LeFlore County Grooms


KATE, Donald JAYNER, F M 1889-Jan-05
KEATON, Johnnie DANIEL, Fannie 1893-Nov-23
KEESLER, S R PARISH, Charlotte M 1894-Jun-05
KEIRN, Walter Loake ERSKINE, Mary 1889-Nov-06
KELLER, G W HARGROVE, Mary Ann 1870-Jun-12
KELLEY, Alonzo PETERS, Martha 1892-Aug-20
KELLEY, David H SMITH, Dadie 1899-Oct-30
KELLEY, J J HEAD, Emma 1878-Jan-27
KELLEY, J W ADAM, Mollie J 1891-Jan-14
KELLEY, Maney CARITHERS, E D 1916-Oct-04
KELLY, I A R LOMAS, M P Miss 1876-Sep-20
KELLY, J C JONES, Octavia 1892-Apr-14
KELLY, Ras CLARK, Charlotte 1878-Feb-25
KELLY, Thomas CORGROVE, Sarah 1876-Oct-28
KELLY, William LUEVERT, Millie 1875-Dec-30
KEMMELL, Alexander BETTY, Rebecca 1858-Mar-02
KEMP, Lane VAUGHAN, Annie 1876-Dec-27
KEMP, Lou PATTON, Test 1879-Jan-09
KEMP, Martin WILLIAMS, Fannie 1876-Jun-11
KEMP, Stephen LEWIS, Amy 1889-Mar-20
KEMPER, Moses ARMISTEAD, Mary 1875-Jan-13
KEMPTON, John F MCCROSSON, M F Mrs 1876-Feb-03
KENDLEY, D D HOOPWE, Paulina 1857-Jan-02
KENDRICKS, Laurence ALEXANDER, Georgia 1888-Mar-07
KENNEDY, Barney ALLEN, Jane 1876-Feb-13
KENNEDY, Henry SHAFFORD, Mary 1878-May-30
KENNEDY, Henry STCHULA, Francis 1890-Dec-27
KENNEDY, Jack ISAAC, Rosa 1892-May-05
KENNEDY, Jerry THOMAS, Flora 1889-Jan-24
KENNEDY, Josh FULTON, Martha 1890-May-16
KENNEDY, Pierce LEWIS, Ailsey 1878-Aug-17
KENT, J S MCMILLAN, M J 1900-May-23
KENT, Steve FELTON, Ara 1885-May-29
KERR, I N DUTTON, Jannie 1878-Nov-10
KERSH, H M WATT, Ida 1875-Dec-30
KERSH, J L WALL, Emma 1874-Jun-13
KETTLEMAN, Frank VALENTINE, Lucy 1876-Oct-29
KEYES, Randel Jr WILLIAMS, Celia 1886-Nov-22
KEYES, Scott DAVIS, Mary Mrs 1885-Apr-25
KEYS, Zack TURNER, Ella 1877-Feb-28
KEYTON, Joe WILLIAMS, Jilla 1884-Apr-14
KIDUS, William DYER, William 1889-Nov-27
KILES, Ed WILLIAM, Susana 1889-Dec-28
KILLIAM, Louis A MCGEHEE, Annister 1873-Jul-28
KILLINGS, Silas PHILLIS, Mary Ann 1893-May-13
KILPATRICK, Sandy TOOMY, Mary 1876-Sep-10
KILSTON, Miles HAWKINS, Harma 1892-May-07
KIMBALL, Sam ARCHER, Emily 1874-Jul-29
KIMBROUGH, Columbus ESKRIDGE, Mary A B 1876-Jul-22
KIMBROUGH, George MARTIN, Malissa 1879-Jan-03
KIMBROUGH, John MARTIN, Nora 1887-Jul-22
KIMBROUGH, Morris HESTER, Kittie 1882-Jun-22
KIMBROUGH, Peter HUDSON, Hannah 1879-Apr-26
KIMBROUGH, Will RANDLE, Martha 1891-Jan-23
KIMEVER, W A CLINGER, Maggie 1895-Jan-28
KINCADE, Henry JENKINS, Sarah 1889-Oct-05
KINER, Thomas TUCKER, Sallie 1875-Oct-16
KING, B W POLLAND, Ada 1900-Jul-15
KING, Charles PAYNE, Caroline 1877-Jan-11
KING, Harrison WILLIAMS, Ellen 1877-Aug-23
KING, J R WEEKS, Ida 1888-Jun-13
KING, Jackson PERKINS, Cynthia 1869-Nov-10
KING, Jeff RANDLE, Lou 1884-Feb-14
KING, John DOBY, Laura 1883-Apr-17
KING, Moses THOMAS, Alice 1879-May-03
KING, Nick WALLER, T 1890-May-26
KING, Oliver SYKES, Bettie 1891-Feb-04
KING, Samuel WASHINGTON, Amanda 1867-Sep-22
KING, W M PARKER, Dora 1891-Oct-13
KING, William L MENTZER, Selena 1877-Jan-28
KING, Wm Bright RAINER, Sarah 1874-Dec-27
KINGBERRY, Wm ROSE, Ellen 1885-May-22
KINION, Simon BURNETT, Beckie 1890-Dec-13
KINKLEY, Webb JACKSON, Mary Lou 1889-Jul-18
KINNEK, Jake WASHINGTON, Sallie 1870-Dec-13
KINSEY, Buton LYNCHARD, Lusia Ann 1854-Oct-29
KINSEY, Elbert F MOREHOUSE, Jane 1851-Aug-17
KIRBY, T M ALLEN, Cora A 1896-Aug-12
KIRK, Lewis HARRIS, Harriett 1883-Dec-01
KIRK, Peter HARRIS, Fannie 1888-Feb-27
KIRKLING, Robert EVANS, Allie 1891-Dec-18
KIRKSEY, Wash DOWER, Ann 1890-Dec-15
KIRKSEY, Wm Wallace ARCHIE, Annie 1888-Jan-29
KNIGHT, Andrew Jackson WARRELL, Mary Catherine 1873-Jun-18
KNIGHT, Ephraine MYLES, Martha 1884-Dec-27
KNIGHT, Gen KNIGHT, Eliza 1885-Mar-19
KNIGHT, James THRASHER, E J 1855-Sep-30
KNIGHT, W J RUSHBROOK, Estella 1896-Jul-28
KNIGHTON, Joe PETERSON, Pempa 1889-Oct-02
KNOWLS, Sandy CRUMP, Virginia 1875-Dec-30
KNOX, John WILLIAMS, Rose 1868-Dec-29
KYLE, Jack HESTER, Billie 1888-Sep-04
KYLE, R F BROWN, Emma 1897-Mar-28



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