LeFlore County Grooms


FAIR, Anderson DAVIS, Joana 1877-Feb-20
FAIR, Sam HENDERSON, Idel 1876-May-14
FAIRES, S G BROWN, A S 1933-Oct-21
FAISON, G W WAITES, A M Mrs 1869-Feb-08
FAISON, Richard NEWERS, Rachel 1888-Oct-10
FARLEY, Elisha A MILLER, Martha A Mrs 1860-Apr-17
FARRER, Ed BRITTON, Joana 1877-Feb-17
FARRISH, G W EATT, Missouri V 1877-Nov-22
FARRISH, George M MOSELY, Emma 1888-Mar-15
FATE, Calvin Monroe SINGLETON, Ellen Mrs 1874-May-24
FAVION, Nat AITCH, Rachel 1874-Jun-02
FELIX, Thomas ELLIGE, Kate 1870-Aug-08
FELTON, Milton NEAL, Clara 1890-Dec-25
FENAR, Marcus SUMMERS, Emeline 1866-Jul-25
FERGUSON, Arthur LANIE, Nellie 1893-May-21
FERGUSON, Morris HENDERSON, Polly 1869-Dec-28
FERGUSON, S B CRITZ, A M 1896-Aug-12
FERGUSON, Samuel CRITZ, Jenny 1893-Dec-31
FERGUSON, Shedrack HARRIS, Ella 1892-Jan-18
FERRELL, Wilson FLOWERS, Adeline 1873-May-14
FERRIS, Albert MANOR, Olivia 1876-Mar-30
FIELDS, Aleck MORIN, Betsy 1875-Jan-21
FIELDS, Allen CASBERY, Marcia 1876-Dec-28
FIELDS, Anderson SHARKEY, Courtney 1889-Apr-20
FIELDS, Dave REED, Lithiann 1891-Nov-24
FIELDS, Eaton BOILS, Clementine 1878-Jun-20
FIELDS, Jackson OWENS, Rebecca 1876-Apr-22
FIELDS, James H MIMMS, Eliza W 1856-Jan-27
FIELDS, John SANDERS, Mattie 1893-Jun-06
FIELDS, Noah WIGHT, 1876-Feb-17
FIELDS, Richard FOX, Easter 1882-May-18
FIELDS, Willis LITTLE, Nancy 1892-Nov-08
FIFE, H C MURFF, Omie 1896-Aug-13
FINCH, Jack HARRIS, Mary Mrs 1874-Mar-15
FINDLEY, D T NABORS, Ida 1888-Feb-29
FINNEY, Hiram DELL, Mary 1875-Oct-16
FISHER, A J SUGG, Lela Mrs 1887-Jan-04
FISHER, Ammon COOPER, Willie 1887-Jan-15
FISHER, Anderson BOUTMAN, Catherine 1879-Apr-13
FISHER, Anderson MITCHELL, Lucy 1890-Sep-04
FISHER, Andrew BOYD, Flroence 1877-Dec-29
FISHER, Ed DRUMGO, Mary 1889-Dec-26
FISHER, Edward MILLER, Easther 1881-Nov-31
FISHER, J D COUTERBERRY, Rachel 1873-Feb-14
FISHER, James HARRIS, Celia 1871-Dec-22
FISHER, James RHODES, Mary 1885-May-22
FISHER, Wm JONES, Mariah 1868-Aug-08
FITZHUGH, Henry JONES, Peggie 1872-May-28
FITZHUGH, Wm PALMER, Annie 1891-Feb-11
FLANAGAN, R A MALONE, Margaret E 1877-Jan-23
FLANAGON, Jackson NICKLES, Spronie 1890-May-24
FLANDERS, J H LEREECE, Jennie 1873-Mar-08
FLEMING, Anderson WILLIAMS, Matilda 1876-Aug-08
FLEMING, Tom BROWN, Salina 1887-Dec-31
FLETCHER, Henry WILSON, Cristena 1881-Dec-31
FLETHCHER, Monroe CLAYTON, Matilda 1873-Aug-23
FLOURS, Woods WASHINGTON, Ann 1884-Jul-06
FLOWERS, William ROGERS, Nancy 1887-Jun-23
FLOWERS, William STANBACK, Mary Jane 1889-Feb-06
FLOYD, Will BLACKWOOD, Lou 1890-May-31
FONVILLE, G E THREADFORD, Florence 1899-Feb-13
FOOT, Henry SMITH, Esther 1865-Dec-28
FORBES, Henry HOLMES, Phillis 1885-Jan-22
FORD, Albert D STILL, Nancy E 1854-Mar-09
FORD, Cato CLARK, Irene 1879-Jan-30
FORD, Henry TYRUS, Rhoda 1890-Nov-13
FORD, James LEFLORE, Mary Ann Mrs 1885-Nov-10
FORD, James RUCKS, Mariah 1893-Mar-04
FORD, Jim CARR, Mary 1891-Dec-31
FORD, John SIMPSON, Martha 1876-Apr-29
FORD, John L CROWDER, Lavinia M 1850-Jul-02
FORD, Marton STAFFORD, Mollie 1877-Aug-12
FORDHAM, Elias STANCILL, Mary 1893-Nov-15
FOREMAN, Madison DICKENS, Elizabeth 1878-Jun-20
FOREMAN, Shelby WALKER, Georgiana 1877-Jan-13
FORNIQUETT, E P MARTIN, Sallie 1876-Jun-18
FORREST, A H DYCHE, Sallie L 1862-Jul-30
FORREST, Hardy ALLEN, Lilly 1877-May-16
FORREST, Hardy SANDERS, Annie 1890-Jan-26
FORT, Allen ROBERTS, Lucindy 1892-Apr-31
FORT, Billy BRADLY, Florence 1874-Jun-13
FORT, Frank HARVEY, Isabella 1885-Dec-16
FORT, Sam COLLINS, Rosa 1888-Dec-26
FOSTER, Bedford BROWN, Ella 1891-Dec-08
FOSTER, Ben BAILEY, Julia 1884-Oct-26
FOSTER, Bradford JONES, Ruthe 1881-Mar-15
FOSTER, George MORGAN, Rose Mrs 1881-Dec-26
FOSTER, James WILLIS, Rosa 1889-Oct-29
FOSTER, Samuel HOLLIS, Maggie 1893-Nov-11
FOSTER, William GRIFFIN, Ellen 1885-Feb-27
FOUNTAIN, Charley MCMATH, Maranda 1889-Jul-30
FOUNTAIN, Charlie YOUNG, Merandy 1888-Feb-11
FOWLER, James R RIGGLE, Melvina Mrs 1881-Jul-24
FOWLER, T VICK, Nancy 1872-Feb-15
FOWLER, Tommy BELL, T B 1905-May-06
FOX, William LIDDELL, Huldy 1892-Apr-17
FOY, John BLUNT, Margarett A 1877-Mar-01
FRANK, Charles PARKER, Eliza 1876-Sep-29
FRANKLIN, Ben PAGE, Indiania 1868-Feb-04
FRANKLIN, Ben WRIGHT, Fannie 1886-Jun-03
FRANKLIN, Benjamin ADKINS, Sallie 1878-Jun-29
FRANKLIN, Edward ALEXANDER, Dorah 1878-Jul-05
FRANKLIN, Ike CHATMAN, Lilli 1879-Jan-29
FRANKLIN, Joe CHAPMAN, Emma 1888-Mar-06
FRANKLIN, Nathan HARRISON, Sarah 1881-Dec-22
FRANKLIN, Robert RILEY, Charity 1881-Oct-15
FRANKLIN, Robert SCOTT, Eliza 1886-Mar-26
FRANKLIN, Sam SIMS, Emeline 1883-Sep-28
FRASER, J H SMITH, Callie 1875-Dec-20
FRAZIER, Addison S PARTIN, Mary Ann 1853-Aug-23
FRAZIER, D L SHIPP, Cornelia 1896-Oct-15
FRAZIER, John JONES, Matilda 1868-Dec-28
FREEMAN, Frances EFFINGER, Pink 1876-Feb-10
FREEMAN, George FELTON, Aria 1881-Oct-02
FREEMAN, Harry BLACKMAN, Ann 1889-Nov-08
FREEMAN, Harry GARDNER, Mary 1893-Dec-15
FREEMAN, John MARSHALL, Julia 1878-Mar-09
FREEMAN, John REED, Creecy 1877-Feb-10
FREEMAN, Peter OTERS, Amanda 1879-Sep-20
FREEMAN, Willie WORDS, Rose 1889-Dec-24
FREEMAN, Wyatt HEMPHILL, Omie 1892-Dec-22
FRENCH, Andrew J FALKNER, Irene 1872-Apr-30
FRENCH, J W CASTLE, Fannie 1898-Apr-05
FRENCH, Peter NERO, Harriet 1871-Dec-28
FRIARSON, Henry ROBERSON, Ella 1893-May-01
FRIDAY, John SMITH, Lou 1879-Apr-30
FRIERSON, John BROWN, Louvinia 1889-Apr-08
FRIERSON, John YOUNG, Emma 1887-May-21
FULCHER, T J GOLDEN, Callie 1876-Jul-15
FULGER, Alford JONES, Emma 1879-Feb-18
FULGER, George HARRIS, Addeline 1890-May-03
FULLER, B F BARKER, Mit Clara 1885-May-10
FULLER, Flander BELL, Susan 1866-Jun-17
FULLER, Jesse BLAKE, Lidia 1888-May-13
FULLER, M E MOULDIN, J H 1881-Aug-10
FULLER, Thomas JOHNSON, Laminda 1878-Apr-27
FULLER, W O MAULDIN, Nannie 1880-May-17
FULLPOND, Peter S SEYMOUR, Amey L 1875-Apr-03
FULTZ, Richard COLDWELL, Sally 1880-Apr-12
FURGASON, Charles WHITEHEAD, Jane 1879-Feb-07



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