Marion County Brides


GAINES, Sarah WRIGHT, Charles 1887-Feb-15
GALLOWAY, Eliza ALEXANDER, Mike 1897-Feb-25
GALLOWAY, Eliza MILLER, J H 1893-Jun-26
GALLOWAY, Emma HENRY, George 1882-Jan-11
GALLOWAY, Julia NEWSOM, Jerry 1895-Jan-23
GALLOWAY, Martha NOBLES, Jack 1899-Jul-06
GALLOWAY, Martha PETERS, Alexander 1889-Jan-02
GALLOWAY, Mary ALLEN, Robert 1894-Dec-05
GALLOWAY, Nancy L HARRY, Lewis 1889-Dec-13
GALLOWAY, Polly HENRY, Willie 1888-Mar-14
GALLOWAY, Pricilla J HENRY, Huga 1881-Dec-24
GALLOWAY, Rosa ROBERTS, Albert 1895-Jan-17
GALOWAY, Laura PETERS, Charles 1887-Jan-12
GARAWAY, Elmira COOK, Henry 1872-Jul-08
GARDNER, Edy HATHOM, Nevice C 1840-Nov-17
GARDNER, Elizabeth ALLEN, Thos 1848-Dec-20
GARDNER, Matilda FORTENBERRY, Levi J 1850-Jan-07
GARDNER, Sarah SCARBOROUGH, Daniel M 1839-Jan-30
GARNER, Amelia ELIAS, George 1872-Dec-26
GARRETT, Irma BALL, A H 1898-Jun-02
GARRETT, Mary L TURNAGE, Thomas J R 1870-Aug-21
GARRISON, Talulu A ROUSE, Chalmers H 1887-May-19
GARTMAN, Mary M DUNAWAY, Smiley J 1882-Mar-16
GATES, Elizabeth GRAHAM, B F 1888-Jul-26
GATES, Frances CARTER, S H P 1895-Dec-09
GATES, Hilda WILKES, John E 1866-Apr-26
GATES, Mary MOREE, Nathaniel 1869-Jan-06
GATES, Minnie Melissa LOTT, Harmon 1885-Oct-15
GAY, Indiana WATERS, N T 1892-Jan-26
GAY, Mary JONES, Joseph E 1889-Dec-23
GAY, Mattie TURNAGE, Eli 1899-Dec-28
GAY, Nancy HERRIN, George 1899-Oct-13
GAY, Rebecca PITTMAN, Mack 1892-Mar-17
GAY, Sarahann LOTT, Johnnie H 1894-Mar-12
GAY, Sophronia GREEN, John 1898-Dec-26
GAYLER, Elizabeth COOK, Henry H 1848-Nov-05
GEORGE, Sarah Elizabeth MAGEE, John D I 1885-Feb-05
GIBSON, Hester ELLIOTT, Joshua 1852-Oct-21
GILL, Amanda Mrs POLK, M E 1895-Jan-19
GILL, Eliza Jane GRAVES, R A 1893-Jan-26
GILL, Jesse PITTMAN, Michael 1892-Apr-21
GILL, Malinda MELFORD, Wm R 1845-Jul-06
GILL, Matilda SMITH, Aaron 1839-Jun-05
GILL, Temperance IVEY, Isham 1825-Oct-14
GINELLEE, Aley SPEARS, E V 1885-May-28
GINN, Martha MAGEE, Joshua 1887-Nov-03
GINN, Mattie ANDREWS, W C 1897-Dec-23
GINN, Otho POPE, E L 1897-Sep-08
GINN, Rhoda APPLEWHITE, Needham 1887-Mar-10
GINN, Rhoda FORTENBERRY, Curtis Jr 1885-Jun-19
GINN, Salena FORTENBERRY, T B 1888-Jan-28
GIOVINGO, Cora PRINE, William 1899-Nov-15
GIVEN, Gussie CONERLY, Newton 1899-Apr-27
GIVENS, Francis Stovall DAVIS, Hosea A 1867-Mar-10
GOLAR, Jemima THOMPSON, James 1897-Oct-26
GOOR, Nancy Luiza MILLER, J N 1896-Nov-19
GORDON, Melly PRESTRIGE, Michael 1815-Apr-11
GORE, Fannie PACE, Hardy 1890-Dec-31
GORE, Susan E PACE, L A B Jr 1891-Mar-15
GOSS, Arminta K THOMPSON, J T 1869-Dec-25
GOSS, Etha WILKS, E A 1888-Oct-03
GOSS, Fleela BARNES, W H 1892-Feb-10
GOUVENEAUX, Margaret F HUTCHINS, John 1857-Dec-03
GRAHAM, Alice WILLIAMS, Lee 1890-Jan-15
GRAHAM, Clarisa PITTMAN, James W 1832-Aug-08
GRAHAM, Clarrissa MAGAN, Willis 1868-Mar-22
GRAHAM, Corene SIMMONS, James N 1889-Sep-06
GRAHAM, Elizabeth FENN, Levi 1830-Dec-17
GRAHAM, Emma HAMMOND, G M 1896-Nov-08
GRAHAM, Flora E POPE, Willman H 1881-Oct-20
GRAHAM, Florence L POWELL, J T 1890-Jan-17
GRAHAM, Isabella SIMMONS, H L 1889-Mar-09
GRAHAM, Jane LEC, Jesse 1839-Jul-31
GRAHAM, Julia RUSHING, M A 1896-Oct-11
GRAHAM, Lucy CONERLY, George 1892-Jan-19
GRAHAM, Margaret DEER, James 1820-Mar-01
GRAHAM, Mattie V TERRY, Wm H 1884-Feb-22
GRAHAM, Sarah LEWIS, Cyrus 1899-Jan-08
GRAHAM, Sarah Pauline COOK, Burket 1870-Jan-03
GRAHAM, Sophia FORTENBERRY, Jake 1894-Mar-10
GRAHAM, Susie TERRY, W M 1899-Apr-08
GRANDBERRY, Rebeca CLARK, James 1844-Apr-25
GRANTHAM, Elizabeth STUART, T E 1888-Nov-09
GRANTHAM, Matilda GLOVER, John 1844-Jul-26
GRANTHAM, Sarah BRIANT, Levi 1852-Feb-08
GRANTHAM, Sarah GRANTHAM, Benjamin 1826-Jan-03
GRANTHAM, Sarah JOHNSON, Jourdan 1836-Oct-29
GRAVES, Margaret MAGEE, Robert 1813-Nov-11
GRAVES, Rebecca DRAKE, Britain 1814-Oct-04
GRAVES, Richard SAVAGE, Olive (Mrs) 1816-Jan-01
GRAVES, Susannah ASHLEY, John D 1844-Nov-10
GRAY, Safrona LANIER, W T 1866-Feb-22
GREELY, Sarah Jane MCNEACE, John W 1855-May-20
GREEN, Martha ALLEN, Alex 1887-Jun-02
GREEN, Mary MULLINS, Elias 1856-Jun-18
GRICE, Delia BRYANT, J P 1898-Dec-04
GRICE, Nora THURMAN, J E 1895-Oct-28
GRICE, Ophelia RYALS, E H 1898-Sep-29
GRICE, Sivilla BARNES, D A 1894-Sep-22
GRICE, Victoria AVERY, John P 1885-Sep-08
GRIMSLEY, Blanche POWELL, Leroy 1889-Oct-30
GRIMSLEY, Elizabeth ABRAM, James 1890-Nov-25
GRIMSLEY, Esther J T MCCAIN, Wm J 1883-Jan-18
GRIMSLEY, Mary E DAVIS, Josia E 1873-Dec-10
GRIMSLEY, Rosa B WOOD, Daniel S 1896-Jul-30
GUARD, Mary Jane HOLLOWAY, James D 1846-Dec-10
GUNSBY, Tennesee HARRY, W H 1895-Feb-27
GUNSLEY, Ella JAMES, Walter 1896-Oct-16
GUY, Fanny CONERLY, O 1891-Dec-20
GUY, Lucy A SMITH, J F 1898-Dec-15
GUY, Luella STEWART, James 1889-Dec-21
GUY, Lulu MCKENZIE, Oscar 1894-Jan-22
GUY, Mary TERRELL, John P 1897-Mar-24
GUY, Mattie RESTER, A 1895-Sep-05
GUY, Rebecca MORRIS, William L 1825-Feb-08
GUY, Susan GRIMSLEY, John 1844-Aug-01



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