Madison County Grooms

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UNGER, J W NEAL, M C Mrs 1877-Jan-22
USSERY, M H MURRAY, Sarah 1849-Jan-01
VACCARO, P M WHONER, L H Mrs 1883-Nov-26
VAN BUREN, George DAVIS, Amanda 1886-Dec-30
VAN BUREN, George LEE, Julia 1897-Dec-02
VAN BUREN, Granderson JACKSON, Percilla 1897-Jan-09
VAN VACTER, Owen CHAMBERS, Anne 1851-Mar-26
VAN VACTOR, George CARSON, Tena 1879-Aug-04
VANARSDALE, Ellick PARKER, Millie 1882-Jan-30
VANBORNE, Stephen SMITH, Cornethia 1895-Dec-24
VANBUREN, Andrew BRADFIELD, Mary 1890-Dec-18
VANCE, Henry WILLIAMS, Alice 1879-Jan-10
VANCE, John S DASIN, Sidneyh H 1842-Nov-23
VANCE, Quincy RIDLEY, Cora 1880-Jan-22
VANCE, Solomon SMITH, Francis 1879-Jul-24
VANCE, Wm WASHINGTON, Sylvia 1884-Sep-05
VANDERE, L E ERVING, Emma 1890-Jun-17
VANDERPOOL, C GOODLEE, Hariet 1853-Oct-24
VANGHNS, James JAMES, Sallie 1897-May-15
VANNING, Joseph H PACE, Charlotte (Mrs) 1836-Nov-03
VANORSDEL, Drew PARKER, Mary Ann 1876-Feb-11
VANSSDEL, W D FLEMING, Sarah 1869-Feb-25
VARNADO, Ransom DAVIS, Elizabeth 1891-Feb-04
VARNELL, J A PORTER, E Mrs 1879-Dec-30
VARNELL, V H LONG, M E Miss 1887-Jan-18
VARNELL, W E HORTON, F A Miss 1891-Dec-12
VARNER, A J RICHARDS, P A Miss 1878-Feb-18
VARNER, P M MOORE, Lulu 1893-Apr-01
VARNER, W W WHITEHEAD, Amanda 1892-Jan-26
VAUGHN, Andy LUMPKIN, Easter 1892-Dec-23
VAUGHN, Bryant TYLER, Clotral 1899-Jul-13
VAUGHN, George TUCKER, Rachel 1881-Mar-12
VAUGHN, Hampton GORDAN, Mattie 1889-Dec-24
VAUGHN, Luke ALEXANDER, Annie 1889-Dec-24
VAUGHN, Smith MCKIE, Pennie 1894-Jul-13
VAUGHN, W R KING, Ida 1871-Sep-06
VEAL, Auther JURMACK, Minnie 1898-Dec-20
VERNON, Mathew G STEEN, Mary 1833-Dec-12
VERNOY, Wilson LANE, Martha 1879-Sep-13
VERSELL, Felix MASSEY, Rhody 1881-Jul-28
VESTAL, T N JONES, Rosa Lee 1884-Mar-25
VINCENT, John GRAVES, Mary 1850-Oct-15
VINCIN, Napoleon JONES, Ella 1890-Nov-12
VINING, R L HORTON, Laura 1889-Mar-15
VINSON, Abraham EDWARDS, Sarah 1856-Dec-16
VINSON, John T COBB, Susan 1870-Jan-12
VINSON, Julius EDWARDS, Jane 1861-Nov-18
VINSON, M C WHITE, B F 1869-May-08
VINSON, M M TUCKER, Nancy 1855-Aug-23
VINSON, Wm DECON, Nancy 1851-Nov-20
VIRDEN, H W HART, Sallie 1873-Oct-15
VIRGUS, James LUCKETT, Josephine 1886-Dec-24
VIRSELL, James ENGRAHAM, Jane 1892-Nov-29



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