Marion County Brides

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YARBOROUGH, Elizabeth SMITH, Samuel W 1847-Dec-27
YARBOROUGH, Margaret YARBOROUGH, Benjamin 1843-Dec-27
YARBOROUGH, Mary MCKEY, Felix P 1852-Sep-18
YARBOROUGH, Rebecca LEWIS, Giles W 1855-Apr-19
YARBOROUGH, Sidwell LOE, Everett 1841-Jul-01
YARBROUGH, Mary Ann SCARBOROUGH, Daniel 1840-Sep-07
YATES, Betty POUNDS, Leon 1897-Dec-23
YATES, Elly WILLIAMS, Sampson 1897-Apr-22
YATES, Martha Jane MCNIECE, James 1897-May-29
YAUN, Martha TILLIS, Jonathan 1851-Oct-24
YAUN, Martha TULLIS, Elisha 1847-Nov-09
YOUNG, Emma FORTENBERRY, Crossley 1899-Jan-12
YOUNG, Sarah Ann COX, Wm H 1839-Jan-17
YOUNGBLOOD, Ellen E E HENNING, R R 1866-Nov-14
YOUNGBLOOD, Gabe MAGEE, Luther 1899-Mar-16
YOUNGBLOOD, Hannah BROMFIELD, Jesse 1830-Nov-03
YOUNGBLOOD, Jane FOSTER, Wade 1882-Oct-20
YOUNGBLOOD, Laura RATLIFF, William 1882-Dec-31
YOUNGBLOOD, Louisa LOE, David 1870-Aug-06
YOUNGBLOOD, Lucy THOMPSON, Archie 1896-Dec-24
YOUNGBLOOD, Lucy E BALL, S E 1865-Nov-14
YOUNGBLOOD, Racheal HAMMOND, Robert 1870-Jul-25
YOUNGBLOOD, Sarah Afelia HERRING, John F 1872-Nov-20
YOUNGBLOOD, Susanna SIBLEY, John E 1831-Jul-25
YOUNGBLOOD, Vesta KENT, James 1827-Dec-21



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