Marion County Brides

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NELSON, Angeline BROWN, Silas J 1880-Oct-14
NELSON, Ann JEFFERSON, Toney 1870-Aug-04
NELSON, Arrella FORTENBERRY, J C 1888-May-05
NELSON, Betsy BULLOCK, Jasper 1897-May-25
NELSON, Cora WILLIAMSON, C L 1883-Dec-26
NELSON, Cornelia PETERS, John 1895-Aug-26
NELSON, Eliza Mrs TONEY, S M 1896-Feb-19
NELSON, Elizabeth PARNELL, James J 1856-May-11
NELSON, Ellen HAMPTON, Gabe 1882-Jan-17
NELSON, Lydia SHAW, David 1868-Jan-16
NELSON, Mary STUART, Crocket 1888-Sep-20
NELSON, Millie IRVIN, Alexander 1880-Dec-25
NELSON, Yanakee MINGO, Thomas 1885-Sep-24
NEWMAN, Jenny NORMAN, Hiram 1815-May-11
NEWMAN, Lottie BEARD, J B Jr 1899-Dec-13
NEWMAN, Nancy NORMAN, James 1815-Oct-03
NEWSOM, Alice BUCKLEY, W M 1892-May-02
NEWSOM, Amelia WILLIAMS, Lucius 1891-Jan-20
NEWSOM, Dianna SELSON, Elijah 1826-Mar-20
NEWSOM, Lonie ABRAM, Monroe 1899-Apr-20
NEWSOM, Mary June CLARK, Samuel A 1869-Jan-01
NEWSOM, Patsy BARNES, John R 1866-Jan-11
NEWSOM, Polly REED, James 1816-Nov-27
NEWSOM, Sarah PETERS, Everett 1882-Jan-12
NEWSOM, Sarah Ann Mrs SPAULDING, Hosie 1895-Oct-25
NICHOLAS, Nancy TYNER, Marion 1852-Jan-29
NICHOLS, Anna June CLARK, James W 1858-Dec-11
NICHOLS, Beady MCCOLSKY, Neil 1829-Dec-28
NICHOLS, Margaret RODSELL, William 1844-Aug-02
NICHOLS, Martha PITTMAN, J T 1885-Feb-26
NICHOLS, Nancy TYNER, Marion 1852-Jan-29
NICHOLS, Nellie FULTON, Robert 1889-May-22
NICHOLS, Perma MCLELLAND, Richmond 1870-Dec-30
NICHOLS, Rebecca MOODY, John 1866-Oct-16
NICHOLS, Susan RAWLS, William 1842-Apr-07
NICHOLS, Susan SUPER, Jesse 1858-Mar-03
NIXON, Keziah VARNADO, Samuel 1814-Feb-22
NORMAN, Susannah NEWMAN, Thomas 1815-May-11
NORRIS, Frances MCRANEY, Jno M 1895-Jan-18
NORRIS, Mary J P COURTNEY, A M 1880-Dec-30
NORRIS, Nancy BRAKEFIELD, Burrell 1871-Jan-02
NORWOOD, Mary COLWELL, George 1889-Apr-24
O'NEAL, Harriet (Mrs) KEMP, Imla 1817-Jun-30
ODOM, Hattie JEFFERSON, John I 1899-Feb-02
ODUM, Mary BURGE, Allen 1894-Jan-03
OGLESBEE, Rosannah ELLIS, Lowrey 1837-May-07
OGLESBEE, Sophronia RILEY, James H 1899-Nov-23
OGLESBY, Mary CARLILSE, James 1873-Dec-17
OGLESBY, Sabra W POPE, Hellen 1850-Jan-17
OGLESHEE, Mary Ann JONES, Milton 1883-Mar-24
OLIVER, Catherine WILLOUGHBY, Rudolph 1825-Apr-20
ONA, Hanah JOHNSON, Alex 1888-Feb-23
OWENS, Sarah MARKS, Silas 1893-Mar-24



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