Madison County Brides

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YANCY, Lyda SMITH, David 1877-Dec-01
YANCY, Paralie BOYD, Abe 1888-Sep-20
YANDELL, Blanche MAXWELL, James W 1898-Jun-09
YANDLE, Emma SHERRARD, Robert 1869-Nov-10
YARBOROUGH, Caroline YOUNG, Henry 1885-Mar-26
YATES, Priscilla THOMAS, Henry 1884-Jan-09
YEAGER, Selma ANDERSON, T S 1899-Nov-25
YELLOLY, Alice LUMFORD, Anthony 1878-Feb-12
YELLOWBY, Hattie JONES, C C 1874-Jan-30
YELLOWBY, M J Miss STONE, E H 1884-Jan-14
YELLOWBY, Pattie DUPREE, H T T 1881-Mar-04
YELLOWLEY, Eda NORMAN, Simon 1882-Dec-23
YORK, Elizabeth L BASS, Edwin 1843-Dec-11
YORK, Joanna SMITH, Sandy 1886-Jan-06
YORK, Roena E GREEN, Thomas K 1845-Aug-13
YORKE, Caroline MCKAY, H W 1854-Jul-19
YOUNG, Amanda BOATMAN, George 1897-Feb-01
YOUNG, Amanda WICKHAM, Wilson 1882-Feb-08
YOUNG, Amelia SMITH, Perry 1881-Jan-28
YOUNG, Ananias WILLIAMS, Melvinia 1898-May-14
YOUNG, Anna CLAIBORN, Fred 1876-Jul-04
YOUNG, Annie OWENS, Dick 1884-Jan-15
YOUNG, Frank WHITEHEAD, Hattie 1895-Feb-14
YOUNG, George WELLS, Louisa 1886-Dec-22
YOUNG, Hartwell HARDING, Rachel 1875-Dec-23
YOUNG, Henry MOORE, Penny 1888-Feb-21
YOUNG, Belle ALLEN, Martin 1890-Sep-29
YOUNG, Della WILLIAMS, Thomas 1894-Oct-23
YOUNG, Elizabeth COOPER, John I 1849-Dec-22
YOUNG, Etta CROSS, Jackson 1877-Oct-01
YOUNG, Fannie BULLEY, Wm 1896-Sep-26
YOUNG, Jane LOVE, Frank 1896-Jan-31
YOUNG, Jane Q WINTER, Wm 1877-Jul-12
YOUNG, Josephine JACKSON, Green 1884-Dec-06
YOUNG, Julia KING, Gabe 1880-Dec-15
YOUNG, Julia WILLIAMS, Sam 1899-Dec-14
YOUNG, Lizzie GREENWOOD, Nick 1885-Sep-12
YOUNG, Louisa JOURDAN, Daniel 1874-Nov-07
YOUNG, Lyney ABRAHAM, Tobias 1894-Jun-09
YOUNG, Maggie HILL, Briscoe 1891-Oct-28
YOUNG, Maranda SAUNDERS, Rufus 1880-Aug-10
YOUNG, Margaret LOFTIN, Asa 1867-Sep-05
YOUNG, Marguerte P HOLLOWAY, Willis 1838-Mar-06
YOUNG, Maria NICHOLSON, Soloman 1896-Dec-22
YOUNG, Mary BAILEY, Frank 1886-Oct-28
YOUNG, Mary CARSON, A A 1859-Jan-25
YOUNG, Mary DAVIS, Johnnie 1895-May-09
YOUNG, Mary NICHOLS, Sam 1897-Nov-04
YOUNG, Mattie BROWN, Frank 1882-Jul-27
YOUNG, Neomy MCCOY, Isaac 1833-Sep-17
YOUNG, Ollie WILSON, Jerry 1886-Dec-29
YOUNG, Peggy HART, Jim 1874-Dec-24
YOUNG, R F Mrs SHORTER, J A Jr 1877-Jun-06
YOUNG, Rebecca SINGLETON, Wm 1898-Mar-02
YOUNG, Sarah THOMAS, Samuel 1854-Dec-12
YOUNG, Susan BRANCH, Steward 1885-Jan-21
YOUNG, Susan WARD, Thomas 1851-Oct-27
YOUNG, Willie HARRIS, Mingoe 1877-Jun-23
ZON, Zula BURNS, Richard 1887-Sep-09



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