Marion County Brides

I - J

IRVIN, Arsanie JOHNSON, Orlander 1897-Nov-16
IRVIN, Emma LEE, Dink 1889-Sep-28
IRVIN, Mary JOHNSON, Ed 1887-Aug-10
IRVIN, Mary THOMPSON, Joseph 1892-Sep-21
IRVIN, Myra SCIP, Paul 1897-Dec-23
IRVIN, Nancy LEWIS, Prince 1880-Jun-02
IRVIN, Ozilla STEPNEY, Willie 1897-Jan-07
ISKEE, Margaret JONES, Abram J 1842-Dec-22
ISLE, Nancy THOMPSON, Archibald 1814-Jun-12
JACKSON, Chlora JACKSON, John 1887-Apr-14
JACKSON, Laura HAMPTON, Ezekiel 1897-May-02
JACKSON, Lou SCIPP, Columbus 1896-Jan-29
JACKSON, Mollie HART, S J 1894-Dec-27
JACKSON, Senia IRVIN, Sam 1890-Dec-25
JACKSON, Viny KING, Scott 1888-Jan-18
JACOB, Ann BENJAMIN, George 1890-Apr-25
JACOB, Ann POPE, J E 1891-May-02
JACOB, Anna HARRY, Isham 1870-Aug-12
JACOB, Lizzie ABRAM, Abram 1885-Nov-26
JACOB, Nancy MCKENZIE, Elly 1890-Feb-28
JACOB, Nancy Mrs DAVIS, Charles 1886-Jul-05
JACOB, Percilla ANTHONY, Charles 1873-Aug-22
JACOB, Roda WILLIAMS, A A 1897-Sep-21
JACOB, Sylvia FORTENBERRY, Dave 1881-Aug-15
JAMES, Alice FARLAND, J H 1891-Sep-24
JAMES, Allice LEWIS, Charles 1873-Jan-18
JAMES, Amanda IRVIN, Abram 1883-Oct-29
JAMES, Amanda JEFFERSON, Jordan 1880-Nov-25
JAMES, Charity ROBERTS, Shepperd 1881-Jan-27
JAMES, Clarissa ALLEN, Charley 1894-Jun-04
JAMES, Elizabeth GREEN, Thomas 1841-Sep-28
JAMES, Evaline ALLEN, Ferdinan 1873-Oct-16
JAMES, Felia WILLIAMS, Owen 1872-Feb-02
JAMES, Jillie WILLIAMS, Henry 1890-Nov-26
JAMES, Julia BYRD, J I 1896-Aug-04
JAMES, Julia RIDEOUT, Jepee 1873-Mar-24
JAMES, Liza JACOB, Harrison 1873-Aug-05
JAMES, Lizzie IRVIN, Charley 1895-Jan-12
JAMES, Louise JOHNSON, Orlando 1887-Mar-31
JAMES, Margery Ann JEFFERSON, Isaac 1879-Nov-01
JAMES, Martha EASTMAN, J D 1893-Oct-06
JAMES, Minerva JACKSON, Thomas 1890-Dec-22
JAMES, Myra JAMES, Richard 1894-Jan-04
JAMES, Salinda AKIN, William 1891-Dec-24
JAMES, Tennessee SNOPPS, Joseph 1881-Aug-16
JAMES, Winnie JEFFERSON, Isaac 1897-Jul-15
JANES, Willie BREELAND, Eliza 1840-Sep-08
JARRELL, Maud BARNES, W H 1896-Jan-23
JEFFERSON, Anna HOUSTON, Robert 1873-Dec-27
JEFFERSON, Charlotte PITTMAN, Charles 1879-May-06
JEFFERSON, Cora YOUNG, Thomas 1880-Dec-13
JEFFERSON, Edna JEFFERSON, March 1896-Sep-26
JEFFERSON, Emily PETERS, Alexander 1896-Nov-21
JEFFERSON, Emma DAVID, Harry 1882-Sep-11
JEFFERSON, Francis PEYTON, Sam 1896-Jul-15
JEFFERSON, Hannah JOHNSON, Isaac Jr 1881-Nov-03
JEFFERSON, Hannah LEWIS, Edmond 1887-Feb-01
JEFFERSON, Hattie CYRUS, Jordan 1898-Jan-20
JEFFERSON, Lula JAMES, James J 1896-Jan-28
JEFFERSON, Lydia SMITH, Raiford 1890-Dec-22
JEFFERSON, Maggie JOHNSON, Clinton 1897-Sep-16
JEFFERSON, Margaret JAMES, George I 1886-Dec-23
JEFFERSON, Maria JOHNSON, Mike 1880-Oct-26
JEFFERSON, Matilda PEARSON, Albien 1879-Jan-23
JEFFERSON, Mollie BREWER, Henry 1898-Feb-03
JEFFERSON, Nancy BREWER, Abram 1887-Feb-24
JEFFERSON, Nancy LYLES, D W H Jr 1895-Jan-10
JEFFERSON, Ola CYRUS, Isaac 1897-Jan-20
JEFFERSON, Olah LEGGETT, Martin 1897-Jan-16
JEFFERSON, Polly TONEY, Stephen 1886-Feb-18
JEFFERSON, Rebecca HARRY, Isham 1884-Dec-17
JEFFERSON, Rosa BENSON, Jeff 1895-Apr-01
JEFFERSON, Roxanna ALEXANDER, Walter 1897-Feb-10
JEFFERSON, Victoria HART, S H 1893-Mar-23
JEFFERSON, Zady STEPHEN, Tom 1887-Sep-13
JEMERSON, Sarah TERRALL, Andrew 1839-Oct-31
JENKINS, Eldora DYKES, Hanson B 1886-Oct-20
JENKINS, Killennie LOTT, William 1816-Oct-09
JENKINS, Louisiana STOVALL, Simson 1828-Jan-31
JENKINS, Mary WHITEHEAD, Bryant G 1827-Dec-20
JENNY, Sarah WEARY, Moses 1872-Feb-15
JERRELL, Sarah FENN, Eli 1818-Jan-13
JERRY, Matilda OWENS, Isaac 1898-Feb-02
JOHN, Lucy THOMAS, Zedo 1875-Jun-07
JOHN, Mary DAVIS, Simon 1885-Apr-25
JOHNSON, Ada ABRAM, William 1895-Apr-09
JOHNSON, Alice RATLIFF, A R 1890-Nov-29
JOHNSON, Amanda NELSON, William C 1866-Oct-21
JOHNSON, Ann JEFFERSON, Joshua 1890-Apr-26
JOHNSON, Anna E FORBES, George W 1869-Jul-01
JOHNSON, Annie Q CHARLEY, Henry 1896-Apr-04
JOHNSON, Artemishey HORTON, Felix 1886-Jul-27
JOHNSON, Betsey Ann HARVEY, John 1894-Feb-15
JOHNSON, Clara CARTER, Sandy 1887-Apr-12
JOHNSON, Corah JEFFERSON, Allen 1890-Apr-19
JOHNSON, Cornelia JEFFERSON, Victor 1892-Jan-21
JOHNSON, Creasy SMITH, John 1887-Aug-25
JOHNSON, Dicey PETERS, Harry 1894-Mar-20
JOHNSON, Ellen RICHARD, Jacob 1870-Sep-04
JOHNSON, Emily BLACKBURN, J C 1869-Jan-07
JOHNSON, Emily DAVIS, Mike 1897-Jul-17
JOHNSON, Georgean FAIRCHILD, W H 1887-Jan-12
JOHNSON, Ida Viola HARTFIELD, John 1888-Aug-25
JOHNSON, Jane JERRY, Hudson 1886-Sep-27
JOHNSON, Jane ODUM, William 1814-May-13
JOHNSON, Josephine DAVIS, Coleman 1896-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Lenser SMITH, I E 1898-Oct-30
JOHNSON, Louisa JACOB, John 1896-Oct-25
JOHNSON, Lucinda DUNAWAY, R D 1893-Mar-29
JOHNSON, Lucy PACE, Richard 1894-May-28
JOHNSON, Lucy RIDEOUT, Richard H 1880-Mar-02
JOHNSON, Margaret Emil y     NOBLES, J E 1879-Sep-18
JOHNSON, Margarett HARTFIELD, W A 1892-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Mattie SPEARS, Carelius 1897-Apr-23
JOHNSON, Mattie Mrs PIERCE, George W 1889-Feb-25
JOHNSON, Melissa EVERETT, John C 1880-May-22
JOHNSON, Olivia WILLIAMS, John 1886-Aug-28
JOHNSON, Sarah GRAHAM, Isaac 1881-Feb-24
JOHNSON, Sarah JAMES, Jake 1897-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Sarah MCINNIS, Emanuel 1887-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Susan ATWOOD, James M 1857-Nov-27
JOHNSON, Susan BYRD, J J 1896-Aug-16
JOHNSON, Susannah CLINTON, David 1881-Feb-22
JOHNSON, Susie WALLEY, Levi 1889-Feb-08
JOHNSON, Victoria WILSON, Frank 1896-Jul-03
JOHNSON, Viney Mrs FOSTER, Reuben 1881-Aug-18
JOHNSTON, Alice L LOTT, J L 1888-Jan-27
JOHNSTON, Louisia COX, Robert M 1830-Aug-26
JOHNSTON, Lula SMITH, Demp 1887-Nov-16
JOHNSTON, Sarah PURVES, William 1886-Jan-14
JONES, Annie DAVIS, Thomas 1889-Apr-25
JONES, Annie GRAYSON, J B 1888-Dec-11
JONES, Disay BASS, Ephraim 1826-Jul-03
JONES, Elizabeth PACE, L M 1893-Apr-11
JONES, Elizabeth WALTERS, Thomas 1880-Jan-07
JONES, Emma TERRELL, Monroe 1897-Sep-02
JONES, Jane WATTS, J N 1888-Jan-18
JONES, Louicy FORTENBERRY, W H 1884-Aug-28
JONES, Margaret CHANEY, James 1813-Jun-12
JONES, Margaret JONES, R H 1889-Feb-19
JONES, Margaret STOVALL, Lwies 1816-May-08
JONES, Mary WRIGHT, Reuben 1814-Jun-23
JONES, Pernisa BULLOCK, Jepe L 1867-Jan-27
JONES, Rachel PLEASANT, Washington 1813-Nov-29
JONES, Rebecca FORBES, William W 1843-Feb-14
JONES, Sarah ALLEN, John P 1825-Dec-18
JONES, Sarah LANG, John I 1889-Oct-16
JONES, Sarah LOTT, Arthur 1817-Nov-12
JONES, Sealy MCNEESE, Henry 1825-Jul-01
JONES, Zylpha ALFRED, Thomas 1884-Aug-12
JORDAN, Fannie LEWIS, Thomas 1892-Jul-23
JORDAN, Jessie P CLARK, W T 1887-Dec-03
JORDAN, Mary F JORDAN, Edward N 1884-Sep-18
JORDAN, Peggy PHILLIP, Owen 1882-Jan-05
JORDAN, Rebecca HENRY, Allen 1883-Apr-15
JORDAN, Sarah STAMPS, H E 1897-Oct-26
JOSHUA, Ibby FEDRICK, Mack 1872-Dec-15
JUSTICE, Elizabeth ANDERSON, James 1828-Nov-06



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