LeFlore County Brides


KAIN, Jane PATTERSON, Thomas 1875-Aug-14
KAIN, Julia HOLMAN, J H 1889-Apr-20
KAIN, Maggie WALKER, Jonas 1876-Jan-19
KAIN, Milly HAYES, Sandy 1877-Aug-02
KANASTER, Amelia PERKINS, W M 1894-May-15
KAY, Martha M LITTLE, J W A 1876-Jul-09
KEARNEY, Nannie JAMESON, B F 1883-Jun-03
KEELE, America PARKER, Taylor 1877-Aug-02
KEELEY, Blanche M ALLEN, C E 1922-Jun-15
KEEN, Anne IVEY, Spencer 1888-Feb-18
KEETON, Donie N HYMAN, Archie C 1885-Jan-20
KEETON, Ellen W WILSON, James 1876-Dec-20
KEETON, Hattie ASTON, Thomas 1892-Jan-28
KEETON, Julia HARTH, A B 1887-Jan-11
KELLEY, Jessie AYERS, E R 1931-Oct-21
KELLEY, L D Mrs BOWERS, J O 1927-Sep-03
KELLEY, Susan A ADAMS, J H 1891-May-03
KELLPATRIC, Charlotte MURFREE, Thomas 1866-Oct-21
KELLY, Fannie WOODS, H C 1891-Mar-24
KELLY, Mollie STRONG, Lewis 1887-Oct-21
KELLY, Octavia SHACK, P M 1894-Oct-03
KELLY, Sue HICKMAN, John 1877-Aug-23
KEMP, Ary JOHNSON, Clinton 1890-Mar-12
KEMP, Mollie MOORE, Perry 1888-Jan-20
KEMPT, Catherine TATE, J H J 1874-Dec-09
KEMPTON, Lucy WAITES, Ned 1866-Jan-16
KENDALL, Armine T WILSON, C I 1897-Feb-10
KENDALL, Lena DEAN, W E 1894-Jun-14
KENDALL, Sallie Mrs BOWLES, Jack 1876-Jan-03
KENDRICK, Jennie CARTLEDGE, Vaughn 1921-Oct-12
KENNAN, Emma TOWNS, James A 1868-Jun-09
KENNEDY, Beulah BAGGED, Willie 1891-Aug-15
KENNEDY, Ellen WILLIAMS, Lawrence 1876-Aug-17
KENT, Annie ROBERTS, J M 1889-May-20
KENT, Elizabeth BUCHANAN, B L 1938-Apr-17
KENT, Oza Rolana ALLEN, A M 1927-Jun-11
KENT, Sarah WILSON, Spencer 1867-Jul-19
KERBY, Jessie BREWER, W L 1926-Jun-07
KERBY, Nany Leo BUTLER, Buford 1923-Dec-28
KERKSEY, Lucy JONES, Jollie 1889-Dec-26
KERNAGHY, Vergie BEAN, Franklin 1920-May-17
KERR, Louise Mrs USTLER, M 1855-Jul-12
KETCHINGS, Hannah GIBBS, Wash 1880-Jul-03
KEY, Ida WILLIAMS, Jim 1892-Mar-28
KEYES, Ella LOFTON, Steve 1890-Nov-30
KEYES, Louisa WILSON, Jim 1886-Jul-21
KEYES, Nelta HOWARD, Henry 1890-Mar-22
KEYS, Josephine COMBS, George 1889-Oct-12
KEYS, Josephine TURNER, Burrell 1878-Jun-20
KEYS, Rebecca PERSON, Anderson 1891-Jan-13
KEYS, Viney WASHINGTON, George 1880-Sep-05
KEYTON, Lula B ROBINSON, B W 1889-Jan-13
KEZZIAH, WATSON, Lewis 1867-Sep-21
KILLEBREW, Ida K Mrs CAUSEY, E R 1925-Dec-01
KILLIAN, Annie Virgie BROWN, Berry 1919-Jun-15
KILLPATRIC, Julia MURFREE, Pickman 1866-Sep-08
KILPATRICK, Louisa B PICKETT, John K 1878-Apr-02
KILPATRICK, Nancy ELLIS, Newton 1877-May-24
KIMBROUGH, Amelia NIX, Henry 1889-Jun-06
KIMBROUGH, Henrietta SPRUELL, Charlie 1888-Jan-14
KIMBROUGH, Henrietta WHITE, Will 1892-Jun-25
KIMBROUGH, Sallie Morgan CLEMENTS, W K 1912-Apr-17
KIMP, Lety COX, W J 1911-May-03
KINCY, Nancy BARBER, L S 1879-Jan-09
KING, Anna HAWKINS, Henry 1878-Aug-02
KING, Anne MCCULLOUGH, George 1890-Mar-01
KING, Charlotte JONES, Ephram 1876-Jan-08
KING, Dinah LOCK, Jordan 1878-Jan-10
KING, Eliza DAVIS, Dan 1877-Nov-10
KING, Eliza LAKE, John 1887-Dec-27
KING, Emillie THOMPSON, G N 1884-Jan-22
KING, Fannie CLARK, Horace 1877-Oct-30
KING, Harriett BROWN, Phil 1876-Feb-17
KING, Jane DAVIDSON, Nero 1879-Aug-20
KING, Lela SUGGS, Warren 1883-Apr-28
KING, Lilly SETTERFIELD, Thomas 1867-Dec-27
KING, Lizzie THOMAS, Alfred 1876-Sep-12
KING, Lou JOHNSON, Wyatt 1876-Aug-19
KING, Lucy WILKINS, Leroy 1868-Dec-31
KING, Manda GRIFFIN, Ben 1887-Jan-02
KING, Margarett SIMMONS, James 1891-Dec-05
KING, Millie HOLLAWAY, Peyton 1875-Jul-02
KING, Sarah SMITH, John 1888-Oct-16
KING, Sophronia SMITH, Wyatt Jr 1876-Nov-23
KINGSBERRY, Amanda PETTIE, Dock 1886-Sep-02
KINGSBERRY, Mollie IVERY, Oliver 1885-Mar-28
KINNEY, Rosetta BOTTERS, Asa W 1931-Apr-04
KINSEY, Louisa A STEGALL, Washington 1866-Feb-05
KIRBY, Alberta S BERNANDER, Rudolph R 1914-Feb-19
KIRK, Dolley MELTON, Wm 1880-Dec-23
KIRTISE, Pearly MCCOY, Henry 1893-Nov-18
KITCHELL, Genevieve BULL, Samuel Corbin Jr 1928-Nov-15
KITCHENS, Carrie WINBUM, E B 1899-Jul-23
KITCHENS, Georgian MORGAN, Granville 1878-May-11
KNIGHT, Annie ARNOLD, Walter 1916-Apr-01
KNIGHT, Eliza KNIGHT, Gen 1885-Mar-19
KNIGHT, F Miss LOCKETT, Meredith 1875-Dec-24
KNIGHT, Lucy ANDERSON, Charles 1872-May-11
KNIGHT, Martha Ann PALMER, Burrell 1887-Aug-20
KNIGHT, Martha J BUFORD, James 1875-Jul-20
KNIGHT, Mary Elizabeth BURRELL, W R 1884-May-13
KNIGHT, Mattie BURLESON, C D 1920-Nov-11
KNIGHT, Patience SIMMONS, Rufus 1876-Jan-17
KNOTT, Ruby M COLE, Richard M 1919-Jun-12
KNOX, Georgia HARRIS, Willis 1884-Nov-01
KNOX, Laurie ANTHONY, W L 1940-Aug-02
KNOX, Rose Mrs PURNELL, Joe 1889-Jul-09
KORNFIELD, Sadie BERG, Albert 1939-Jan-08
KOTALEP, Maria ANTUL, Sam 1928-Apr-25
KUYDENDALL, Anna GILBERT, Leny 1876-May-20



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