Madison County Grooms


EAKIN, David ASHLEY, Elizabeth 1835-Jan-08
EANES, Percy CHARLESTON, Taressa 1891-Nov-12
EASTIN, C C COMPTON, Emma 1866-Mar-05
EBSEN, Rudolph ANDERSON, Kate 1871-Dec-22
EDDINGS, Joseph COLEMAN, Sarah 1893-Aug-03
EDDY, Clarence MCBRIDE, Katie 1895-Dec-31
EDINGS, Washington CRAFT, Martha Ancil 1831-Jan-29
EDMOND, John WILLIAMS, Floridy 1897-Jan-21
EDMONDS, F TURNAGE, Julia 1879-Oct-27
EDMONDS, J R LATHAM, Lucy 1886-Jul-05
EDMONS, Charley JONES, Annie Sue 1882-Oct-16
EDMONS, Richard ALLEN, Virginia 1882-Dec-18
EDMONS, Thomas DANCEY, Ella 1890-Feb-15
EDWARDS, Albert LEWIS, Martha 1890-Mar-27
EDWARDS, Amos GIBSON, M E Miss 1885-Jun-20
EDWARDS, Amos GRANT, Lizzie 1877-Oct-17
EDWARDS, Amos HARPER, Nancy 1879-Oct-06
EDWARDS, Arnold JONES, Jane 1878-Jan-02
EDWARDS, Charles KATES, Mary 1888-Apr-26
EDWARDS, G W ALLEN, Rosana 1853-Jan-19
EDWARDS, George JACKSON, Pollie 1897-Jun-05
EDWARDS, H B HUNTER, Vicy 1895-Dec-14
EDWARDS, H H PARKER, S E Miss 1882-Dec-05
EDWARDS, Henry LOVE, Mollie 1875-Dec-23
EDWARDS, Henry RAMSBURG, Minda 1890-Dec-06
EDWARDS, Isaac MOORE, Belle 1879-Dec-22
EDWARDS, Isaac SUTHERLAND, Mallie 1875-Feb-27
EDWARDS, J D KEMP, Susie 1897-Jan-22
EDWARDS, L H BRASFIELD, C E Miss 1887-Feb-02
EDWARDS, M WOODRUFF, Emily 1867-Jan-31
EDWARDS, Mitchell WILLIAMS, Pheda 1873-May-10
EDWARDS, Mose BRANSOM, Lizzie 1889-Dec-11
EDWARDS, Nathan LEWIS, Roxey 1884-Aug-12
EDWARDS, Nelson RICHARDS, Alice 1876-Jun-07
EDWARDS, Ottoway ALGWOOD, Celia 1873-Sep-18
EDWARDS, Richard HOUSTON, Susan 1886-Dec-21
EDWARDS, Richard HOWARD, Lulu 1894-Sep-22
EDWARDS, Richmond CAUTHEN, Elizabeth 1884-May-16
EDWARDS, Robert EDWARDS, Eliza 1874-Oct-30
EDWARDS, S C HARRISON, Elizabeth 1887-Dec-24
EDWARDS, Shed WILKERSON, Leana 1878-Feb-05
EDWARDS, Sim BODDY, Victoria 1887-Dec-24
EDWARDS, Stephen MYERS, Victoria 1854-Feb-08
EDWARDS, W A VINSON, Elizabeth 1869-Dec-15
EDWARDS, W V FERRILL, Allis 1880-Dec-14
EDWARDS, Walter BROWN, Maggie 1899-Aug-16
EDWARDS, Will BENNETT, Pinky 1897-Feb-11
EDWARDS, Willie HIMES, Angeline 1894-Aug-04
EFFINGER, Francis HENDERSON, Amanda 1853-Apr-11
EGGLESTON, S A SIMS, Hollie 1898-Feb-16
EHRMAN, H M GRASS, Sara 1884-Oct-01
ELDER, Erasners BLUNT, Josephine 1878-Jan-17
ELDER, Louie SESSIE, Lula 1896-May-28
ELDRIDGE, George THOMAS, Mary 1879-Dec-24
ELDRIDGE, Rolfe EDMONDS, Katie 1878-Feb-05
ELKIN, R L GOLLMAN, Martha 1863-May-13
ELKINS, R W HAWKINS, Ella 1884-Nov-15
ELLINGTON, J J MOON, Lucy 1882-Oct-02
ELLIOTT, Albert SANDERS, Louisa 1886-Apr-10
ELLIOTT, Neal LAW, Harriet 1879-Feb-25
ELLIOTT, Robert MANINGS, Julia 1879-Jan-08
ELLIOTT, Wm DICKSON, Elaine 1854-Mar-14
ELLIS, Charlie WILLIAMS, Meta 1898-Jun-18
ELLIS, Ernest JOHNSON, Emeline 1891-May-28
ELLIS, Frank OUSLEY, Chaney 1892-Mar-12
ELLIS, Jeff SMITH, Sella 1876-Aug-23
ELLIS, John DINKINS, Mary 1873-Dec-18
ELLIS, John J RIGGS, Elizabeth H 1840-Jan-07
ELLIS, Mose TAYLOR, Mariah 1889-Aug-14
ELLIS, Moses HARDY, Polly 1886-Mar-05
ELLIS, Richard WHITING, Amanda 1879-Mar-22
ELLIS, Robert BROWN, Hattie 1896-Dec-14
ELLIS, S E FORT, M L 1849-Jul-27
ELLIS, Sam GREEN, Lilla 1899-Apr-08
ELLIS, Virdie SMITH, Rutha 1895-Feb-01
ELLISON, Joseph MOORE, Jane 1834-Jul-27
ELLISON, Lewis BUSBY, Jane 1844-Jan-04
ELLISON, Thomas P MOORE, Mary 1831-Jul-05
ELLSWORTH, Oliver LEONARD, Mary E 1868-Jan-23
EMANUEL, Lewis MULHERRON, Easter 1877-Dec-26
EMERY, Philander MARSHALL, Annie 1883-May-21
EMMERSON, West MCGHEE, Isabelle 1880-Aug-11
EMMONS, Guy BLAIR, Addie 1889-Nov-28
EMORY, Charles CROODER, Mattie 1885-Jan-15
ENFIELD, Joe CONWAY, Mary Jane 1882-Mar-09
ENGLESING, Thomas WILLIAMS, Mary 1894-Oct-25
ENGLISH, Dudley WILLIAMS, Hester 1885-Oct-01
ENGRAM, Wm BRYANT, Mary 1889-Apr-13
ENRIGHT, M W M HARGON, Mollie 1883-Jan-29
EPHRAIN, Edward SMITH, Fannie 1874-Feb-20
EPHRIAM, Scott BALLARD, Lisa 1897-Dec-22
EPPS, John MAGRUDER, Lucy 1898-Jan-07
ERNEST, George WALNE, Jennie 1867-Dec-23
ERSMINGER, George NICHOLS, Jennie 1865-May-17
ERVIN, Hugh BRYANT, Alice 1882-Nov-29
ERVIN, Mack COX, Mary 1890-Mar-03
ERVIN, Wyatt CLARK, Maggie 1894-Nov-14
ERWIN, Hugh ROSE, Mary Jane 1841-Apr-10
ERWIN, M P DIVINE, S O Miss 1891-Dec-28
ESCA, Thomas JOHNSON, Mary 1885-Jan-07
ESCO, Hilrey GILESPIE, Tenny 1885-Oct-28
ESCO, Hugh THOMAS, Bettie 1874-Nov-24
ESCO, James GOINS, Susie 1888-Apr-10
ESCOE, Hiram BROWN, Josephine 1896-Jan-11
ESCOE, Hugh LUCKETT, Alace 1891-Jan-01
ESCOE, James LUCKETT, Sallie 1894-Oct-24
ESCOE, Pierce BROWN, Florrence 1889-Feb-06
ESTELE, Chaney OUSLEY, Bani 1876-Mar-22
ESTELL, Augustus POWELL, Mary 1881-Oct-20
ESTELL, Henry STEEL, Francis 1891-Aug-29
ESTELL, M A WILSON, Jeramiah 1863-Feb-10
ESTELL, Richard GIBSON, Annie 1888-Dec-24
ESTELL, Wm M CHILDRESS, Lulu 1890-Mar-31
ESTELLE, A D GRIGGER, Jennie 1897-Sep-08
ESTELLE, Alex LEE, Isabelle 1884-Jan-07
ESTES, Wm OWEN, S M Mrs 1877-Dec-17
EURE, Samuel CLARA, Martha 1851-Dec-24
EVANS, A JONES, Rosa 1898-Jun-18
EVANS, Andrew DAVIS, Mary Ellen 1899-Mar-06
EVANS, Andy COBB, Peggy 1884-Oct-15
EVANS, Anthony PARKER, Martha 1875-Nov-04
EVANS, Anthony ROSS, Sarah 1888-Jul-09
EVANS, Frank CULLEGAN, Jena 1894-Feb-27
EVANS, Frank MILLER, Sarah 1886-Jan-18
EVANS, Frank SHAW, Francis 1894-Aug-17
EVANS, Harrison WHITE, Francis 1873-Dec-17
EVANS, Harvey HEATH, Emma 1896-Nov-02
EVANS, Henry GOODLOE, Annie 1882-Dec-28
EVANS, Henry GRIFFIN, Maggie 1878-Jan-28
EVANS, J H CAUTHEN, Nannie 1890-Apr-22
EVANS, J M MITCHELL, Sue E 1867-Dec-13
EVANS, Jacob PARKER, Mary J 1873-Dec-03
EVANS, James CHEEK, Isadora 1893-Dec-27
EVANS, James H HAMBLIN, Sarah 1853-Oct-10
EVANS, James R CARMICHEAL, Lillie 1899-Jun-07
EVANS, Joe PARKER, Lillie 1896-Feb-04
EVANS, Richard MARTIN, Ellen 1881-Sep-17
EVANS, Scott NELSON, Lucy 1877-Feb-15
EVANS, Thomas AVERY, Laura 1874-Dec-14
EVANS, Thomas SHAW, Mattie 1890-Jan-04
EVANS, Thomas W SHERRARD, Nancy E 1844-Sep-16
EVANS, W W CARSON, Mattie 1859-Oct-05
EVANS, Wm BENJAMIN, Sarah J 1890-Apr-12
EVANS, Wm CAUTHER, Annia 1894-Mar-05
EVERETT, S T HAMILTON, Lulu 1892-Feb-22
EVERSON, Nelson EALOM, Matilda 1884-May-01
EVEY, James SCOTT, Mary E 1888-Apr-19
EWING, Henry WASHINGTON, Hettie 1879-Aug-21
EWING, M C BLAIR, A R 1869-Feb-17
EWING, S T ATKINSON, M J Mrs 1879-Jan-03
EWING, Samuel OWENS, Margaret 1848-Feb-08
EWING, Samuel WALTON, Rebecca (Mrs) 1837-Apr-13
EWING, Sidney SOLOMAN, T T 1851-Jun-17
EWING, W W CARTER, Hattie 1880-Dec-14
EXUM, Ben RUCKER, Carrie 1887-Apr-19



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