Marion County Brides


FAIRLY, Mollie MAY, Ambros 1888-Sep-19
FALK, Sopronia STAGNER, Thomas E 1851-Oct-28
FARLAND, Beatrice ROBERTS, Robert 1883-Nov-05
FARLAND, Lucinda ABRAM, Bacchus 1884-Aug-14
FARLAND, Lula JAMES, Charley 1891-Feb-20
FARLIN, Martha JAMES, W M 1896-Sep-09
FARMER, Izabel CARTER, P F 1895-Feb-24
FARMER, Martha Ann RANDALL, F F 1889-Feb-09
FARMER, Mary Jane WEATHERFORD, E H 1889-Feb-09
FARMER, Nancy ELLIOTT, Robert 1823-Sep-05
FATHEREE, Nancy ELLIOTT, Samuel 1815-Oct-20
FATHEREE, Rachael NICHOLSON, James 1826-Aug-28
FATHEREE, Sarah CRORY, Thomas W 1816-Mar-18
FAULK, Adaline MAGEE, John 1855-May-31
FAULK, Aderine M L FORTENBERRY, Alford 1848-Feb-24
FAULK, Caroline FORTENBERRY, Ivan 1841-May-20
FAULK, Eliza LEWIS, Henry 1838-Jan-26
FAULK, Mary FORTENBERRY, John 1841-Apr-23
FAULK, Nancy FORTENBERRY, Warren 1896-Apr-04
FAULK, Sarah Ann MORRIS, Afred 1835-Jan-16
FAULK, Selina BARNES, Jack 1891-Sep-06
FAVRE, Emma J BARNES, Lewis G 1874-Jan-29
FELDER, Elizabeth STANFORD, Noah 1837-Jun-22
FELDER, Louisa Jane WALLIS, William 1842-Nov-03
FELDER, Mary Ann SIMMONS, Aliner T 1847-Jun-15
FELDER, Nancy WINBORN, David 1813-Jul-31
FELDER, Nancy WINBORN, Davis 1813-Jun-31
FELDER, Rebecca J RANY, John 1847-May-20
FENN, Mary Jane RANKIN, John W 1852-Dec-21
FENTON, Mary KING, Allen 1816-Feb-19
FERN, E RANKIN, George W 1855-Oct-04
FERN, Emma E FORD, William J 1871-Apr-05
FIELDS, Mary DANIELS, Peter 1888-Mar-07
FIGGERS, Amanda CARTER, Dan 1887-Aug-04
FILES, Phillis SANDIFER, William 1895-Apr-20
FILLINGAM, Margaret A SAUCIER, Edwin 1879-Mar-20
FILLINGAME, Nancy A ANDERSON, William 1881-Jan-27
FILLINGHAM, Isabella O LEE, Harry E 1879-Oct-30
FILLINGIN, Jane Mrs FULTON, William 1867-Oct-10
FINN, Caroline BOYLIS, Georgo 1865-Dec-14
FISHER, Teala BULLOCK, James 1884-Jan-03
FLETCHER, Elizabeth JONES, Washington A 1841-Jul-22
FLOWERS, Susan CUPER, William John 1827-Feb-28
FLOYD, Ava Jane BALL, David W Jr 1867-Feb-09
FORBES, Belle LEWIS, J M 1896-Nov-23
FORBES, Corine CONERLY, L O 1895-Feb-05
FORBES, Emily GINN, H S 1894-Feb-28
FORBES, Josie FORTENBERRY, W R 1897-Dec-20
FORBES, Julia TYNER, Needham 1893-Mar-22
FORBES, Louella SPEIGHTS, Isaac 1895-Dec-13
FORBES, Mollie JOHNSON, Wiley 1899-Dec-13
FORBES, Sallie PITTMAN, John H 1893-Jan-04
FORBES, Sophie SPEIGHTS, Gabriel 1888-Dec-12
FORD, Ann ERVIN, Hugh 1815-Mar-21
FORD, Catherine MCDONALD, James P 1837-Dec-20
FORD, Elizabeth PATTEN, Robert 1852-May-10
FORD, Ella FOXWORTH, Eugene E 1881-Mar-08
FORD, Harriet FARR, Alfred 1852-Mar-05
FORD, Julia E MAGEE, C N 1897-Apr-08
FORD, Lizzie LLOYD, R L 1893-May-16
FORD, Maggie F DANIEL, E I 1886-Jan-27
FORD, Margaret PARKER, Henry J 1886-Nov-30
FORD, Mattie E FORD, W A 1888-Dec-04
FORD, Nancy Mrs FOXWORTH, Samuel G 1831-Jun-21
FORD, Ruthy HOLLOWAY, Burwell W 1841-Jan-03
FORD, Sallie ARD, A W 1890-Jan-14
FORD, Samanthy HARPER, Miles 1813-Mar-10
FORD, Sarah CARR, Jas M 1846-Apr-25
FORD, Sarah Caroline RANKIN, Thomas Jesse 1857-Nov-26
FORD, Sarah Elizabeth FORD, Calvin 1851-Feb-13
FORD, Sarah Jane FORD, Watson 1854-Jul-06
FORD, Sarahan FUNCHESS, Edmund 1826-Apr-29
FORD, Senith ERVIN, John 1816-Sep-16
FORD, Winney BURNET, James 1814-Jun-27
FORNEA, Corine MAGEE, George 1884-Oct-23
FORNEA, Mary Ann YARBOROUGH, Wm 1844-Jan-26
FORTENBERRY, Adaline POPE, James S 1873-Nov-26
FORTENBERRY, Addie NEWSOM, C L 1898-Dec-01
FORTENBERRY, Adeline POPE, James S 1873-Nov-29
FORTENBERRY, Alice BARNES, W B 1896-Dec-16
FORTENBERRY, Alice PEYTON, J W 1899-May-18
FORTENBERRY, Allie BALL, Harry H 1895-Dec-10
FORTENBERRY, Angie WEARRY, Smith 1899-Nov-16
FORTENBERRY, C E MAGEE, George W 1886-Feb-04
FORTENBERRY, Caroline MCDANIEL, Alex 1890-Dec-03
FORTENBERRY, Celia MAGEE, Oscar 1897-Jan-06
FORTENBERRY, Clarissa MAGEE, Hillary 1895-Dec-04
FORTENBERRY, Edna REGAN, Ralph 1897-Aug-15
FORTENBERRY, Eliza YOUNGBLOOD, Isham 1892-Sep-18
FORTENBERRY, Esther FARMER, W B 1898-Dec-25
FORTENBERRY, Gertrude PEYTON, Curt 1899-Dec-28
FORTENBERRY, Harriet WHITTOM, Thomas 1868-Nov-04
FORTENBERRY, Hattie SEAY, John 1898-Jul-07
FORTENBERRY, Lissa HOLMES, J J 1897-Feb-07
FORTENBERRY, Lizzie BALL, F E 1898-Oct-14
FORTENBERRY, Martha LEE, Lewis 1898-Mar-10
FORTENBERRY, Missouri POPE, Jacob H 1868-Aug-08
FORTENBERRY, Mollie FOXWORTH, Paul 1897-Dec-29
FORTENBERRY, Nancy BALL, William James 1853-Oct-27
FORTENBERRY, Nannie MERCER, D M 1889-Nov-04
FORTENBERRY, Nettie BROOM, E G 1893-Dec-27
FORTENBERRY, Sarah FRANKLIN, Gabriel 1889-Mar-14
FORTENBERRY, Sarah B MAGEE, Willis 1841-Oct-21
FORTENBERRY, Susan A PITTMAN, James W 1879-Oct-09
FORTENBERRY, Tela BOURN, John E 1898-Oct-06
FORTENBERRY, Zellia FOSTER, J E 1885-Feb-19
FORTINBERRY, Charlotte PIGOTT, Thomas 1830-Feb-15
FORTINBERRY, Laura TONEY, Calvin 1871-Mar-25
FORTINBERRY, Mary C POPE, Albert L 1869-Aug-26
FORTINBERRY, Sallie BOON, Henry 1894-Dec-26
FOSTER, Caroline JEFFERSON, James 1889-May-08
FOSTER, Letha ABRAM, Stephen 1885-Aug-27
FOSTER, Mary Ann BELL, Peter 1888-Dec-22
FOSTER, Nancy CAMERON, Alex 1894-Sep-28
FOSTER, Sophia ANDERSON, J I 1898-Jan-18
FOUNTAINS, Rosa A CARLEY, William 1870-Sep-01
FOXWORTH, Emily FORD, J W 1897-Feb-25
FOXWORTH, Emma Mrs WILLIAM, Alfred 1887-Sep-01
FOXWORTH, Harriet Nanc y     FORD, Eugene 1889-Nov-27
FOXWORTH, Harriet P LENOIR, Walter A 1847-Aug-03
FOXWORTH, Hattie E BANKS, H F 1889-Apr-18
FOXWORTH, Julia BARNES, Allen 1849-Nov-25
FOXWORTH, Maggie BACOT, Eugene H 1888-Mar-21
FOXWORTH, Minerva FORD, W T B 1879-Feb-26
FOXWORTH, Mollie FOXWORTH, Charley 1895-Apr-25
FOXWORTH, Nannie J WLELBORN, L C 1880-Apr-22
FOXWORTH, Ollie FORD, W F 1895-Oct-12
FOXWORTH, Stella I HOLLEMAN, G W 1888-Mar-03
FRANKLIN, Alice ABRAM, Felix 1890-Jan-15
FRANKLIN, Charity JOHNSON, Alexander 1895-Dec-16
FRANKLIN, Elva HAYNES, Poole 1894-Jan-17
FRANKLIN, Julia MIKELL, J C 1887-Dec-05
FRANKLIN, Maggie CRUMEDY, Moses 1894-Mar-01
FRAZER, E Jane BARNARD, E L 1856-Jan-27
FREELAND, Mary L PISTATO, Wm C 1836-Jan-17
FREEMAN, Aletha COTTON, B J 1898-May-25
FRELIX, Lula BAGGETT, Albert 1895-Dec-23
FRY, Annie RESTER, James W 1884-May-15
FRY, Jane NOBLES, J S 1888-May-08
FRY, Rose Ann ODOM, J D 1887-Feb-11
FULLINGAN, Caroline Mrs  BIRT, Elijah 1866-Sep-20
FULLINGIN, Harriett M SLADE, Calvin 1873-Aug-07
FULTON, Ella HAMMOND, John H 1888-Jul-04
FUNCHIS, Sarah E FORD, Martin 1848-Jan-06
FUTCH, Anna MAGEE, Luckey 1840-Feb-09



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