Madison County Grooms

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VAN HOUTEN, Maria KENNEDY, Augustus 1858-Aug-16
VAN VACTOR, Dora ANDERSON, T S 1875-Feb-03
VANARSDAL, Katie ADAMS, G W 1872-Dec-03
VANCE, Emma JOHNSON, Nelson 1880-Oct-25
VANCE, Hester BENNETT, Richard 1897-Dec-23
VANNOY, Anna RICHARD, Joshua 1862-Apr-09
VANORSDAL, Nettie MILLS, J W 1876-Jul-22
VANORSDEL, E Mrs JAMES, Willis 1876-Dec-21
VARDEMAN, Triphena COMPTON, Richard 1832-Sep-20
VARNADO, Lugenia ROBINSON, Willie 1892-Feb-11
VARNELL, Ida TERRALLS, Thomas 1899-Nov-17
VARNELL, Nancy DIXON, James F 1830-Jul-24
VARNELL, Nancy GRIGGS, Leroy P 1830-Sep-11
VARNER, L Miss DILLON, W C 1894-May-15
VARNER, M C Miss TURTLE, M Y 1891-Nov-04
VARNER, M E Miss HARTLEY, G L 1890-Sep-23
VAUGHAN, Eldora MAYFIELD, F D 1885-Feb-04
VAUGHN, Lucy WALTON, Joseph 1882-Jul-27
VAUGHN, Mary (Mrs) CARTER, William 1844-Apr-15
VAUGHN, Massey DIVINE, Joseph 1882-Jan-07
VAUGHNS, Bertie COLLINS, Arther 1899-Feb-24
VEAL, Maggie SMITH, Richard 1892-Jul-30
VERNER, Sarah MCCLESKY, John 1864-Jan-02
VERSELL, Cornelia MOORE, Andrew 1894-May-05
VINCENT, Mary JONES, Monroe 1886-Oct-08
VINSEN, Emmie BACON, R E 1887-Dec-13
VINSON, Elizabeth EDWARDS, W A 1869-Dec-15
VINSON, Jennie HENDRICKS, James 1878-Oct-13
VINSON, Julia SIMMONS, C S 1878-Feb-19
VINSON, O WARD, Thomas 1852-May-29
VIRDON, Virginia LEE, David 1898-Jun-02
VOGH, Susan MONTGOMERY, Andrew 1851-May-20
VOWINKLE, Magdaline BUSCHMAN, Herman 1857-Feb-16



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