Madison County Grooms


O CAIN, Beverly ROLLINS, Sallie 1873-Oct-04
O CAIN, Charles BARWICK, Nulia 1867-Nov-23
O CAIN, F J PRESTON, Maggie 1874-Jan-05
O LEARY, Ignatus S GRIFFIN, Josephine 1868-Apr-11
OAKS, William C ASHLEY, Nicy 1831-Jul-28
ODA, Robert TRIPP, Rachel 1885-Jun-29
ODIE, Virgil ALEXANDER, Rosa 1898-Dec-15
ODOM, Edmond GRAFTON, Sarah Ann 1839-May-13
OGLISBY, G S SIMPSON, E F Miss 1890-Oct-07
OLD, Robert T THARP, Ann A 1835-Mar-20
OLDEN, Alex WEBSTER, Laura 1895-Jul-20
OLDHAM, Balis BOWDEN, Nancy 1831-Apr-07
OLEARY, Aaron JONES, Dora 1880-Aug-24
OLEARY, Alfred RAGG, Delia 1887-Dec-19
OLEARY, Bazzle GRIFFIN, Mattie 1876-Dec-27
OLEARY, Edmun GRIFFIN, Liza 1880-Jan-30
OLEARY, John WILLIAMS, Lidia 1876-Dec-22
OLEARY, Thomas MAGRUDER, Nancy 1876-Feb-18
OLIVE, Ambrose WALKER, Flora 1879-Jan-11
OLIVE, Caesar HEATH, Ann 1875-Jan-21
OLIVE, George SCOTT, Lucy 1879-Dec-27
OLIVE, George B MAGRUDER, Fannie 1890-Nov-21
OLIVE, Isam DENTON, Caroline 1874-May-07
OLIVE, J T BARNETT, Emma 1892-Jun-24
OLIVE, Jerry LUCKETT, Ann 1897-Mar-04
OLIVE, John BROCK, Lulu 1890-Dec-12
OLIVE, Lee WALKER, Mollie 1890-Oct-23
OLIVE, Preston JAMES, Nancy 1885-Mar-17
OLIVE, Samuel BALDWIN, Lucy Ann 1866-Nov-16
OLIVE, Wm EVANS, Rosa 1878-Jan-11
OLIVE, Wm THOMAS, Alice 1892-Dec-20
OLIVE, Wm S SINGLETON, Mollie 1885-Sep-10
OLIVER, James ANDERSON, Charlotte 1885-Dec-14
OLIVER, James HORTON, Jonna 1895-Dec-19
OLIVER, James LAMPTON, Jane 1894-Dec-20
OLLIE, Clark SUTHURLAND, Rachel 1896-Nov-14
OLLIE, Murphy LEE, Maggie 1897-Jul-31
OLLIE, Robert GARDIN, Angie 1898-Sep-01
OLSEN, C PARKER, Sallie J 1885-Jan-14
OLSEN, Christian HEISER, Louisa 1873-Jul-24
OMALLEY, Edward WALLER, Ada E 1897-Feb-02
OMARIE, Mike ROBINSON, Mary 1882-Jan-26
ONEAL, H W HAMMACK, Esthel 1899-Dec-13
ONSLBY, George DICKISON, Flora 1873-Jun-06
OREED, Gus OLIVE, Darcas 1876-Feb-02
ORRICK, Eugene MHOON, Ellen 1896-Sep-30
ORRICK, N C SIMMS, Mary 1863-Jan-15
OSBY, Wm LINDSEY, Virgie 1897-Dec-23
OSCAR, Lee PERRY, Fannie 1896-Dec-23
OSCAR, Primus WILLIAMS, Hester 1881-Dec-10
OSLIN, Alanson LEGGITT, Prudence 1839-Oct-23
OSSI, Frank WHONES, Barbara 1893-Apr-24
OUSBY, Rufus OLIVE, Lizzie 1890-Nov-01
OUSLEY, Benjamin WILSON, Ida 1887-Feb-17
OUSLEY, Chaney ELLIS, Frank 1892-Mar-12
OUSLEY, James COBB, Julia 1896-Jan-20
OUTLAND, Cornelius GRIFFIN, Louisia 1885-Mar-05
OUTLAND, J D SANDERS, Cornelia 1853-Nov-03
OWEN, Augustus TUCKER, Mary M 1850-Dec-30
OWEN, Frank SHORTER, Rosa 1892-May-21
OWEN, G R HERRING, Mollie 1879-Dec-22
OWEN, J J BOOZER, Annie 1886-Aug-17
OWEN, James M SMITH, Martha 1873-Oct-06
OWEN, Josh CAMPBELL, Tennie 1881-Feb-19
OWEN, Mathew JOHNSON, Bettie 1879-Dec-05
OWEN, Peyton LUCKETT, Carrie 1895-Mar-04
OWEN, Rufus WILLIAMS, Margaret 1858-Mar-13
OWEN, Thomas H EDWARDS, Ellie N 1874-Nov-30
OWEN, Turner HILTON, Henrietta 1893-Feb-22
OWEN, W D Jr BRASFIELD, J M Mrs 1877-Dec-17
OWEN, Willis HARRIS, Lethie Ann 1886-May-25
OWEN, Wm LOVE, H Mrs 1879-Mar-22
OWENS, Anderson WILLIAMS, Melissa 1880-Feb-03
OWENS, Dick YOUNG, Annie 1884-Jan-15
OWENS, Frank MAYSON, Lizzie 1885-Jul-05
OWENS, Hamp STOVALL, Phoebe 1887-Jun-18
OWENS, J W MAXWELL, Mackie 1879-Oct-24
OWENS, Josh KENNY, Rose 1892-Dec-23
OWENS, Joshua WILLIAMS, Jennie 1889-Jan-03
OWENS, Louis WOODDARD, June 1880-Dec-24
OWENS, Oliver EDWARDS, Minda 1898-Jan-14
OWENS, Sam GREEN, Nancy 1874-May-05
OWENS, Sam JONES, Mary 1895-Dec-18
OWENS, Tom ESTELL, Maggie 1899-Dec-16
OWENS, Will HASKINS, Ida 1896-Nov-11
OWENS, William DAVIS, Julia 1850-Dec-19
OWENS, Wm MCKINNEY, Sue 1886-Jan-20



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