATKINSON, Alfred BLANCHART, Elna H 1851-Mar-04
ATKINSON, M C BACOT, William 1857-Jan-27
ATWOOD, J H PACE, Sallie 1890-Dec-26
ATWOOD, James M JOHNSON, Susan 1857-Nov-27
AULTMAN, A B S BARRETT, Emily A 1885-Aug-22
AULTMAN, Harmon L EASTERLING, Arezell 1883-Nov-08
AUTERY, R L TEMPLES, Francis 1898-Dec-24
AUTREY, John COX, Stella 1896-Jun-14
AUTREY, R L COX, Nancy 1896-Aug-20
AVERY, John P GRICE, Victoria 1885-Sep-08
AVERY, T M BARNES, Sallie 1899-Sep-06
AVERY, T M BASS, Ella 1884-Dec-17



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