Marion County Brides


WADDIE, Cynthia BRAKEFIELD, William 1839-Feb-07
WADDLE, Elizabeth POPE, Henry T 1850-Jun-06
WALDEN, Ellender WILLIAMS, Reuben 1813-Aug-31
WALDEN, Sarah BAILEY, James 1813-Oct-20
WALKER, Lucinda MAGEE, Darien 1899-Jan-30
WALLACE, Delilah WHEAT, James E 1887-Aug-16
WALLACE, Elizabeth BILBO, Drury 1836-Jan-07
WALLACE, Rachel DAIRS, James 1858-Mar-03
WALLACE, Vianna STEGALL, Henry 1883-Jul-03
WALLER, Anna WATTS, Thomas 1890-May-31
WALLER, Martha LEE, J P 1896-Nov-28
WALLER, Ophelia JEFFERSON, Henry 1884-Dec-18
WALLER, Sally JORDAN, Harris 1888-Mar-02
WALLER, Sarah Ann BURKETT, General 1890-Feb-15
WALLER, Sarah Ann LUMSEY, Robert 1896-Nov-15
WALLICE, Marthann STANFORD, Joshua 1850-May-16
WALLIS, Amelia SONES, Andrew J 1840-Nov-19
WALLIS, Nancy FORD, Thaddeus F 1881-Jan-07
WALLIS, Sarah CAGSWELL, Leir M 1854-Feb-28
WALTERS, Delly SMITH, John I 1883-Jan-28
WALTERS, Harriett Lona SUMRALL, James P 1886-Jul-04
WALTERS, Josephine BRYANT, Ben 1896-Mar-25
WALTERS, Molitha Ann BARNETT, Lang M 1880-Jan-06
WARD, Celia JENKINS, Jackson 1885-Dec-23
WARD, Laura MERRITT, Samuel 1885-Feb-18
WARD, Martha BREELAND, A J 1883-Jun-04
WARD, Mary TATE, James 1819-Oct-02
WARD, Nancy WATTS, E L 1891-Jun-13
WARDEN, Nancy LEE, Zinaman 1859-Dec-19
WARNER, Harriet SIMMONS, Joseph 1852-Jan-29
WARNER, Lulia T BRANN, Joseph S 1846-Mar-05
WARNER, Nancy H LALE, Joseph A 1849-Oct-11
WARREN, Birdie BAYLIS, R J 1887-Nov-22
WARREN, Corrina BALL, John W 1868-Apr-09
WARREN, Eliza J PITTMAN, Henry P 1851-Sep-30
WARREN, Elizabeth L BLACKBURN, G F 1854-Sep-12
WARREN, Elizabeth R APPLEWHITE, Benjamin L 1867-Nov-07
WARREN, Linnie BALL, J W 1897-Mar-28
WARREN, Martha FORD, William A 1859-Dec-09
WARREN, Mary Jane ABRAM, Thomas 1896-Dec-09
WARREN, Mary R DANIEL, Robert 1847-Jan-14
WARREN, Rebecca Jane WARREN, Liberty 1825-Mar-12
WARREN, Sophy A BALLARD, Ido J 1872-Mar-30
WARREN, Stella RANKIN, S J 1889-Mar-09
WARREN, Susan FAULK, Wm R W 1838-Feb-13
WARREN, Susan LEWIS, Iddo 1853-Dec-07
WARSHAM, Jennie BROOM, D W 1898-May-20
WASHINGTON, Dixie PITTMAN, Charles 1887-Jan-13
WATER, Sarah MCCAIN, William L 1825-Mar-12
WATERS, Maxie BEARD, Mary J 1894-Jan-20
WATERS, Nancy CAMERON, John 1858-Mar-02
WATERS, Nancy CAMMON, John 1858-Mar-02
WATSON, Appy CARTER, William C 1825-Dec-19
WATSON, Nancy MCGUFFER, John 1813-Jan-07
WATSON, Nancy MCGUFFER, John 1814-Jan-07
WATTS, Alice EDMONDSON, Horace 1888-Dec-11
WATTS, Arbelle PACE, John 1897-Aug-20
WATTS, Carrie BIRD, T R 1899-Jun-07
WATTS, Dicy HIBELY, John D 1890-Mar-03
WATTS, Judith JOHNSON, S B 1890-Mar-03
WATTS, Lee BALL, E A 1897-Dec-24
WATTS, Louisa PACE, Thomas 1892-Nov-03
WATTS, Louisa WATTS, Jack 1883-Nov-30
WATTS, Louise BROWN, Merida 1859-Jan-06
WATTS, Lucretia HERRIN, A H 1895-Jan-29
WATTS, Lucy RABOURN, Calvin 1855-Oct-29
WATTS, Lula LEWIS, J A 1897-Jan-20
WATTS, Mary Ann SPEARS, Joseph 1895-Sep-06
WATTS, Matilda LEGGETT, Edmond 1873-Dec-18
WATTS, Mollie SPEARS, Joseph 1898-Jun-26
WATTS, Sophia JOHNSON, J E 1897-Apr-01
WEARY, Betsy LEWIS, Luke 1898-Dec-30
WEARY, Eliza CONERLY, Anthony 1889-Mar-13
WEARY, Ella BELL, Peter Jr 1898-Jul-16
WEARY, Ella YOUNGBLOOD, Frank 1897-Nov-28
WEARY, Mary HART, Edmund 1886-Jan-28
WEARY, Mary THOMPSON, Perry 1888-Dec-11
WEARY, Rebecca JEFFERSON, Albert 1880-Oct-25
WEARY, Rebecca WEARY, Ned 1885-Mar-12
WEATHERFORD, Smitha FINNA, Joseph 1836-Feb-13
WEATHERFORD, Ziffey HERRING, S B 1869-Oct-17
WEATHERSBY, Elizabeth MAGEE, Solomon 1814-Nov-24
WEBB, Courtney A SONES, James 1857-Oct-20
WEBB, Mary S EDMONDSON, Thos J 1848-Apr-25
WEBB, Pearl E CONERLY, C H 1894-Oct-14
WELCOX, Amanda TURNBULL, Andrew 1888-May-21
WELDY, Frances SLADE, Daniel 1887-Nov-29
WEST, Martha CHILDS, John 1837-Dec-28
WETHERFORD, Lucy SMITH, John L 1872-Mar-14
WHEAT, Amanda W GLOVER, Joseph B 1883-Nov-17
WHEAT, Emily A KENNEDY, William E 1882-Feb-23
WHEAT, Harriet E BIRD, Durran S 1872-May-23
WHEAT, Ida J SMITH, J A H 1887-Aug-05
WHEAT, Missouri M BOON, Elisha 1887-Aug-05
WHEELER, Ardell DEARMAN, J E 1889-Feb-22
WHEELER, Belinda LEE, Briant 1828-May-26
WHEELER, Belinda LEE, Briant 1828-May-30
WHEELER, Luizer BROWN, Daniel 1847-Apr-01
WHEELER, Lula SIMMS, James 1898-Apr-29
WHIDDEN, Elizabeth GRANTHAM, Daniel 1853-Jun-27
WHIDDEN, Mary GRAHAM, A G 1867-Mar-04
WHIDDEN, Mary SLADE, Samuel 1847-Dec-27
WHIDDON, Caroline FULINGIM, Ransom 1857-Oct-13
WHIDDON, Harriot LOTT, Arther 1831-Jun-06
WHIDDON, Susan Elizabeth GRANTHAM, John 1859-Jul-28
WHIDDON, Susie JONES, Jefferson 1885-Jan-15
WHITE, A S HAYNES, A M 1887-Dec-19
WHITE, Arciler RANDALL, J D 1891-Mar-04
WHITE, C E THOMPSON, W H 1874-Dec-03
WHITE, Elvira SIMMONS, Ralph 1818-Jun-07
WHITE, Isabel THOMAS, Robert 1827-Nov-21
WHITE, Lona RAIBOURN, 1898-Sep-27
WHITE, Mary H HATHORN, H S 1886-Dec-23
WHITE, Nealie ROBINSON, W D 1888-Apr-24
WHITEHEAD, Martha RAIBORN, Simeon 1893-Aug-10
WHITEHEAD, Martha TYRONE, W D 1898-Jan-18
WHITTOM, Annie CUNNINGHAM, Rufus 1885-Jan-29
WHITTOM, Josie PITTMAN, Floyd 1892-Dec-22
WHITTOM, Sophie O BULLOCK, Charles E 1885-Oct-27
WHITTUM, Harriett STEWART, A J 1897-Jan-28
WIELS, Martha Jane BERRY, Richard T 1838-Sep-09
WILEY, Lizzie ALLEN, John 1889-Feb-12
WILEY, Milly PRICE, Robbert 1872-Dec-01
WILEY, Patsy TONEY, Jacob 1887-Dec-21
WILKES, Clarissa J HATHORN, A F 1891-Jan-02
WILKINS, Duery Ana HENDRICKS, Bennet C 1848-Aug-05
WILKS, Eliza STRINGER, L E 1886-Feb-14
WILKS, Hattie BUCKLEY, N P 1896-Nov-03
WILKS, Jessie WHITEHEAD, Archie 1893-Sep-07
WILKS, Melvina NOBLES, J R 1897-Dec-09
WILKS, Rena MIKELL, B S 1890-Dec-31
WILKS, Sallie POLK, Manson 1895-Aug-27
WILLEY, Elizabeth BATSON, Lorenzo 1854-Aug-28
WILLIAMS, Ally MCDONALD, George 1840-Dec-27
WILLIAMS, Amanda CONERLY, Rufus 1888-Dec-15
WILLIAMS, Amanda GILL, Jackson 1882-Jan-01
WILLIAMS, Arnetta BROOM, John E 1891-Jan-05
WILLIAMS, Aurora AKEN, Edward 1887-Jan-26
WILLIAMS, Corinne ABRAM, Samuel 1893-Sep-30
WILLIAMS, Ella PETERS, Pete 1892-Feb-18
WILLIAMS, Emma L TALLEY, C D 1898-Feb-07
WILLIAMS, Emma Mrs HENRY, Charles 1894-Jan-18
WILLIAMS, Filona GILL, William 1886-Dec-09
WILLIAMS, Hannah PITTMAN, Samuel 1890-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, Katherine JOHNSON, Dennis 1893-Jan-06
WILLIAMS, Lena PLATO, Ira 1894-Jun-16
WILLIAMS, Leona JOHNSON, James 1881-Mar-10
WILLIAMS, Louisa CHRISTOPHER, Thomas Jr 1888-Jan-19
WILLIAMS, Malissa BROWN, Jacob 1873-Jan-09
WILLIAMS, Margaret TONEY, James 1899-Nov-02
WILLIAMS, Maria WILLIAMS, Alfred 1894-Dec-10
WILLIAMS, Mariah A VIRGIL, Derry 1885-May-28
WILLIAMS, Martha JOHNSON, James 1840-Nov-06
WILLIAMS, Martha NEWSOM, John 1890-Jan-06
WILLIAMS, Mary Ann JOHNSON, Charley 1891-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Mary E SUMRALL, S A 1890-Mar-04
WILLIAMS, Mary Jane GRIFFIN, Isaac 1889-May-22
WILLIAMS, Mary Jane SANDIFER, William 1892-Aug-21
WILLIAMS, Melvina PATTERSON, J S 1883-Dec-20
WILLIAMS, Nancy ALEXANDER, Henry Jr 1899-Mar-06
WILLIAMS, Nancy BATTLE, Doy 1888-Mar-05
WILLIAMS, Rose MUSGROVE, Austin 1887-Nov-23
WILLIAMS, Rose Ann CARTER, W M 1881-Jan-23
WILLIAMS, Sarah Ann BROWN, W M 1887-Dec-27
WILLIAMS, Sena SMITH, Greenberry 1869-Sep-09
WILLIAMS, Tena PENDLEY, J M 1898-Jan-23
WILLIAMS, Virginia PEYTON, Samuel 1888-May-03
WILLIAMSON, Abby S Mrs CONNELY, Daniel 1887-Nov-22
WILLIAMSON, Caldonia TEMPLES, M J 1898-Mar-12
WILLIAMSON, Mattie COOPER, L M 1891-Aug-03
WILLIAMSON, Narcisse ROBBINS, John 1880-Dec-26
WILLIAMSON, Omeda ROBBINS, Omeda 1884-Oct-30
WILLINGHAM, Lucy NEWSOM, Isaac D 1851-Sep-11
WILLIS, Gertrude E APPLEWHITE, A S 1897-Jul-31
WILLIS, Gertrude E CONERLY, William 1898-Apr-28
WILLIS, Mary Elizabeth BERRY, Thomas D 1841-Jan-10
WILLOUGHBY, Louise HOLMES, Josiah 1859-Sep-07
WILLOUGHBY, Malvina A BLACK, John H 1856-Oct-02
WILLOUGHBY, Mary HOBBS, William 1847-Dec-27
WILLOUGHBY, Ora POPE, J S 1886-Feb-03
WILLY, Helen HART, Green 1872-Jan-04
WINBORNE, Anna M DAVIS, Jeff 1887-Jul-20
WINBORNE, Georgiana LOWE, C N 1888-Dec-12
WINBORNE, Lillie CARLEY, C F 1886-Dec-22
WISE, Sueleyann POPE, John M 1827-Dec-19
WODDLE, Sarah POPE, Edmond 1852-Jan-21
WOODRUFF, Amelia COLLINS, Chaurtsey 1842-Apr-21
WOODRUFF, Sarah MAGEE, Wm G 1845-Oct-30



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