Marion County Brides


TATE, Asenath M M FORNEA, Thomas P 1854-Jan-26
TATE, Nancy SMITH, William 1840-Nov-05
TATUM, Mary C RAWLS, Luther 1882-May-25
TAYLOR, Bettie SMITH, J M 1897-Jun-13
TAYLOR, Eliza SMITH, Wm 1846-Jan-15
TAYLOR, Helena SLADE, Hezekiah 1829-Feb-06
TAYLOR, Jennie Mrs CAMPER, Oscar C 1889-Jul-23
TAYLOR, Lou BURT, Elijah Jr 1887-Nov-01
TAYLOR, Lucinda WHITTLE, Perry 1883-Jan-04
TAYLOR, Mary PACE, Leonidas 1883-Oct-25
TAYLOR, Nancy BOOTH, Lawson 1818-Apr-22
TAYLOR, Uler DENMAN, W C 1899-Aug-09
TEMPLE, Elizabeth SORRALS, J S 1857-Dec-03
TEMPLE, Sarah COOK, William 1839-Jan-31
TEMPLES, Alice PRICE, Richard 1899-Mar-30
TEMPLES, Francis AUTERY, R L 1898-Dec-24
TERRELL, Angie BEDWELL, William 1898-Mar-10
TERRELL, Mary MAGEE, Willis 1838-Mar-08
TERRY, Elizabeth PRITCHARD, Ira W 1890-Jan-22
TERRY, Margaret TURNAGE, R S 1892-Mar-10
THIGPEN, Elizabeth BALL, Liberty 1832-Oct-16
THIGPEN, Mary WARNER, Nathan 1825-Mar-14
THIGPEN, Susannah TRIBBLE, Franklin M 1828-Dec-09
THOMAS, Annie TURNAGE, W P 1898-Dec-22
THOMAS, Armacie BRANCH, Jesse 1899-Mar-09
THOMAS, Belle MCKENZIE, E D 1892-Dec-07
THOMAS, Emma TAYLOR, William 1888-May-17
THOMAS, Floreda HERRING, Reuben 1889-Dec-17
THOMAS, Florence PITTMAN, Lemon 1891-Dec-24
THOMAS, Floretie MCLENDON, Johnson 1887-Mar-07
THOMAS, Lona STOGNER, J R 1893-Jun-28
THOMAS, Lonie DILLON, Mathew E 1890-Mar-22
THOMAS, Mahala GILL, John 1830-Feb-24
THOMAS, Mary ALBRITTON, J H 1896-Jun-24
THOMAS, Mollie CRAIN, W H 1894-Apr-12
THOMAS, Ophelia MAGEE, Willie 1895-Jan-06
THOMES, Patsy MORRIS, Chesley 1830-Nov-22
THOMPSON, Abby RATLIFF, William 1884-Dec-21
THOMPSON, Allis L CLARK, William 1866-Oct-25
THOMPSON, Betsy BROWN, W D 1888-Jun-20
THOMPSON, Carrie BUCKLEY, J M 1897-Mar-08
THOMPSON, Fannie J PRITCHARD, V L 1885-Mar-17
THOMPSON, Hattie BULLOCK, Eugenia 1899-Jan-05
THOMPSON, Judith BOND, Robert 1813-Oct-20
THOMPSON, Malinda MORRIS, John E 1842-Dec-06
THOMPSON, Margaret JEFFERSON, Henry 1896-Nov-24
THOMPSON, Martha Ann LAYTON, J W 1879-Dec-14
THOMPSON, Mary THORNHILL, William 1832-Jun-20
THOMPSON, Minna WILLIS, Noah 1836-Jan-15
THOMPSON, Nancy L ROACH, Henry Clinton 1882-Nov-23
THOMPSON, Nannie S HATHORN, H S 1881-Dec-01
THOMPSON, Rozette LAYTON, William 1875-Oct-10
THOMPSON, Sarah Ann BALLARD, Abram R 1859-Jan-20
THOMPSON, Sarah Jain WARNER, Benjamin 1832-Jan-16
THOMPSON, Susan EVANS, John J 1869-Nov-24
THORNHILL, Ann TOLAR, W T 1879-May-04
THORNHILL, Holly Frances HERRINGTON, J H 1886-Jul-15
THORNHILL, Louisa KING, James 1856-Nov-15
THORNHILL, Mary Mrs HOLLOWAY, Beerwell W 1855-Oct-07
THORNHILL, Sarah SPIKES, Lemuel 1849-Aug-30
THORNTON, Minnie PUCKETT, John H 1884-Jul-20
THURMAN, Ella BUFKIN, F H 1895-Jan-17
TILLIS, Mary E STEWART, Martin T 1873-Jul-30
TOLAR, Arry E STRINGER, Jacob 1885-Feb-05
TOLAR, Carley RILEY, J E 1899-Jan-01
TOLAR, Elizabeth SMITH, John I 1896-Aug-15
TOLAR, Emma ROBBINS, Virgil 1899-Mar-15
TOLAR, Nancy M KYZAR, J L 1890-Mar-06
TONEY, Aggy FORTENBERRY, George 1870-Dec-27
TONEY, Alice LEWIS, Jenkins 1897-Jan-05
TONEY, Amanda JOHNSON, Orlando 1898-Jan-30
TONEY, Bessie BRIDGES, Richard 1898-Jan-20
TONEY, Eliza POPE, Elijah 1899-Feb-17
TONEY, Lucy MINGO, Mingo 1874-Oct-27
TONEY, Margaret JOSEPH, Jack 1870-Feb-16
TONEY, Margaret MARCH, William 1887-Feb-19
TONEY, Margarett HOLMES, James 1895-Mar-05
TONEY, Martha PETERS, Charles 1898-Nov-24
TONEY, Mary CALVIN, Luke 1898-Oct-03
TONEY, Mary LEWIS, John 1889-Sep-11
TONEY, Mary WILLIAMS, Dave 1899-Sep-30
TONEY, Matilda MCGOWEN, Harris M 1881-Feb-03
TONEY, Nancy ALEXANDER, Henry 1893-Dec-20
TONY, Frances COLLINS, Thomas 1891-Dec-17
TROTTER, Fannie NORWOOD, William 1888-May-11
TULFY, Lucinda JONES, Simon 1887-Aug-01
TULLIS, Thankful A PENDARVIS, Benjamin 1842-Sep-08
TULLOS, Malena OTT, Allen D 1843-Aug-10
TULLOS, Marth FARIS, Nicholas 1848-Feb-24
TURNAGE, Elizabeth PITTMAN, William R 1879-Dec-25
TURNAGE, Elizabeth TYNES, Wm E 1881-Feb-17
TURNAGE, Ella S GRAHAM, J T 1888-Feb-10
TURNAGE, Florence OQUINN, J W 1895-Nov-26
TURNAGE, Frances HOLMES, Elisha 1887-Oct-21
TURNAGE, Gabrielle ROWELL, Eli 1873-Dec-04
TURNAGE, Hannah LENOIR, Wm 1846-Jan-22
TURNAGE, Letha LEWIS, William B 1830-Dec-06
TURNAGE, Louisa CLARK, T W 1895-Jan-13
TURNAGE, Lozanie MCCAIN, Nichols 1885-Jul-05
TURNAGE, Mattie TURNAGE, C D 1888-Feb-09
TURNAGE, Mattie TURNAGE, Newton 1893-Oct-22
TURNAGE, Melissa HOLMES, J C 1888-Jan-13
TURNAGE, Pearl TAYLOR, W C 1897-Oct-10
TURNAGE, Sarah SMITH, A L 1896-Jan-15
TURNBOUGH, Rosa BURRELL, Jesse 1893-Mar-13
TWITTY, Elizabeth COX, Calvin 1846-Jun-18
TWITTY, Sarah JOHNSON, Samuel 1839-Jul-04
TYCER, Nancy DAVIS, Seborn 1866-Feb-08
TYNER, Adarene BARNES, Thomas 1883-Mar-07
TYNER, Bessie PITTMAN, E M 1899-Jul-02
TYNER, Hattie LADNER, J J 1899-Jul-05
TYNER, Mary J SHAW, Edgar 1885-Jun-08
TYNER, Mary M FORTENBERRY, Wm J 1873-Nov-12
TYNER, Neomia MCLELLAND, James 1840-Nov-29
TYNER, S E Mrs KING, J Y 1880-Jul-29
TYNER, Sarah BAUGHMAN, Henry H 1859-Feb-10
TYNER, Sarah E RANKIN, M O 1846-Nov-26
TYNES, Amanda LOE, Benj 1850-Jan-15
TYNES, Eliza Ann FUTCH, Isham 1825-Jul-25
TYNES, Harriet L RANKIN, Cradford 1836-Nov-24
TYNES, Jane MCGEE, Willis 1839-Dec-23
TYNES, Louisa Jane SMART, Nathan D 1826-Jul-18
TYNES, Maria , Wilson 1829-Dec-
TYNES, Martha V STOGNER, William 1882-Aug-17
TYNES, Mary BALL, Sampson E 1817-Apr-30
TYNES, Sarah BLACKBURN, Ferdinand 1837-Jun-22
TYNES, Sarah BLACKBURN, Ferdinand G 1837-Jun-22
TYNES, Susan A CONERLY, Major O 1842-Dec-15



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