Marion County Grooms


ABNEY, Rosa SMITH, Solomon C 1887-Feb-20
ABRAM, Clarissa CHRISTOPHER, John 1883-Oct-10
ABRAM, Eletha PETERS, George 1899-Nov-18
ABRAM, Elzara JACKSON, Hiram 1886-Feb-14
ABRAM, Emma ODOM, Ira 1890-Feb-12
ABRAM, Harriett GALLOWAY, Joseph 1886-Feb-25
ABRAM, Jane HART, Jeff 1886-Feb-25
ABRAM, Manny JAMES, Joseph 1870-Aug-12
ABRAM, Mary BRITTON, John 1888-Dec-05
ABRAM, Missouri JEFFERSON, A D 1892-Apr-26
ABRAM, Modea CALVIN, Thos 1893-Jul-06
ABRAM, Nancy MINGO, M C 1897-Jan-14
ABRAM, Niecy JEFFERSON, Mike 1895-May-01
ABRAM, Precilla OWENS, Abram 1891-Oct-13
ABRAM, Rachael JEFFERSON, Lewis 1888-Mar-06
ABRAM, Sarah TONEY, Samuel 1893-Jan-05
ABRAM, Sophronia ALEXANDER, James 1888-Feb-23
ADAMS, Anny GIBSON, Thomas 1832-Apr-07
ADAMS, Cordelia BURNS, Reason 1817-Aug-08
ADAMS, Hester WALKER, Elijah 1838-Sep-18
ADAMS, Winney JACKSON, Lewis 1828-Mar-29
ADDISON, Hester DONAHO, John 1814-Jan-12
ADDISON, Lucy DONAHO, William 1813-Dec-08
AIKEN, Ellen STEPNEY, Stephen 1872-Sep-26
AIKEN, Martha LEWIS, James 1879-Mar-13
AIKEN, Priscilla JEFFERSON, Simon 1887-Apr-23
AIKEN, Sarah ABRAM, Jerry 1874-Mar-11
AIKEN, Tish JOHNSON, James 1898-Feb-02
AIKEN, Tissue JOHNSON, Ben 1885-Dec-31
AIKENS, Martha ANTHONY, J E 1895-Feb-21
ALEXANDER, Emma PETERS, Alexander 1888-Jan-03
ALEXANDER, Emma TONEY, Jesse 1888-Oct-11
ALEXANDER, Lenora JEFFERSON, Simon 1885-Jan-15
ALEXANDER, Leona JEFFERSON, Anderson 1885-Mar-01
ALEXANDER, Lona WASHINGTON, George 1884-Feb-30
ALEXANDER, Mary HARRIS, Henry 1894-Dec-26
ALEXANDER, Ona THOMPSON, Jesse 1888-Sep-06
ALFORD, Emma JEFFERSON, Harrison 1870-Oct-01
ALFRED, Delia HART, Soloman B 1889-Dec-31
ALFRED, Elsie HENRY, John 1886-Dec-26
ALFRED, Rebecca FOXWORTH, Oliver 1895-Sep-12
ALFRED, Sallie SMITH, Geo Washington 1883-Jul-19
ALLEN, Cora BUFKIN, A C 1899-Jun-18
ALLEN, Delia ABRAM, M J 1891-Dec-10
ALLEN, Elizabeth STRINGER, John P A 1836-Jul-12
ALLEN, Evaline IRVIN, Daniel 1884-Jun-06
ALLEN, Harriet PETERS, Frank 1891-May-14
ALLEN, Julia MINGO, Jeff 1892-Dec-22
ALLEN, Maude C DALE, Joseph 1897-May-11
ALLEN, Missouri WYLIE, J M 1884-Dec-09
ALLEN, Mollie HOLLOWAY, B W 1870-Dec-10
ALLEN, Ony JEFFERSON, Elijah 1893-Jan-05
ALLEN, Sarah MAGEE, Daniel 1815-Jun-27
ALLEN, Sarah STRINGER, Thomas 1837-Jan-12
ALLEN, Winnie OWENS, Alex 1890-Dec-13
AMACKER, Laura J TYNES, J M 1887-Jan-06
AMACKER, Margaret Pharasina BAUGHMAN, William 1857-Nov-05
AMACKER, Missouri G KENNEDY, J D 1882-Dec-23
ANDERS, Harriett BOON, Lewis 1891-May-28
ANDERSON, Almeda PETERS, Isaac 1895-Nov-11
ANDERSON, Nancy Jane SUMRALL, Joseph 1872-Aug-29
ANDERSON, Sarah E SMITH, Andrew 1887-Mar-10
ANDREWS, Lucy TONEY, William W 1851-Jan-30
ANDREWS, Rebecca HENRY, Hugh 1879-Feb-27
ANDRUS, Meade PITTMAN, Jack 1892-Apr-04
ANTHONY, Evaline MAGEE, Frank 1888-Sep-26
APPLEWHITE, Annette BUTLER, G B 1895-Jul-16
APPLEWHITE, Caroline GRAVES, Orange 1882-Dec-22
APPLEWHITE, Elizabeth REGAN, Stephen 1818-Jan-03
APPLEWHITE, Fanny WALKER, D B 1888-Dec-27
APPLEWHITE, Sarah C FORTENBERRY, Richard A 1874-Oct-29
APPLWHITE, Rebecca O FORTENBERRY, Edward 1873-Oct-30
ARD, Francis BRIDGES, Richard 1892-Dec-28
ARD, Sallie PITTMAN, Charley 1887-Feb-03
ARD, Sarah HARVEY, Nehemiah 1816-Oct-01
ARMSTRON, Isabel SORRELL, Green 1814-Oct-15
ARMSTRONG, Isabel SORRELL, Green 1814-Oct-15
ARNOLD, Chanie WEARY, M C 1885-Feb-07
ARNOLD, Susan RUSHING, Samuel 1884-Jan-27
ASKEW, Aletha M COOK, E T 1891-Mar-15
ATKINSON, Josephine L WASHBURN, Charles E 1860-Dec-04
ATKINSON, Rubansa WEBB, Walter B 1855-Mar-08
ATWOOD, Ellen BLACKWELL, William 1858-Aug-10
ATWOOD, Malvina ROACH, Elias 1854-Dec-07
ATWOOD, Nancy Mrs GOSS, A 1881-Sep-23
ATWOOD, Sarah Mrs MERRITT, S A 1894-Sep-12
AUTMAN, Mary WALLER, Jacob 1888-Mar-10
AUTREY, Lydia ECKLOFF, Otto 1896-Jun-02
AVERY, Hezzie BASS, Allen 1890-Jan-27



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