Madison County Brides


NAIL, Elizabeth HERRING, William 1831-Jul-23
NANCE, Lizzie JULIAN, David 1886-Oct-11
NAPIER, Mary W NICHOLS, Hymerick 1842-Dec-07
NASH, Ann Eliza ROSS, George A 1841-Jul-22
NASH, Eliza MCCALPIN, Lewis 1894-Oct-25
NASH, Ellen HAYES, Allen 1892-Feb-13
NASH, Emanda HENDERSON, Lawrence 1883-Dec-22
NASH, Ida WHITING, Joshua 1889-Oct-24
NASH, Lizzie ANDERSON, Mack 1879-Mar-06
NASH, Lucinda LANE, John 1899-Dec-20
NASH, Luella GREEN, Lim 1899-Oct-16
NASH, Martha LUCKETT, Boley 1884-Dec-16
NASH, Mary BRAKEFIELD, Hill 1886-Dec-30
NASH, Mary NASH, James W 1846-Dec-23
NASH, Mary E BILLINGSLEA, O F 1855-Dec-17
NASH, Nettie PIERCE, Barney 1895-Aug-15
NASH, Sarah WILLIAMS, M J 1849-Jun-04
NASH, Suebell ROSS, Isaac 1879-Sep-13
NASH, Viola WATSON, Willie 1899-Dec-22
NASH, Zina GILHAN, Green 1880-Dec-30
NASH, Zinie BROWN, Jim 1887-Sep-19
NAVE, Patsey NORRID, Isaac 1836-Feb-26
NEAL, A B Mrs WILLIAMS, Riley 1882-Jan-11
NEAL, Dora MORRISON, T J 1878-Mar-09
NEAL, Eliza LUCKETT, Sebe 1876-Jan-12
NEAL, Hester TUCKER, Henry 1875-Nov-11
NEAL, Hester WASHINGTON, Thomas 1881-Jan-21
NEAL, Lucy LUCKETT, Osburne 1879-Jul-03
NEAL, M C Mrs UNGER, J W 1877-Jan-22
NEAL, Malinda GOFF, John K 1860-Apr-16
NEAL, Sarah JEFFREY, Nat 1876-May-18
NEALS, Henrietta ALEXANDER, John 1885-Jul-20
NEAT, Ruthey HOWARD, Frank 1883-Feb-23
NEEL, Mary Alice ANTHONY, Wm M 1851-Sep-01
NEEL, Susan E FORD, James C 1846-Dec-01
NEILL, Eliza DIXON, Solomon 1891-Jan-14
NEILL, Sarah RICHARDS, Wm 1891-Jan-21
NEILL, Tennessee BROWN, Samuel G 1834-Oct-16
NELL, Charlotte LUDLOW, James W 1837-Feb-18
NELSON, Ada PHILLIPS, Vincent 1888-Dec-12
NELSON, Ella ADAMS, J E 1899-Jan-12
NELSON, Fannie TRADER, Lomas 1883-Jan-17
NELSON, Lucy EVANS, Scott 1877-Feb-15
NELSON, Lula ROBINS, Nathan 1899-Jan-24
NELSON, Mary GALLOWAY, Virgil 1892-Jan-05
NELSON, Mattie FRANKLIN, Gideon 1899-Feb-01
NELSON, Mattie HARRIS, Wm 1893-Feb-15
NELSON, Mollie THURMAN, Charlie 1889-Sep-21
NELSON, Rosa JORDAN, Haywood 1898-Jan-08
NELSON, Vick JOHNSON, J B 1889-Dec-17
NETTES, Nora JAMES, George 1878-Dec-02
NETTLE, Maggie BATTLE, George 1890-Nov-15
NETTLES, Maggie MCWILLIE, Singleton 1896-Feb-24
NETTLES, Phoebia THOMPSON, James 1894-Jul-20
NEWBORNE, Delia JOHNSON, George 1887-Nov-08
NEWELL, Effa DYKE, Isriel 1880-Jun-10
NEWELL, Ellen GALLOWAY, Virgil 1885-Apr-09
NEWGROUND, Lucy ARMSTRONG, Malcome 1887-Dec-22
NEWLAND, Emma HART, E H 1866-Jan-15
NEWLAND, Harriet COLLINS, David 1881-Feb-03
NEWLAND, Margaret SCOTT, James 1879-Jan-01
NEWMAN, Cherry MCNEALY, Hary 1880-Jul-13
NEWMAN, M I COOK, John F 1840-Feb-13
NEWSOM, Rote DEAN, Ed 1894-Dec-15
NEWTON, E M Miss CLOUD, S J 1884-Nov-17
NEWTON, Margaret TATE, John Thomas 1858-Jul-19
NEWTON, Sarah GOODLOE, Calvin 1873-Jul-24
NEWTON, Sarah GUINN, Marcus 1856-Sep-05
NICHOLAS, Elizabeth Ann WILHART, A B 1845-Feb-05
NICHOLAS, Lou MOORE, Frank 1876-Jan-06
NICHOLS, Ada FLEMING, Frank 1878-Jan-21
NICHOLS, Adeline AVERY, Eddy 1895-Oct-19
NICHOLS, Alice GIPSON, Carter 1895-Dec-23
NICHOLS, Amanda MORRIS, J H 1873-Jan-11
NICHOLS, Ann WALES, James 1853-May-25
NICHOLS, Anna GARRETT, John 1899-Jan-18
NICHOLS, Annie CLAYTON, Murphey 1898-Dec-07
NICHOLS, Bettie PARKER, Thomas 1883-Apr-24
NICHOLS, Bettie SCOTT, Sam 1898-Dec-23
NICHOLS, Clara FRAZIER, Rufus 1896-Jan-04
NICHOLS, E M Miss THORNHILL, R A 1887-Dec-13
NICHOLS, Eldora PERKINS, Ellis 1894-Sep-14
NICHOLS, Elizabeth M MATHEWS, James 1839-Jan-01
NICHOLS, Emma COLLINS, Nelson 1891-Dec-12
NICHOLS, Hattie BELLAMY, George W 1870-Dec-14
NICHOLS, Hester BACON, Mentford 1848-Oct-26
NICHOLS, Jane HILL, Calvin 1896-Apr-28
NICHOLS, Jane TRIGLETH, Richard A 1844-Oct-12
NICHOLS, Jemina THOMPSON, Taylor 1885-Jan-22
NICHOLS, Jennie ERSMINGER, George 1865-May-17
NICHOLS, Jennie JONES, Wm 1890-Feb-06
NICHOLS, Josephine MCGREGOR, A V 1882-Dec-11
NICHOLS, Katie SUTHERLAND, Robert 1898-Dec-14
NICHOLS, Lou ABRAHAM, Preston 1877-Oct-06
NICHOLS, Louisa ROBERTS, Moses 1890-Jan-13
NICHOLS, Lovie TUCKER, Robert 1889-Dec-04
NICHOLS, Lucy WALKER, F S 1848-Feb-08
NICHOLS, M E L DAYLEY, W W 1863-Mar-26
NICHOLS, Maggie HARRISON, B T 1895-Jun-01
NICHOLS, Maggie PERKINS, Moses 1897-May-22
NICHOLS, Mahalie SHELBY, Bennie 1897-Jan-07
NICHOLS, Malcy ATKINSON, John 1843-Feb-08
NICHOLS, Malissa REID, Golden 1890-Mar-01
NICHOLS, Margaret DOYLE, Robert 1862-Mar-27
NICHOLS, Martha LEWIS, Joe 1896-Dec-23
NICHOLS, Martha LOVE, Edward 1889-Feb-15
NICHOLS, Martha WALKER, Frederick S 1844-Jul-31
NICHOLS, Mary LUCKETT, John 1887-Dec-28
NICHOLS, Mary SANDERS, Moses 1885-Dec-24
NICHOLS, Mary SIMS, Wm 1895-Sep-19
NICHOLS, Mary Jane REID, Farrer 1888-Apr-12
NICHOLS, Mattie BENNETT, Wm 1891-Jul-09
NICHOLS, Melissa PRITCHARD, Willis 1879-Jan-30
NICHOLS, Millie WORTHY, John 1899-Dec-08
NICHOLS, Mollie HARRIS, Louis 1888-Oct-20
NICHOLS, Pricilla MOORE, Charlie 1894-Jan-02
NICHOLS, Ruthie HAMBLIN, Sam 1889-Oct-05
NICHOLS, Sallie BELLINGTON, Taylor 1894-Jan-04
NICHOLS, Sallie JAMES, Moses 1885-Feb-18
NICHOLS, Sallie JOHNSON, John 1874-Dec-07
NICHOLS, Sarah ATKINSON, Henry 1847-Mar-06
NICHOLS, Sarah PEARSON, John E 1870-May-09
NICHOLS, Sharlott JONES, John 1882-Feb-09
NICHOLS, Sweetie CLAY, Peter 1898-Dec-22
NICHOLS, Vina MOORE, Dick 1878-Dec-28
NICHOLS, Violet NICHOLS, Richard 1894-Nov-21
NICHOLS, Violett GARRETT, Jacob 1899-Jul-12
NICHOLS, Winnie CHAMBERS, Louis 1881-Dec-09
NICHOLSON, Alice CHAINEY, Mike 1882-Dec-06
NICHOLSON, Annie COLEMAN, Willie 1890-Dec-13
NICHOLSON, Caroline ROGERS, Henry 1881-Mar-21
NICHOLSON, Carrie WINSTON, David 1895-Dec-24
NICHOLSON, Charlotte FORSEE, Gus 1896-Apr-18
NICHOLSON, Charlotte RANSBURGE, George 1885-Jul-31
NICHOLSON, Dora PRYOR, Henry 1889-Dec-12
NICHOLSON, Emma BRISCOE, Wm 1886-May-08
NICHOLSON, Evaline MAYFIELD, Sam 1889-Jan-23
NICHOLSON, Laura BRITTEN, Wm 1887-Nov-14
NICHOLSON, Laura FAZLEY, Jim 1889-Jan-12
NICHOLSON, Lillie SADLER, Willis 1897-Dec-14
NICHOLSON, Lou BRANCH, Goll 1885-May-02
NICHOLSON, Manda HOLLINS, Hazzard 1891-Jan-01
NICHOLSON, Martha YOUNG, Allen 1874-Feb-02
NICHOLSON, Matilda SIMPSON, Hesiciah 1895-Dec-19
NICHOLSON, Melvina JACKSON, Watson 1884-Jul-26
NICHOLSON, Meta WILLIS, John 1887-Jun-12
NICHOLSON, Stella HUGHES, Ed 1896-Jan-01
NICHOLSON, Winnie WASHINGTON, Bob 1879-Sep-20
NICKS, Minthia JOHNSON, Frank 1896-Aug-19
NICKS, Narcissa (Mrs) KELLY, James 1846-Nov-05
NIELL, Olivia SMOOT, Edmond 1893-Dec-14
NILAND, Kate KENNEDY, John 1875-May-10
NILE, Mary MOURTHOUGH, Thomas 1863-May-01
NILSON, Mary ROSE, W S 1874-Dec-23
NISCON, Martha PARKER, John 1897-Oct-04
NIX, Harriett JOHNSON, S S 1869-Feb-16
NOBLE, Birdie F SPIVEY, C L 1896-Nov-11
NOBLE, Fannie M PRIMER, John J 1897-Dec-30
NOBLE, Lucinda ROSE, Pascal 1849-Jan-01
NOBLE, Mary (Mrs) TUDKER, Robert 1836-Mar-05
NOBLES, Susanna SANDERFORD, Kemp 1891-Nov-10
NOEL, Ella BROWN, T A 1880-Mar-10
NOLAN, Anna May SNAVELY, E L 1899-Jun-19
NOLAN, Mame SMOOT, Nelson 2998-Dec-28
NOLAN, Nellie BALLOW, Lawson 1877-Feb-06
NOLAND, Adelphia MILLER, Silas 1874-Jul-04
NOLAND, Ally MOORE, John 1861-May-22
NOLAND, Kate BALLON, Iddo 1875-Feb-24
NOLLEY, Mahala WOODWARD, Zackireah 1881-Jan-18
NOLLEY, Pricilla HELMS, Andrew 1882-Jan-06
NOLLY, Ella CHILDES, Wm 1885-Feb-10
NOLLY, Gingana SHEARS, John 1876-Jan-15
NOONAN, Lizzie HAWKINS, Thomas 1880-Jan-05
NOONAN, Maggie KRAFT, John C 1878-Oct-19
NORMAN, Amanda STEWART, D L 1846-Jan-07
NORMAN, J P Miss CULLEY, S C 1886-Jan-25
NORRELL, Clementine KENOYER, Lewis 1848-Oct-12
NORTH, Celest HENDERSON, Walter 1895-May-18
NORTON, Ellen JOHNSON, R M 1867-Nov-14
NORTON, Sallie HODGE, John 1881-Feb-18
NORWOOD, Willie DAVIS, Louis 1884-Sep-06
NUDIUM, Jennie COLEMAN, Jack 1891-Sep-22
NUNERY, Alice JACKSON, James 1889-Sep-25
NUNERY, Millie HAWKINS, Richard 1891-Nov-13
NUTT, Mary BENNETT, Albert G 1833-Oct-09
NUVE, Eliza Ann BROCK, Reuben 1833-Nov-16



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