LeFlore County Brides

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NABERS, Jane THOMAS, Joseph 1873-May-31
NABORS, Alice WATKINS, J H 1877-Jan-01
NABORS, Ida FINDLEY, D T 1888-Feb-29
NAILS, Charlotte IRVIN, Nelson 1892-Jun-16
NANCE, Ella HARRISON, Alex 1884-Jan-08
NANCE, Emma MOORE, J A 1883-Dec-10
NANCE, Mary Katy DAVIS, W M 1899-Apr-05
NASH, Amanda MYRES, Jeff 1881-Apr-09
NASH, Anette HASKINS, Douglass 1868-Sep-26
NASH, Docia BANKS, George 1883-Oct-25
NASH, Eda SINGLETON, Clinton 1872-Feb-04
NASH, Emma CHALMERS, Robert 1871-Jan-07
NASH, Janney JONES, Sam 1883-Dec-31
NASH, Laura JACKSON, Andrew 1873-Feb-20
NAYLOR, Josie PERKINS, W B 1894-Dec-25
NEAL, Clara FELTON, Milton 1890-Dec-25
NEAL, Mary THOMAS, Will 1893-May-17
NEAL, Rosa LEWIS, Jasper 1881-Dec-24
NEAL, Tempa WORTHINGTON, Frank 1873-May-17
NEALS, Bettie JOHNSON, Wilson 1890-Feb-20
NEEDHAM, Martha A SPEARSE, G W 1872-Feb-18
NEELY, Harriet DAVIS, Nat 1876-Dec-29
NEELY, Mary JACKSON, Eli 1887-Aug-30
NEIL, Mande COLEMAN, L C 1919-Apr-20
NEILL, Georgianna DANIELS, Mathew 1880-Aug-19
NEILY, Creasy TAYLOR, James 1887-Jul-07
NELM, Lou COATS, Anna 1884-Jun-25
NELMIS, Sallie SHULER, John 1891-Feb-02
NELMS, Nannie COCKRELL, T E 1914-Jan-18
NELSON, Elvira JOHNSON, Tom 1890-Mar-17
NELSON, Gracie WATSON, Joe 1878-Feb-16
NELSON, Hannah WILLIAMS, Will 1890-Mar-07
NELSON, Helen Wheeler Mrs BROWN, Marion L 1924-Jun-08
NELSON, Lillie BURT, J D 1892-Jan-30
NELSON, Martha GORMAN, Thomas 1891-Jan-08
NELSON, Mary PHILLIPS, William 1886-Apr-09
NELSON, Viney JACKSON, Andrew 1876-Mar-29
NENGENT, Sallie PATTERSON, Charlie 1889-Apr-25
NEPHEW, Francis MOSELY, Peter 1884-May-10
NERO, Fannie MCCULLOUGH, Robert 1889-May-12
NERO, Harriet FRENCH, Peter 1871-Dec-28
NERO, Liza TURNER, Isaac 1884-Dec-07
NERO, Susan DAVIS, Willis 1892-Feb-15
NEW, George Ann BOLTON, Josh 1887-Nov-12
NEW, Joana BRAXTON, Bazil 1892-Nov-29
NEWERS, Rachel FAISON, Richard 1888-Oct-10
NEWMAN, Jane BROWN, Washington 1876-Jun-15
NEWMAN, Sophrinia WHITE, Luke 1876-Apr-01
NEWMEYER, Lucinda PAUL, Charles 1876-Jan-17
NEWSON, Omega BAILEY, W T 1908-May-29
NICHLESS, Becca BATHER, Thomas 1879-Aug-29
NICHOLAS, Ellen MCGEE, Columbus 1886-Oct-09
NICHOLS, Mary LIVINGSTON, Charlie 1888-May-05
NICHOLS, Nancy THOMAS, Gust 1887-Dec-14
NICHOLS, Nancy WATSON, Charley 1893-Feb-18
NICHOLS, Ralda JONES, S F 1898-Sep-21
NICHOLS, Rhoda JOHNSON, Joe 1893-Nov-09
NICHOLSON, Emily CARR, Nick 1876-Jun-01
NICKLES, Spronie FLANAGON, Jackson 1890-May-24
NICKOLES, Mary Frances JOHNSON, Grats 1884-Apr-17
NICKOLS, Lilly HAMMONS, Sam 1888-Jan-06
NICKS, Sallie WILLIAMS, Milam 1881-Sep-17
NICOLASS, Mary BARCUS, Ned Jr 1885-Feb-11
NIX, Katie TYOS, Archie 1889-Nov-07
NIXON, Mirinda BUSH, Jackson 1877-Jan-24
NOAH, Hulda CRAWFORD, Watson 1891-Jun-04
NOBLE, Chanty JOHNSON, William 1876-Mar-18
NOBLE, Mary Jane BIRDSONG, Mack 1888-Jul-26
NOBLES, Julia COLLINS, Ross 1885-Jan-01
NOLAND, Luretta JOHNSON, John W 1877-Dec-25
NOLIN, Martha L GRAHAM, G W 1871-Sep-14
NONE, Mary Mrs PORTWOOD, R M 1889-May-16
NORIS, Jane E ALLEN, Frank D 1910-Oct-19
NORMA, Pompey SMITH, Cheney 1875-Apr-06
NORRIS, Ginsey Mrs HAMPTON, Thomas 1881-Sep-01
NORRIS, Katie GARRETT, Alfred 1876-May-06
NORRIS, Loraine Beatrice BENNETT, J A 1931-May-14
NORRIS, Ola COCKRAN, J B 1916-Aug-19
NORTON, Eunice BARKER, Albert 1930-Nov-05
NORWOOD, Eva CHADWICK, Kermit V 1930-May-14
NORWOOD, Janie Mae BERG, Garfield 1940-Jul-01
NORWOOD, Lucinda BUSBY, G H 1907-Sep-19
NOX, Nettie JACKSON, Isaac 1867-Oct-18
NUNN, Barberry Mrs JOHNSON, S P H 1893-Jan-26
O'CONNER, Mary Jones BOYD, H K 1927-Oct-09
O'KEEFE, Belle BRADIGAN, Ossie 1898-Jan-11
O'NEAL, Bertha COCKRELL, W E 1938-Oct-02
O'NEAL, Lula CARPENTER, Billy 1939-Jan-14
O'NEAL, Mamie BARNES, J H 1907-Feb-24
O'NEAL, Mary Ethel BUFORD, W K 1939-Sep-11
O'NEAL, Maxine BARNES, R B 1933-Oct-21
OBAINIA, M E GREEN, Wm S 1861-Sep-21
OBRIAN, Tillo LOCKETT, Lawrence 1882-Sep-10
OBRYANT, Addie MORRIS, Wesley 1877-Aug-15
ODEEL, Susan IRVIN, William 1876-Jan-14
ODEN, Francis ALEXANDER, Riley 1890-Jan-04
ODOM, Thelma BLUNT, G W 1928-Nov-23
OGAR, Mary BRAXTON, Claiborne 1876-Aug-21
OLIVER, Annie NICHOLSON, George 1886-Mar-26
OLIVER, D HILL, Killis 1881-Dec-23
OLIVER, Frankie WAITES, John 1892-Jul-31
OLIVER, Lula JOHNSON, Gilbert 1890-May-19
OLIVER, Sallie WEBER, H E 1900-Aug-25
OLSEN, Susan B Mrs LEVENSON, H 1881-Apr-08
ONEAL, Anna GOSS, Henry 1889-Dec-19
ONEAL, Flora BARKER, Robert 1876-Jul-11
ONEAL, Julia BISHOP, Abe 1885-Feb-28
ONEAL, Margaret GRAY, Gus 1881-Jan-20
ONEAL, Martha HEARD, Louis 1887-Mar-17
ONEIL, Josephine BAINEY, Randall 1877-Feb-10
ORR, Mollie COLE, J H 1881-Dec-28
OSBORN, Doffeny Mrs ADAMS, Sam 1883-Dec-27
OSBORN, Margurite Elizabet BARTLING, Carle Moore 1937-Mar-28
OSBORNE, Evaline DALE, John 1885-Sep-14
OSBORNE, Leora MCELWEE, John M 1874-Dec-23
OSBORNE, Violet MITCHELL, Henry 1891-Dec-24
OSWALD, Cecile A BROCK, Charles Carlisle 1915-Jul-18
OTERS, Amanda FREEMAN, Peter 1879-Sep-20
OTT, Ella MOON, W W 1877-Feb-04
OTTO, Josy BROWN, J H 1899-Feb-08
OTY, Rosa SPENCER, Porter 1890-Dec-23
OUDEN, Amanda HALL, Jonas 1889-Mar-21
OVERBY, Mary Lena CHANEY, Brown Claud 1925-Oct-24
OWEN, Juda DAVIS, John 1884-Mar-01
OWEN, Manda BUTLER, William 1878-Jan-27
OWEN, Molly DAY, George 1878-Jan-03
OWENS, Eliza SCOTT, Anthony 1872-Oct-05
OWENS, Rebecca FIELDS, Jackson 1876-Apr-22



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