LeFlore County Brides

U - V

UPSHAW, Cornelia WRIGHT, Henry 1876-Feb-24
UPSHUR, Nellie PORTWOOD, Robert 1886-Feb-24
UPSHUR, Sue Ella EVANS, Ned 1891-Jan-10
VALENTINE, Caroline BELLAMY, T J 1885-Feb-14
VALENTINE, Georgia HAMPTON, Charley 1892-Dec-31
VALENTINE, Lebbie MILLER, L 1874-Mar-08
VALENTINE, Lucy KETTLEMAN, Frank 1876-Oct-29
VALLANCE, Margaret J AMELUNG, Edwin Walter 1939-Sep-14
VAN BUREN, A Miss JOHNSON, Paul 1876-Mar-09
VANCE, Ruby G CARSON, C R 1934-Feb-18
VANCILL, Jane MARCH, Albert 1866-Jun-17
VANDEVENDER, Eloise BROWN, Robert W 1934-Jul-28
VANHUSS, Calcie ALLEN, G W 1892-Apr-23
VANHUSS, Sara A PREWIT, George M 1891-Mar-19
VANNA, Mary Jane THOMPSON, Daniel 1872-Sep-12
VARDAMAN, Martha V BRADEN, William Henry Jr 1937-Oct-09
VARNER, Cornelia W MCCANT, V 1877-May-31
VARNER, Jessie Belle Mrs COLE, B F 1923-Jul-30
VASSER, Anna ANDERSON, Lewis 1880-Nov-27
VASSER, Ella BRIDGES, Dorsey 1889-Feb-16
VAUGHAN, Anna YANCEY, J B 1880-Feb-04
VAUGHAN, Annie KEMP, Lane 1876-Dec-27
VAUGHAN, C M Miss TAYLOR, W S 1878-Jun-11
VAUGHAN, Harriet MORTON, George 1877-Oct-27
VAUGHAN, Mary COX, C B 1909-Jan-03
VAUGHN, Caroline JOHNSON, Nathan 1893-Sep-12
VAUGHN, Ellen LIVELY, William 1877-Feb-21
VAUGHN, Emma V INGLES, W D 1880-Apr-11
VAUGHN, Maudie NEALY, T M 1886-Nov-11
VAUGHTMAN, Minervia RUCKETT, Monrow 1866-Nov-18
VEAL, Sarah ANDERSON, Henry 1889-Jan-02
VENAGE, Mary MARSHALL, Jake 1876-Feb-12
VERDELL, M Mrs PARMERTREE, James 1864-Jun-29
VICK, Lucy Ann MCELLWEE, B F 1870-Mar-24
VICK, Nancy FOWLER, T 1872-Feb-15
VICK, Sallie ROACH, W E 1873-Jun-12
VICKERS, Era DICKENS, Oscar 1889-Nov-24
VICKERS, M L A HOOKER, Thomas R 1864-Feb-09
VINDELL, Jestin GUNNELS, Wm 1866-Feb-28
VINING, Louvenia DEWBERRY, Thomas K 1865-Feb-27
VIRK, Mollie WEATHERBY, I 1872-Feb-20



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