Madison County Grooms

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YALLOWAY, A D TAYLOR, Gertrude 1884-Apr-07
YANCY, Gus PEERDOWN, Mary 1885-Mar-16
YANDELL, Wm Mcbride WILSON, Nellie 1899-Jan-21
YATES, Wm GILMAN, Sarah 1851-Jun-13
YEAGER, John G BULLOU, Emma 1866-Dec-06
YEAGER, W J MOORE, Emma 1883-Jul-06
YEARGAIN, John COUTTER, Kate 1868-Dec-10
YEARGAN, H C STANSON, Maggie 1898-Nov-03
YEARGER, George PALMER, Lillie 1899-May-04
YELLOWLEY, James PERKINS, Jessie 1871-Nov-20
YENTRY, Sam BRANT, Mary 1892-Oct-22
YORK, M A MILLER, Wm 1852-Dec-03
YOUNG, Albert BLUNT, A Miss 1876-Mar-25
YOUNG, Allen NICHOLSON, Martha 1874-Feb-02
YOUNG, Arthur DANIEL, Josephine 1879-May-09
YOUNG, Arthur MARSHALL, Caroline 1875-Sep-02
YOUNG, Bill OLIVE, Minerva 1897-Jan-05
YOUNG, Bob SPRINGS, Alice 1878-Feb-06
YOUNG, Calvin GROFTENRIS, Anna 1875-Feb-01
YOUNG, Charley BRACILY, Eliza 1879-Jul-16
YOUNG, Henry YARBOROUGH, Caroline 1885-Mar-26
YOUNG, Hudson WASHINGTON, Tempy 1881-Dec-29
YOUNG, Hugh R REID, Selina W 1832-Feb-02
YOUNG, Isaiah WILLIAMS, Nancy 1877-Jan-18
YOUNG, Jasper BAILEY, Lila 1895-Nov-21
YOUNG, Jerry LUCKETT, Anna 1890-Jan-28
YOUNG, John H HARPER, Martha 1858-Jan-27
YOUNG, Levi WASHINGTON, Kate 1890-Mar-27
YOUNG, Louis CHINA, Emeline 1898-Dec-12
YOUNG, Louis STEELE, Elmira 1883-Nov-28
YOUNG, M T PALMUR, Annie 1891-Jul-15
YOUNG, Marshall COOPER, Jane 1886-Feb-08
YOUNG, Marshall LINSEY, Emma 1879-Aug-19
YOUNG, Rhueben FIELDS, Mathaen 1887-Dec-08
YOUNG, Robert BRANCH, Catheline 1896-Dec-21
YOUNG, Sam STEWART, Amanda 1873-Dec-24
YOUNG, Samuel CLARK, Amanda 1876-Dec-22
YOUNG, Samuel L DONAHOE, Mary 1835-Nov-17
YOUNG, Stephen WILSON, Eliza 1886-Jan-28
YOUNG, Thomas WILLIAMS, Rosie 1877-Jun-16
YOUNG, Thomas B BEAN, Martha E 1845-Jun-20
YOUNG, Tom EVANS, Sarah Ann 1888-Jan-13
YOUNG, W R ROSS, Susie 1868-Jun-30
YOUNG, Walter DAVIS, Annie 1899-May-25
YOUNG, Wesley CHEEK, Della 1883-Sep-26
YOUNG, William S WATSON, Mary Ann 1840-Jan-28
ZOTTARELLI, F D BURNE, Josephine 1880-Sep-20
ZUNTS, Marcus MAGRUDER, Margaret 1851-Dec-29



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