Madison County Brides


O LEARY, Bridchet WELSH, Patrick 1863-Jan-02
O LEARY, Mary CARTER, Perry 1873-Dec-24
O NEAL, Catherine FRANKLIN, Stephen 1873-Sep-01
OATES, Florence SMITH, L P 1878-Mar-16
OAUSBY, Tischa JOHNSON, Wm 1899-Mar-09
OCAIN, Lulu MCBROOM, S M 1889-Dec-21
OCAIN, Mollie RIMMER, J M 1892-Nov-26
ODOM, Ann SMITH, Ludwell W 1839-Oct-14
ODOM, Sisina COUNCIL, Wm E 1854-Nov-11
OLEARY, Henrietta ADAMS JR, C 1868-Oct-20
OLEARY, Henrietta WHELAN, Isaac 1887-Sep-16
OLEARY, Mary KISTNER, Henry 1878-Jan-12
OLEARY, Mary Jane BROWN, Henry 1896-Dec-22
OLEARY, Mary Jane ROBINSON, Albert 1896-Oct-09
OLEARY, Nancy MCMURTROY, Dock 1888-Nov-20
OLEARY, Sarah LUCKETT, Joseph 1875-Dec-17
OLIE, Lela BENSON, Wilson 1880-Dec-06
OLIPHANL, Frances SPEAKS, W B 1880-Jan-05
OLIVE, Darcas OREED, Gus 1876-Feb-02
OLIVE, Fannie SUTHERLAND, Wesley 1879-Dec-27
OLIVE, Fannie WALKER, Alex 1884-Dec-27
OLIVE, Flora FLACK, Henderson 1876-Jan-11
OLIVE, Jane SADDLER, Jerry 1890-Jul-05
OLIVE, Julia PRYOR, Peyton 1887-Oct-08
OLIVE, Lizzie DEER, Walter 1897-Sep-02
OLIVE, Lizzie OUSBY, Rufus 1890-Nov-01
OLIVE, Lula BACON, Tom 1893-Dec-12
OLIVE, M J Miss MAGRUDER, S W 1886-Nov-29
OLIVE, Mandy WILLIAMS, Wm 1873-May-15
OLIVE, Mary HOWARD, Wm 1893-Jan-13
OLIVE, Mattie MOORE, Moses 1877-May-04
OLIVE, Minerva YOUNG, Bill 1897-Jan-05
OLIVE, Rellia BARNETT, Tom 1897-Nov-24
OLIVE, Rosie SMITH, Edward 1886-Sep-04
OLIVE, Sallie THOMAS, Willis 1887-Dec-17
OLIVE, Sarah FOREMAN, Tom 1896-Dec-24
OLIVE, Sarah WALKER, Robert 1890-Jan-15
OLIVE, Susan ANDERSON, Josiah 1896-Sep-28
OLIVE, Vinie HOPKINS, Ben 1890-Jan-30
OLIVER, Lou WHITNEY, Massey 1888-Feb-08
OLIVER, Moriah MITCHELL, Charly 1883-Jul-10
OLLEY, Dollie HENRY, George 1876-Dec-05
OLLIE, Lessie LUCKETT, Mack 1881-Feb-17
OLLIGE, Matilda MCNEALEY, H M 1895-Nov-26
OLLIVE, Pattie CHAMBERS, James 1897-Mar-03
OLLIVER, Kate POWELL, Frank 1897-Dec-22
OMARA, Emma NILAND, James 1886-Nov-23
ONESLY, Olivia DAVIS, John 1874-Jul-16
ONSLEY, Amanda STEDAVAN, Nelson 1879-Jan-22
ONSLEY, Anna JAMES, Wisdom 1876-Sep-25
ONSLEY, Julia JAMES, Willis 1879-Feb-13
OREA, Brina SHROCK, George 1875-Oct-30
ORRICH, Bella HAMMOND, A A 1894-Nov-01
OSBORN, Neddie COLLINS, Jacob 1883-Nov-28
OSBURN, Fannie BOYD, D R L 1880-Oct-25
OSBY, Emma GOODLOE, Burt 1882-Nov-08
OSBY, Mary COLLINS, Wm 1897-Nov-23
OSBY, Minnie COLLINS, Henderson 1898-Nov-17
OSCAR, Mapsie NAPOLEON, Hilliard 1886-Oct-02
OSLIN, Martha MILLER, Wm P 1863-Dec-24
OSLIN, Nancy COKER, Charles 1860-Apr-30
OUSBY, Clarinda CARSON, John 1890-Sep-26
OUSLEY, Bani ESTELE, Chaney 1876-Mar-22
OUSLEY, Kittie DAWSON, Wm 1893-Apr-08
OUSLEY, Mary FLEMMINGS, John 1892-Dec-21
OUSLEY, Orrie ALLEN, J W 1897-Nov-25
OUSLEY, Sallie MILTON, Walter 1897-Nov-27
OUSLY, Ira JAMES, Richard 1885-Dec-30
OUTLAND, Fannie DOUGLASS, George M 1873-Nov-05
OUTLAND, Louisa DUNBAR, Richard 1886-Nov-30
OWEN, Aby JORDAN, Harrison 1832-Nov-08
OWEN, Amanda GILLASPY, Andrew 1867-Dec-09
OWEN, Annie CLOWERS, W W 1896-Oct-05
OWEN, Celestia TURNER, John 1877-Jan-09
OWEN, Elizabeth BARKSDALE, James 1862-Aug-23
OWEN, Ella WILLIAMSON, R B 1885-Jan-23
OWEN, Emily MABERRY, John 1853-Jan-13
OWEN, Emma DAVIS, John M 1876-Sep-18
OWEN, Jane LEE, Gilford 1878-Jun-10
OWEN, Margaret WRIGHT, Jefferson 1894-Mar-22
OWEN, Mary FLOWERS, Joe 1891-Jan-13
OWEN, Mary FROST, E C 1871-Mar-21
OWEN, Minnie SPAIN, Charley 1891-Jan-24
OWEN, S M Mrs ESTES, Wm 1877-Dec-17
OWEN, Sarah JACKSON, George 1852-Apr-12
OWEN, Susie MIMMS, John H 1886-May-06
OWENS, Arlena HAWKINS, Moses Jr 1884-Dec-31
OWENS, Caroline BRENT, Isaiah 1886-Dec-15
OWENS, Delia BUCHELAR, Wm 1854-Sep-30
OWENS, Eliza DAVIS, Ed 1887-Jun-18
OWENS, Elizabeth BLANCHARD, Joseph 1857-Jan-08
OWENS, Elizabeth LOTT, Thomas 1899-Jan-24
OWENS, Lettie HARRIS, W P 1888-Dec-29
OWENS, Lillie WALTERS, Young 1894-Oct-06
OWENS, Lizie MAYSON, Spencer 1881-Jun-20
OWENS, Lonie Belle CHAMPION, Wm 1897-Dec-28
OWENS, Lucinda TUCKER, Joseph 1851-Dec-10
OWENS, Mahala SMITH, Lewis 1877-Jan-02
OWENS, Margaret EWING, Samuel 1848-Feb-08
OWENS, Martha Ann ROBINSON, Robert 1896-Dec-21
OWENS, Nancy NAIZE, Clarance 1895-Dec-11
OWENS, Thurza JONES, George W 1830-Aug-31
OWENS, Tusana KEARNEY, Walter G 1851-Feb-05



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