LeFlore County Brides

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YANCEY, Jeannette LAKE, Aaron 1877-Feb-28
YANCY, Angie DEW, A 1866-Nov-01
YATES, Bell GREEN, Sampson 1886-Jan-13
YATES, Rachel WILLIAMS, Jessie 1885-Sep-03
YERGER, Susie Southworth BECKWITH, Bryon De La 1912-Jan-30
YORK, Tilla ROBINSON, Seyburn 1877-Aug-22
YOUNG, Angeline BALDWIN, Jacob 1879-Feb-12
YOUNG, Ann PITTMAN, Allen 1881-Feb-28
YOUNG, Ann Elizabeth BALL, Robert Alexandria 1915-Jun-09
YOUNG, Callie SMITH, Albert 1884-Jan-23
YOUNG, Easter WASHINGTON, Alfred 1893-Feb-24
YOUNG, Elizabeth MAHONEY, George 1871-Jul-14
YOUNG, Elizabeth A D CALHOON, John A 1861-Jun-20
YOUNG, Ellen JONES, Louis 1877-Jun-24
YOUNG, Emma FRIERSON, John 1887-May-21
YOUNG, Francis CRAWFORD, Andrew 1885-Sep-05
YOUNG, Francis CRAWFORD, Andrew 1889-Dec-24
YOUNG, Hattie MCCULLOUGH, Hubbard 1886-Oct-02
YOUNG, Hester WATSON, Martin 1885-May-31
YOUNG, Jennie WELLS, Joe 1899-Dec-16
YOUNG, Julia MCDANIEL, Ben 1893-Apr-11
YOUNG, Letha J HARING, James 1866-Aug-19
YOUNG, Lilly BROOKS, Henry 1875-Sep-10
YOUNG, Lilly Mrs BENTON, Gus 1893-Dec-20
YOUNG, Lizzie COLEMAN, Joshua 1876-Nov-02
YOUNG, Lucy DAVIS, Austin 1877-Jan-17
YOUNG, Margaret LEMONS, Grant 1893-Jun-17
YOUNG, Maria SCOTT, Gus 1877-Jan-04
YOUNG, Mary EMANUEL, Frank 1878-Jun-08
YOUNG, Mary RAMEY, Horace 1886-Dec-28
YOUNG, Mary Jane PARR, Mance 1886-Aug-07
YOUNG, Mary Mrs CALLAHAN, Coleman 1883-Jun-02
YOUNG, Merandy FOUNTAIN, Charlie 1888-Feb-11
YOUNG, Susan BEELER, George 1893-Mar-30
YOUNGBLOOD, Elizabeth PETERSON, John 1867-Oct-10
ZEIGLER, Kittie C CHISHOLM, Frank 1878-Mar-07
ZONER, Lilly PORTER, John 1885-Feb-08



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