Madison County Grooms


KAUFMAN JR, David HADAKER, Malinda 1872-Jan-26
KAUSLER, Joseph DULANEY, Maggie 1887-Nov-16
KEARN, Alenzo HINES, Sebetha 1851-Apr-30
KEARN, William RATLIFF, Susanna 1849-Jun-02
KEARNEY, Lucine SCOTT, Eliza A 1852-Jun-03
KEARNEY, S V WATKINS, Leigh 1867-Jun-19
KEARNEY, Walter G OWENS, Tusana 1851-Feb-05
KEARNEY, Whitmol CRAWFORD, Narmie P 1896-Dec-22
KEATHLEY, Wm. W LIGGON, Nancy M 1835-May-28
KEHUE, Morgan MANNING, Kate 1873-Oct-03
KEITH, Alanson LEONARD, Eliza B 1838-Oct-24
KELLEY, Aaron SYKES, Lillie 1892-Feb-03
KELLEY, B F PEEL, Maggie 1873-Nov-19
KELLEY, George CLABORN, Lou 1889-May-02
KELLEY, George ERVIN, Mattie 1883-Oct-23
KELLEY, George W ROBB, Mary 1874-Jan-02
KELLEY, Henry THOMAS, Eliza 1874-Sep-18
KELLEY, Joe LEONARD, Betty 1888-Mar-01
KELLEY, R B SIMMS, Hannah 1876-Dec-26
KELLEY, Remus PORTER, Fathie 1890-Dec-23
KELLEY, Thomas BROWN, Ella 1881-Jan-27
KELLY, A L KELLY, Malinda 1850-Apr-01
KELLY, Anderson CRUDUP, Nancy 1898-May-19
KELLY, David SIMPSON, Clensing 1891-Sep-25
KELLY, E F SMITH, Izzella 1895-Oct-29
KELLY, Fed GRIFFIN, Easter 1880-Dec-07
KELLY, George RICHARDSON, Mary 1885-Jan-17
KELLY, George SMITH, Sarah 1886-Feb-06
KELLY, Henry BENNETT, Mary 1877-May-26
KELLY, Henry MCCARROLL, Fannie 1879-May-07
KELLY, J A MCKAY, Louisa 1894-Apr-09
KELLY, James KELLY, Bridget 1861-Jan-21
KELLY, James NICKS, Narcissa (Mrs) 1846-Nov-05
KELLY, James POWELL, Paralee 1895-Aug-03
KELLY, Joe SIMMES, Olivia 1881-Jan-04
KELLY, John MURRAY, Mary E 1858-Nov-20
KELLY, John RILEY, Mary 1852-Apr-05
KELLY, Percy HENDERSON, Lula 1891-Apr-07
KELLY, William ERL, Clarissa 1843-Apr-10
KEMP, E B LOUIS, Elsey 1895-Nov-20
KEMP, G R BARRINGTON, Virginia 1873-Nov-11
KEMP, J B KINKINS, Lula 1872-Feb-05
KEMP, Robert TLOVER, L W 1873-Sep-10
KEMP, W K HOLDEN, Emma 1896-Dec-14
KENDALL, Wm I RICHARDS, Mary 1850-Apr-16
KENNAN, David S BURNS, Martha A 1845-Jan-25
KENNEDY, Augustus VAN HOUTEN, Maria 1858-Aug-16
KENNEDY, John HUDSPETH, Cynthia 1872-Aug-20
KENNEDY, John NILAND, Kate 1875-May-10
KENNEDY, Lonia MANNEY, Sarah 1895-Dec-05
KENNEDY, Louis WRIGHT, Isaquna 1890-Jul-10
KENNEDY, Tolbert WILLIAMS, Nelia 1881-Feb-28
KENNEY, W H TUCKER, Margaret 1864-Feb-01
KENOYER, Lewis NORRELL, Clementine 1848-Oct-12
KENT, George W AVERY, Cornelia 1866-Feb-14
KENT, W S PRICHARD, Anna M 1891-Nov-18
KERMICKEL, John W DEAN, Nannie 1877-Jun-21
KERNEY, Jemimah TAYLOR, John 1837-Nov-08
KERNOP, J F RENFROW, Serena 1871-Dec-26
KERR, A C MACEY, Lissie 1873-Jun-26
KERR, Richard MAJOR, Lenora 1877-Apr-10
KETCH, Henry BAILEY, America 1893-Dec-27
KEYS, William S HANNEGIN, Mary E 1841-Nov-11
KIBBES, Jeremiah KEITH, Caroline I 1833-Apr-30
KIBBY, George W CURTIS, Tennessee 1832-Apr-15
KILCREASE, Geo. W MCKAY, Rebecca Ann 1839-Apr-09
KIMBALL, Henry BIVINES, Easter 1879-May-24
KIMBLE, Billy RUSSELL, Anne 1881-Feb-02
KIMBLE, Manuel ADAMS, Mary Jane 1896-Jul-18
KIMBREL, Alfred HAYES, Francis 1897-Feb-25
KIMBRELL, D J DILLARD, Mary 1857-Feb-24
KIMBROUGH, W M RAINS, Mary J 1891-Oct-16
KINCAID, Isaac WHITEHEAD, Martha 1889-Nov-14
KINER, Mat DAVIS, May 1875-Jul-24
KING, A L MARSH, Washington 1851-Dec-17
KING, Enoch HUBERT, Rachel 1832-Oct-17
KING, Gabe YOUNG, Julia 1880-Dec-15
KING, Jame M HENRY, Matilda 1866-Jul-30
KING, Jim JOHNSTON, Mary 1896-Dec-15
KING, John MITCHELL, Susan 1873-Jul-16
KING, Jonas LUSTER, Delia 1888-Jun-05
KING, Peter MURPHY, Lucy 1883-Feb-15
KING, S R TRENCE, Ida 1889-Dec-24
KING, Sidney A COMFORT, F M 1841-Jan-09
KING, Simon ROBINSON, Mary 1899-Feb-02
KING, Smith HINTON, Eliza 1888-Oct-17
KING, W D KENT, Annie 1878-Nov-30
KINKAID, E D FINLEY, Elizabeth 1879-Nov-18
KIRK, John W TUCKER, Catharine 1856-Jul-04
KIRK, M A LAVENDER, C H 1865-May-18
KIRK, Wm LUCKEY, Martha 1857-Jan-28
KISER, Louis WALES, Bettie 1879-Nov-20
KISTNER, Henry OLEARY, Mary 1878-Jan-12
KITCHENS, J N LESTER, Walter 1886-Aug-05
KNIGHT, James SEVILL, Elizabeth 1849-Jun-25
KNIGHT, Monie DARDEN, Lynns 1886-Jan-13
KNIGHT, Wm FORD, Dolly 1879-Jul-31
KNIGHTON, Joseph RUNNELS, Ann 1830-Oct-31
KNOLL, Aleck JACKSON, Linda 1881-Feb-15
KNOWLES, W P PATTERSON, Nancy 1860-Sep-08
KNOX, Christopher C CLARKE, Amelia F 1847-Oct-30
KNOX, Elisha BRACY, Cora 1898-Jan-04
KNOX, Wm THORNTON, Reecy 1897-Dec-23
KRAFT, John C COGAN, Kate 1873-Feb-10
KRAFT, John C NOONAN, Maggie 1878-Oct-19
KREYLING, John JANST, Mary 1870-Dec-29
KUKER, Isador GRASS, Sarah 1868-Nov-02



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