LeFlore County Grooms

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NAILER, Jack WILLIAMS, Caroline 1887-Jan-14
NANCE, George HOWARD, Eliza 1878-Mar-09
NANCE, Jack CUMMINGS, Martha 1893-Oct-01
NANCE, Jhn CADE, May 1895-Jul-31
NASH, Armistead SHAW, Dora 1871-Oct-20
NASH, Armistead TATE, Beatrice 1869-Jan-02
NASH, Edmond LOVELADY, Mary 1892-Mar-30
NASH, Edmund BECK, Anna 1874-Mar-19
NASH, James MORGAN, Martha A 1876-Aug-05
NEAL, David BROWN, Seager 1891-Feb-05
NEAL, David HOGGINS, Mary 1893-Aug-13
NEAL, Joseph ALLEN, Amanda 1878-Mar-23
NEAL, Osen MISCON, Bella 1875-Jun-12
NEAL, Robert HEFLIN, Sallie 1888-Feb-12
NEALY, Gus QUARTERMAN, Hannah 1887-Jul-22
NEALY, T M VAUGHN, Maudie 1886-Nov-11
NEELEY, Moss DAVIS, Margaret 1877-Dec-30
NEILL, Alfred MOORE, Amy 1882-Nov-02
NEILL, Monroe CASH, Virginia 1884-Dec-04
NEILL, Monroe JOHNSON, Ella Lee 1887-Feb-03
NEILL, Scott SMITH, Nancy 1881-Mar-24
NEILL, Thomas SMITH, Mary 1884-Dec-25
NELSON, C J HARPER, Jennie S 1871-Dec-06
NELSON, George WASHINGTON, Caroline 1866-Oct-08
NELSON, James HARDY, Mary 1876-Feb-10
NELSON, John HALL, M F 1897-Apr-05
NELSON, John H SHARP, Patsy 1887-Mar-05
NELSON, Levi SIMMONS, Mary 1878-Dec-07
NELSON, Lewis SIMMONS, Annie 1891-Feb-05
NELSON, Prince TUCKER, Virginia 1881-May-18
NELSON, Will HUDSON, Henrietta 1891-Jan-19
NEPHEW, John Thomas WILLIAMS, Frances 1873-Apr-20
NERO, Polk BURNS, 1871-Jul-27
NERO, Willie RAMIE, Bettie 1892-Jan-13
NEWELL, Phillips REYNOLDS, Rachael Mrs 1880-Dec-14
NEWER, E E MOTES, Mattie E 1877-Dec-23
NEWMAN, Smart PETERSON, May 1889-Aug-09
NEWTON, Henry F BRISTER, Lou 1877-Mar-19
NEWTON, Moses MOORE, Fraces 1876-Jun-24
NICHOLAS, Dock BUTLER, Martha 1891-Dec-24
NICHOLIS, Charles GOOD, Eliza 1884-Apr-21
NICHOLOS, Nathan LOVE, Isabella 1879-Dec-25
NICHOLS, C M THOMAS, Mattie 1891-Sep-18
NICHOLS, Sebourn HUBBARD, Louisa 1891-Feb-28
NICHOLSON, George OLIVER, Annie 1886-Mar-26
NICK, Henry DICKERSON, Ann 1881-Aug-28
NICKSON, Thomas ANDERSON, Victoria 1884-Apr-21
NICOLAS, Joe WRIGHT, Ellen 1878-Feb-16
NIX, Henry KIMBROUGH, Amelia 1889-Jun-06
NOE, Ida CORRERO, Frank 1938-Jun-16
NOLAN, Eliza CARR, George W 1875-Nov-19
NOBLES, Nathan GREER, Eda Mrs 1879-Dec-06
NOLAN, Gus MAYFIELD, Ola 1885-Mar-22
NOLAN, Wm BROWN, M L Mrs 1874-May-21
NOLAND, Stephen SAUNDERS, Elizabeth 1877-Dec-25
NOLIN, Frank M GRAHAM, Lizzie 1871-Jun-10
NOLLEY, Henry MONALL, Nellie 1867-Jan-26
NOLLY, Henry BURNS, Ora E 1896-Jul-07
NOLLY, Simon MCLEMON, Missouri 1891-Dec-17
NORMAN, James R MUIRHEAD, Mary A 1865-Jun-03
NORMAN, Wm MURRAY, M A 1870-Apr-09
NORRIS, A D WREEN, V E 1871-May-30
NORRIS, Charles H PANEY, Annie 1875-Nov-08
NORRIS, Peter PETEET, Emma 1891-Sep-23
NORWOOD, A S DYCHE, Bettie 1875-Jul-06
NORWOOD, Henry DAVIS, Eliza 1870-Feb-28
NORWOOD, Jerry ROGERS, Sarah 1866-Sep-29
NUMERY, Wess FIELDS, Matilda 1878-Feb-10
NUNLEY, George MURRELL, Sherette 1893-Jun-04
NUNN, Savilla THURMAN, Nora 1890-Aug-21
OATES, Thomas SEGARS, Betty 1877-Feb-20
OATS, Thomas ALEXANDER, Rose 1880-Aug-23
OBANIAN, W B BOYER, B 1864-Mar-05
OBANION, Wm B MOORE, G E 1867-Oct-24
OBRYAN, Emanuel JOHNSON, Lizzie 1872-Apr-18
OBRYAN, Fall WOODEN, Matilda 1877-Sep-15
OBRYANT, Thomas BROWN, Maggie 1892-Dec-25
ODOM, L L WILSON, Kittie 1895-Sep-02
OHARRIS, J L TRUHIETT, M A Miss 1878-Jun-??
OLDHAM, Moses HOWARD, Martha Ann 1875-Sep-02
OLIVER, John M PILLOW, Elizabeth 1892-Mar-24
OLLINS, Andrew BRITT, Julia 1889-Jan-04
OLLIVAR, A S BRIDGES, Lillie 1899-Dec-25
ONEAL, J J WATKINS, Julia 1887-Dec-08
ONEAL, Wade TOLSON, Viney 1887-May-07
ONEILL, George BURNETT, Anna 1890-Apr-17
ORANGE, Peter LOVE, Cordelia 1875-Jan-14
ORR, B D WILLIAMS, M M 1877-Apr-01
ORR, Jacob E MYERS, Margaret R A 1870-Dec-15
ORR, N P BLACKMAN, Ida 1889-Jan-10
ORRE, H P REYNOLDS, Ella L 1897-Aug-07
OSBORN, James HARRISON, Margarette 1888-Jan-20
OSBORNE, Benjamin BURNS, Evaline 1879-Dec-18
OSBURN, I M QUARTERMAN, Katie 1889-Dec-24
OSBURN, Mac MURRELL, Victoria 1877-Dec-01
OUTLAND, Tennie THURMAN, Nora 1891-Dec-15
OUTLAW, Brembrey JORDON, Donie 1893-Sep-28
OUTLAW, D A ELLISBERRY, Virginia 1868-Feb-10
OUTLAW, T J WATSON, Lena 1898-Mar-13
OWEN, Richamond FERGERSON, Julia 1878-Jun-22
OWEN, West DILL, Bettie Mrs 1884-Dec-31
OWEN, William DIXON, Rebecca 1877-Feb-21
OWENS, Alex JACKSON, Rebecca 1877-Aug-11
OWENS, Charlie LUCAS, Rhody 1876-Dec-14
OWENS, Daniel FOSTER, Caroline 1875-Dec-31
OWENS, Jim FREEMAN, Emily 1878-Jan-20
OWENS, Peter CARPENTER, Sallie Ann 1887-Dec-24
OWENS, William WATSON, Frances 1876-Aug-25
OWILLIS, Charles HOGAN, Mary B 1877-Nov-07
OWNE, Wm ROBERTSON, Margaret 1873-Feb-17



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